Faux Snakeskin Shoes And Thoughts on The Burnout Phase Of Blogging

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Sorry burritos, for being afk for a whole week, but I thought it’s about time I get my share of blogging breaks as well. I rarely feel burnout by blogging, but when I do, I prefer to take a step back. If you think I spent this time going out and breathing fresh mountain air, guess again, I love the internet waaay too much to waste my time with real life. Instead I spent it playing The Witcher Wild Hunt, watching Black Sails and occasionally taking a shower when absolutely necessary. Anyone seen Black Sails? This show has so many blue eyed men in there you’d think pirates were supermodels back in the days. Looking at you Captain Flint, *drools*. 

Do you sometimes feel the burn? The burnout phase of blogging? How does it manifest? What do you usually do when it happens? 
For me, it manifests into a strong spite for everything related to fashion and blogging. It usually starts off as an exhaustion, like: “For the love of fried potatoes, how many freaking trends can they come up with!?”. And ends with “Fuck it, I’ll just live in my pajama for the rest of my days”.
I feel like my brain is begging me to stop looking at fashion magazines, or else it might shrivel into a dried sponge. And it usually does when I don’t listen to it and burn out in the end. I usually stand in front of my wardrobe in underwear not even trying to figure out what to wear, I just stand there all disgusted and angry at all the pink and fluffy things I own, wondering what sane person would need so much pink in his life.

When you start hating pink you know that shit hit the fan and it’s time to regroup. After a few days of regrouping aka vegetating, I feel as charged as a potato battery. (sorry if this is not at all an accurate comparison, I suck at physics, math and everything that requires using more than 5 brain cells). 
So, inspiration on full force, today’s outfit is one I feel as proud for creating, as when I place a proportionate eyeliner! I ordered this beanie and snakeskin shoes from Choies and think they work great together. The shoes are a fancy pair and because I’m not a fancy person I decided to add a dash of retardedness with a beanie that looks like it’s not very fond of you. 

Excuse my bruises, I tend to bump into things, and if you are writing a quirky, awkward character in a love novel, let me tell you that for all my life, bumping into things never brought me a gorgeous silver eyed millionaire! On the contrary, most people release a smirk and almost always say something like “Whoa whoa there girl”, like I’m some sort of a horse.

I was kind of disappointed I haven’t been layering during warmer months, because I can’t think of a way that wouldn’t require sweaty palms and nerves of steel to endure the heat. Eek! So, I was really excited when I figured out a way to layer this slip dress. I added a gorgeous second hand boat neck top with stripes and dropped the sleeves down to expose the shoulders, and there you have it, my genius summer layering!

Do you likey? 

Gray Beanie – c/o Choies, Snakeskin Shoes – c/o Choies, Bracelet – c/o Choies, Everything else – Second Hand.
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23 thoughts on “Faux Snakeskin Shoes And Thoughts on The Burnout Phase Of Blogging”

  1. I love the boatneck under the slip dress!
    Black Sails is great. I can only watch in small doses because of the violence, but I might be crushing on Captain Flint and Anne Bonney.

  2. I likey so much! You, my dear one, always make me happy, and sometimes I think we have nothing in common and then othertimes I think we have everything in common. It's like a love affair and both of us are clumsy with bruises and neither has blue eyes. You can have all the fluffy pink things. Yes! I get major blogging burnout but more from reading and commenting than from writing on my own blog. I always have something to say, something to write about, though I go through times when I think nobody will want to read this shit so why bother? But the socialising aspect of belonging to a blog community is really hard for me and I hold a basic belief that if nobody will like me if I do not socialise. Layering-oh how hard it is in summer and I feel sort of naked without layers. Yours are working fabulously here. This look is so you. xoxo

  3. Something similar happening to me these days… Happens from time to time, I don't know. I'm kind of angry at all my skulls, studs, leather and all. I went too far! What makes me more angry is when I read a comment on my blog: "I like your boyish style". Woooot? That was not my point! I'm a girl, I want to be a girl! But, not a girly girl, alright? I have to learn to mix trends and styles! I'm trying that now and feel good incorporating boho and gypsy elements. Feels more feminine but still rad…
    About the outfit, finally! I looooooooooooooooooove that dress!

  4. Me likey a lot, that beanie though! I love it! Love your dress as well!
    And I definitely get that burnout as well, for me it's when I feel like I have to put a post up then I know it's time for a break :/

  5. I've been going through a lot of that but thanks to that post you wrote to me i've been doing a lot better! I'm still thinking of what you suggested and taking a break but I'm trying to get through some more posts I have waiting to upload lol! Especially with people treating blogging like it's this super serious thing over here in Cali it puts some pressure on me but ehh lol. I love your beanie I want it man I do. I'm friggen jealous you can get away with wearing flats I just look super short LOL

  6. Aaaw, you're back! 😀
    How is it possible that you look you look even prettier in this post? Every time I think you've taken it to the highest level, you're topping this whole outfit-thing. 🙂

    XX, Sara.

  7. I totally have a crush on the faux snakeskin beauties that are the focal point of this outfit…those shoes are absolutely phenomenal….I also really like the beanie…the two seems to clash and match at the same time and I love that.

    The way you layered this look is ingenious…I do love the combo of lace dress and top underneath (and not on top as everyone's been wearing it)….

    ….and I do agree it is important to take some time for ourselves and take a break from the blog once in a while! Blogging can be hard work and we all need vacation from it:) This month I'm trying to challenge myself to blog every day but once May ends I'll probably take it easy.

  8. Yeah, I feel you. Every now and then you need to take some time to recharge and regroup. Whenever the outfit photos start to feel like "work" instead of "play," that's when I know that I might need to take a break.

    I absolutely love the way you styled that dress, by the way. Your shoes are absolutely fantastic!

    – Anna


  9. wow, Keit, those shoes :O they're beyond gorgeous! if I would see them in a regular store I would definitely try them on. definitely. they're sooo my cup of tea and I can't stop staring. help! 😀 anyway, I also love your layering. those stripes under the lacy dress – that's super sweet. now, when it comes to blogging you know me. lately I've been posting like twice a month and that's it, that's all I can do. it's not that I don't want to post more often, of course I do and I secretly hope I will be doing it at some point but right now… not happening. I have outfits waiting for their turn, I have stuff that wants to be in the blog but when there are things I have to do outside the Internet I just choose them over Internet and that's that. so I think it's only normal when you need a pause from blogging. it can be a week, two weeks, a month – people who love your blog will always come back and wait for you. at least that's how I feel when it comes to blogging pauses.

    Maiken – Part of me

  10. I likey! I likey a lot!
    Ahhhhh man, the blogger burnout hit me HARD girl. I was so uninspired too and kind of retreated from the blogging scene. Bleh. But whatever, we shake it off eventually and come back fierce! 😉 AKA: by wearing quirky beanies and kickass shoes. Love this outfit you're rocking and how you layered for summer. One of my favorite looks from you recently!
    Oooh, and I have to check out Black Sails now…I'm a sucker for blue eyed babes <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  11. I want to get a dress like your black one! It's so pretty. I don't really get burned out with blogging, just sometimes bored and hav to force myself…

    { sparklesideup.com }

  12. Yes, likey.
    Just getting back from blog break…a long one! But I've been thinking about it so that means I should get back to it, right?

  13. Хахаааа обичам ти обувките! Цялата визия работи доста добре за теб! Но обувките са ми фаворит <3 Има нещо много привлекателно в тях,… не знам дали е самия модел, цвета или змиойския принт, но бих ти ги смъкнала от краката при удобна възможност 😀


  14. Looking good, Keit!
    Oh girl, the blogging woes are real. Mine is all about my experiences modelling and posting the shoots I do, but sometimes there just isn't much happening in South Africa where I'm at uni. It does force me to be creative and improvise though 🙂

    Frame Ambition by Julie O

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