Fashion for poor people and the red beret

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Why is it that whenever I don’t have money I want EVERYTHING!?
made the big mistake of going to the mall with a friend of mine and let
me tell you, it was a painful day. All the shiny sparkling junk made
me feel even poorer than I already
You know what’s the
sad part? The sad part is, that when I actually do have money, I’m such a
scrooge I never buy anything. I keep thinking: “nah, that’s no good,
nah..I can live without this”. 
when I’m broke, I keep on scanning the shops
around, making sure that when I finally DO
have money, I’ll buy the fuck out of everything in there. Afterwards I would take the biggest, most fattest box from “Dunkin donuts” and the
lady would usually say: “oh your hair is amazing, how do
you dye it” and I’m usually thinking: “just give me the freakin doughnuts so I can
feel my life has meaning!” Dougnuts can make you very aggressive you
Is it donuts or doughnuts? Or are they both right?

do you guys do when you’re broke and find yourself in a
bright shiny store? Do you run away, hide in a corner and cry? Or maybe
buy a big sad bucket from KFC? Or maybe just get on with your life like a
normal person.

Fashiony part: The Gods have
been generous towards my ugly jackets and I had the opportunity to wear
my hooded one, right before the snow and blizzard remembered that the
weather isn’t shitty enough. A friend of mine told me that the jacket was  ridiculously big and I kept repeating like a mentally challenged moron: “it’s fashion, it’s
fashion” as if that makes it all better!

Hooded jacket-second hand, beret-nowistyle, leather shorts- random store, military top- gift from sister, red bag-nowistyle.

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26 thoughts on “Fashion for poor people and the red beret”

  1. Aaah so true !!! Whenever I have the money I just don't buy anything but when I don't I just go crazy and write lists of what I want :/
    Btw I can't choose between neon yellow or neon pink flats , any help 🙂

    Love the outfit and the jacket too ! It kind of looks like the big jocks jackets or baseball jackets but in denim ! Its great I've been looking for one myself


  2. If I don't have money, I have to stay away from stores – there is no other option. If I can't buy anything, then I want – no, I need – everything in sight! When I have money to spend, I can never find anything I really love. You're not alone.

    Love your red beret!

  3. that is one super hot military chick look! (without the jacket unfortunately :P) that beret and the top just remind me of military stuff.
    when it comes to your lifechanging issue I have to say I don't remember such situations from my own life. I tend to buy only cheap stuff, full prices are not for me. maybe that's why I don't have those situations.. oh and I don't go crazy because of a piece of clothing. it can stay in the store if it wants to. I don't even need it 😉

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  4. Oooh Keit, those tights are darn awesome! and darn sexy, if I might say. And I really want those boots of yours, hot damn! I think I tell you that every single time you wear them, haha. You've gotta model body! 😀

    I'm the same way with shopping… like ooh, I have all this money, I want to hang onto it so I can touch it and roll around in it! but then when I don't I just want to buy everything in the world.

    Also, thank you for your really lovely comment on my last post. It's comforting (though unfortunate!) to know that I'm not the only one out there who gets those kinds of comments… I mean, personally I like being kinda skinny and I don't know why people can't accept that!

  5. I think slender people like you can pull off oversized items better than anyone-it definitely looks so easy and chic and you look flawless. Malls usually don't bother me, but I get the itch when I go to thrift or antique shops. I always tell myself-"this is one of a kind, if I don't buy it it will be lost forever!" haha.

  6. I love the ripped tights and shorts! 😀 They're so perfect together. <3 I've been on a bit of a spending freeze lately, as well. I've only been spending gift certificates from XMAS, but once those run out, I'm screwed Haha. I'll be in the same position as you described, i.e. wanting so many things and not wanting to fork over the dough (see what I did there? full circle, baby haha). Anyway, since I do a majority of my shopping on line, I don't necessarily have to run away and cry, so much as I could just close the browser and eat chocolate until I feel better. 😀

    – Anna

  7. Кожа и камофлаж – Аххх <3 Адски ми допада тази комбинация. И тези сладки дънкови якенца – Искам и аз такива! ……Осъзнавам, че адски много ми допада блога ти!!! Чакам с нетърпение следващата ти публикация :)))

  8. Aha, it is cool to wear ripped tights! I thought I was just being really cheap by hanging on to mine for a little longer. 😛 Those are so awesome with the socks and the beret gets such a badass look on you, you look like you're on your way to start a revolution or something.

    Oooooh, donuts! We don't have a Dunkins or a Krispy Kreme up here and every year some enterprising fool smuggles boxes of Krispy Kremes up here and people lose. their. minds. Donuts, like Cracks for Alaskans!

  9. I get really depressed when I cant buy stuff (like now). About donuts though, thats the american spelling. English spelling is ough. just like neighbour and colour. which is neighbor and color in American.

    You look awesome and I love your hair. Also I am following you!

  10. You don´t need money when you look like that..(like the song says) happends to all of us…but thats when imaginations comes..make the most out of what we alreayd have…you can buy the latest if your lacking´d look like nothing…
    Your look and outfit is great..I love it

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