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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, it feels good to finally have a budget! I won’t have to think twice when buying fancy toilet paper! Life is guud! And another thing, where the hell did my Summer go? I still haven’t done all the Summer activities, like going out without drying my hair after a shower and watching IT Crowd with the air conditioner turned on. Adventure times! Oh well, might as well get cracking with another Monthly Favorites Post! 

Favorite Movie-Time of Eve

Asdjgjkghsdkjg! This is the best movie I’ve seen in fucking years!!! Not even Hugh Jackman could top it! It’s heartwarming, ridiculously funny and at the same time poses some interesting questions!
While the story isn’t something groundbreaking (set in future Japan, where androids are used like common everyday tools), “Time of Eve” is completely different from other futuristic genres.
Almost the whole movie is set in a small cafe, where humans and androids are treated as equal. As I said, nothing groundbreaking, but the movie is good not because of the story, but because of the characters, the chemistry between them and the unique atmosphere it brings. If you’re looking for something that would definitely brighten up your day, this is the movie for you!  
Favorite Thrift Find 

I found this dress in my hometown. My sister bought it from a second hand store, but decided to ditch it, which means it belongs to me now! I’ve been wearing this everyday, outside and at home, don’t know how I haven’t stained it yet! It’s one of those dresses you call second skin. It’s so breezy, easy to wear and light, you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all!

Stuff I Bought With Moneyyyzzzz 

I’ve been planning my Summer vacation, since last Summer! I love the seaside more than my clothes and I wish I could live there forever. I love to sit and listen to the waves for hours, it’s the most soothing sound I’ve ever heard! So, for my little Vacation, I thought I’d treat myself with some Summer essentials! 
I’ve been producing a generous amount of saliva every time I see one of these mirror glasses thingies. They’re so shiny and colorful, perfect for my color addiction. 
Most glasses don’t suit me at all and I look like a fly that had a car accident, but I managed to find a pair that was somewhat okay on my face. Bought these from H&M!

My second Summer essential is this ruffled bikini top. Finding a swimsuit when you’re boobless is a hard task. This ruffled one doesn’t help me magically grow tits, but at least it’s pretty, yes? 
Favorite Song
My friend broke up with her boyfriend recently and I sent her this song. I think this is the best break up song, none of that teary-eyed stuff people with broken hearts listen to! I’ve had so many break ups, some of them sucked so much, it’s easy to forget to take the good with the bad and don’t take life that seriously. 

Favorite Fashion Piece

Since I can remember, I’ve had a hard time wearing jewelry. I’ve always felt uncomfortable, like all those rings and such, restricted my moves and made it harder to wash my hands after I pee. 

I still think wearing lots of jewelry is kind of a dread, but I’m digging the tons of bracelets trend! The pink ones you see on the top are a new addition to the family and I’m planning on wearing them as often as possible, even when I have to pee!

So that’s all of my July favorites! Let me know what are your favorites this month? ^_^

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19 thoughts on “Existing Budget July Favorites”

  1. Those sunnies! Awesome! Now you just look like a psychedelic fly! No, just kidding. I love them! And the fluoro bracelets are so you. And the fluttery top, also perfect. But the BEST is the photo of that dress. It manages to capture the carefree quality of seaside living that is wrapped up in that dress. Which by the way, would also look awesome on you! XO JJ

  2. Amazing post dear! Tnx for the movie recommendation, I'll check that out, the dress is supercute, and I support wearing more bracelets than anyone can handle because I do the same xD
    Have a great August 🙂

  3. Watching episode 6 of Season 2 as I am typing this lol. I'm so in love with Moss, it's not even funny lol. I'll have to check out Time of Eve as soon as I am done watching The IT Crowd lol. I love the stuff thought you bought with moneyzzz lol.

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    xx AlexisSplash


  4. duuude I LOVE your dress! Wow and nice Simpsons gif! AHAHHAHA It's the middle of the night and I laughed really hard when I saw that song! 🙂 I should watch that movie it seems really interesting!

  5. I trust your taste for the film as often, during dinner I like to see something and I've finished all my series; perfect timing!
    These sunnies are awesome! The glass has crazy colors.
    The cover we can see on the youtube preview remind me something, I maybe saw it on an old magazine; tried it, and love it! I was expecting more hapiness in it (like this must-see with this totaly crazy-akward clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjPau5QYtYs ); I would totally cry on it in your friend's situation x) But it has strengh and fight-mode activation on the end, so I see the point!
    I was crazy about having a lot of bracelets on the arms, it's so pretty! But now I'm influenced with minimalist style, tough life ^^ I love this white short with them btw!
    On my side, I did receive 2 really nice sketch/notebooks from a crowdfounding I participated in, but it's at my parents'. I must wait to move to appreciate them!

  6. Yes! Hurrah for budgets and money and adult stuff! It gets old and yet comforting to know exactly what you have to work with after a while. Right now my budget is roughly about 100 dollars in spending money per week and let me tell you, you learn how to make that go far. You did well, though. I love your sunglasses, bangles, and general clothes you have put on your body. Love it!



  7. What? Not even fancy toilet paper is better than Hugh Jackman! (Mmmmm….) I need some new movies to watch though, we just finished season four of Archer and this sounds interesting – you always have good taste in movies so I'm totally taking your word for it. (Your movie reviews always make me laugh so hard – the superman one was awesome and I'm not just saying that because it was a sucky movie. You need your own show or something.) Also, that dress looks so pretty but I love the bright bracelets on you!

  8. loved that post (and the photos that are awesome)! definitely your best series in this blog 😉 when it comes to your favourites then seeing that dress made me want to look for something similar. we've had a heatwave for weeks already and everything I wear feels to warm these days. tough days, what can I say! my favourite thing has been the very rare chilly air, haha.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  9. The dress is so pretty, and since you haven't stained it yet, why don't we get to see you wearing it? I have the opposite problem with bathing suits. Boobs I've got, bum not so much but I really don't want to wear bathing suit bottoms with a bum frill.

    Super cool glasses. Super weird song! LOL

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