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Last post was a bit longish so I’m going to keep this one sweet and short just like me! Ahem! The Witcher 3 will be coming out next week on Tuesday and I may or may not become obsessed with it and forget to blog, so apologize for this in advance. I may write a few dozen posts bragging about my new Collector’s edition fully aware that no one would care, but this is what life is all about – me sharing stuff that excite me and people giving me the “I’m so bored right now I’d eat my hand off” stare. 

Speaking of caring, ever since I made a Facebook account I’ve sensed a very disappointing yet obvious pattern of likes. I made a Facebook page for my blog and thought: Hell, why not post stuff on my personal page as well. I added a few friends here and there and started sharing exciting stuff like Stargate Sg-1 memes and The Witcher trailers (exciting!!!), and you know what, my Facebook was like a desert which destroyed whatever overly-optimistic life form decided to foolishly arose. But as soon as I post a photo of myself, maaaaan, you should have seen the enthusiasm! Double bonus if there is a side boob showing or whatever. What’s the lesson here kids? Side boob will get you everywhere, your personal interests will not. 
Any who, I think it’s about time to talk about fashion! I’v been recently bewitched by the fluffy curse and I have been buying and wearing everything that has fuzz or fur on it. This sweater is no exception. I decided to show some skin and drop the shoulder down and mix it with my current favorite ethno skirt from Indian Point. I love this ethno print, it’s a stunning blend of colors, geometric shapes and beads. I’m wearing the back as front, because the back has beads and who doesn’t like beads! I’ll probably wear this skirt with cycling leggings underneath though, since it’s quite short and we all remember what happened last time I wore something short!

The sneakers are my new favorite sports shoe I showed you in my April favorites. I actually forgot what it’s like to wear a comfortable sport shoe. All my previous sneakers were as uncomfortable as heels and scraped my skin razor-style. Who the hell makes these things? 

The only other thing worth mentioning is my horsy bag which I got from Choies last year and it’s the best crazy bag ever. People love it and it’s the perfect conversational piece. Like for example, if you’re an awkward wallflower like me just bring a horsy bag with you and pretend you’re having a thought provoking talk about the economy, you’re bound to get attention and make friends this way! I should know, I’m practically drowning in friends right now! not
Btw, are you guys as hyped as I am about fluffy clothes? What is your current item obsession? 

Horsy Bag- Choies, Pink Sneakers –, Ethno Skirt – Indian Point, Fluffy Jumper – Second Hand
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27 thoughts on “Ethnic Inspiration: Pink Sneakers and Ethno Skirt”

  1. I love fluffy clothes…being that I'm not able to have a fluffy animal as a pet, that's the second best thing…is it?

    Anyhow, I don't have fb, but I wouldn't be bored if you posted about stare gate. I love sf, and star gate is a very interesting series and concept. I probably wouldn't complain about the side boob either…did that sound strange? I mean most people do look for inspiration and looks, fashion and visual…and not for long debates and interesting things. Uh, I'm not very eloquent at the moment.

    This outfit is very much to my liking…love the colourful skirt…and the pink sneakers speak to my heart.

  2. Ok, that pony bag is like….the best thing ever. (Maybe not better than Stargate because now I so want to watch it again, it's been years!) The bag is seriously cue though, it's like a Raggedy-Ann horse bag! Your talk about uncomfortable sneaker scares me though, they make such a thing?! That sounds so wrong and evil, people wear sneakers just because they ARE comfy! (Although I realized my running sneakers are really ugly and really-falling-apart yesterday and it was like hmmmm….time for cute, bright pink sneakers and yours just make it an even better idea.)
    And yeah, it's amazing what side boob can do. 🙂

  3. I agree with "Side boob will get you everywhere, your personal interests will not." xD
    But in here, when your bra strap or thigh is shown, THOSE BOIZ WILL BE LIKE "AIUAIUEIUAIEUIAUEIE LOOK LOOK LOOK OMG OMG OMG" duh.
    I actually reeeAAAlly like fluffy clothes!!!!1111 I've ever owned furry fluffy jacket but i ended up giving it to my friend because it's too hot to wear thing like that here:( The thing that I'm reeeeally obsessed now is crop tee!!!!1 or simply everything that shows my tummy, I realized that wearing small tee is so cute<3<3 I bought 2 crop tee yesterday lolxD

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

  4. I am so in love with the horsey bag. Fluffy clothes are not a good idea for someone with a thick torso ( me ) so I will just admire them on you. I love how this outfit looks casual and comfortable but creative and so you! Disappointed I missed out on some sideboob though. I have been completely ignoring Facebook (which really means I forgot my password for FB and the e-mail account I was using so I can't even retrieve my password). Speaking of short skirts, I saw a girl this weekend who was wearing a dress that really should have been a tunic. It was a bit windy and she had to hold her skirt down all the time as it kept blowing up and showing her bum. Short dresses like that are only good for standing around at a party looking hot. xoxo

  5. Oh yeah, I have the same thing happen with me on FB. With my personal stuff everyone likes the selfies and stuff, but humorous things, nada. Then on my blog FB page I get the opposite. No response to blog posts or personal thoughts but the other funny junk I find and share gets the love. Sigh. It's super annoying. BTW I also love the fuzzy stuff in clothing, I would wear all the things but I feel like they accentuate my broad shoulders disgustingly more so I stay away from them and lament; admire from afar and stuff.


  6. I have so many shoes that scrape up my ankles like razors. I have to put little cushion things in them as a barrier. So dumb. I'm glad your cute pink sneakers are actually comfortable. I also love how cozy your fuzzy sweater looks and the fun pattern on your skirt.

    And hooray for The Witcher 3! I hope you have fun gaming!

    Jamie |

  7. right now the stuff I wear must be warm because we still haven't made it to proper warm spring. the nights are cold and it often rains. like right now. so warm sweaters (the geometric one from my last post) are my friends right now. anyway, you seem to have quite a nice sunshine there in Bulgaria and this colourful mini skirt and bright sneakers are just the right pieces to wear! gosh and that crazy horse bag! I'm sure it looks scary in dark! 😀 its nose reminds me of my Elvis' s nose by the way 😀

    Maiken – Part of me

  8. I just discover your blog and this first post I read is very cool. I love the crazyness in this outfit, your Choies bag is so funny and your skirt is a colorful sunshine!

  9. omg sorry I have not been reading I've been so busy! Girl I love your outfit I was actually looking up nike shoes inspiration for a post lol!!!! omg ahahah love the outfit!

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