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I’m almost 100% sure everyone out there had an embarrassing e-mail, at least once in their
lifetime. Maybe it was sexy_kitten2, or Ilovemelgibson34 it doesn’t
matter, it was still something you consciously created for people to
But what happens when you create embarrassing passwords with the full knowledge that no one will ever have to read them? 

My whole life, I’ve been extremely creative at creating passwords. It’s
sort of a perverted hobby of mine, to create the most wtf passwords. A huge exception was a password I created during my
teenage years and didn’t change till I was in my 20’s. 
I read a lot of “feel good, self help” bullshit back then
and my passwords everywhere were always the same: “Iloveme“. Yeah, for
anyone who might try something smart, I already changed that thousands
of years ago.

Anywho, I
used to order food a lot, and found this fancy shmancy restaurant with
awesome meals.So  I made an account and soon afterwards a boy
called to check if it was legit:
Boy: Oookay, username “Keit” right?
Keit: Yup.
Boy: Paasswoord…”I love me”, is that correct?
Keit: Uugh…(loud noise of shame) yeees?
Boy: Ok, your order will be ready in 40 minutes.

my dumbass password out loud by someone else, was an eye opener. I
didn’t change it though, I was too lazy. I changed it waaaay after that
Anyway, anyone had an embarrassing e-mail? What was it? Do you still use it? 

Fashiony part: Hey look, a sheep! Where? Right there, in front of you! Don’t know why I have a sheep-like blank stare in these photos, maybe because I was very hungry back then…
Stripe mustard t-shirt- Nowistyle, Skirt- Chicnova.
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23 thoughts on “Embarrassing passwords and Nowistyle Mustard T-shirt”

  1. Love the color cokbo in this outfit! As far as an embarrassing email. I actually did have one. I remember back in college I wanted to have a cute looking email account with bright colors. So I found this email website called stupid.com.. so yeah whenever someone asked my email I would say its _____@ stupid.com lol

  2. Haha oh Keit.
    I had at least two dumb email addresses from my tween/teenage years.. I think one was disco_babe (it was that time at the end of the 90's/start of the 00's where everything was "funky chick" "disco babe" "sweet whatever"..) which was later changed to slinki_malinki (from hairy mclairy.. The dog book.. I was a nerd haha).

    These days I just stick with my name or my blog name. Much less cringeworthy.

    You look gorgeous! I love the colours 🙂

  3. You look just fine! I like the way you wear the socks above the knee. I've not try this style yet. I'm sure you'll know when I do. You've been the inspiration to me =D

  4. Hahaha, aaahhh yes. You're not alone though! From the statistics I've read, tons of people have really dumb passwords and many have just the weirdest words in them. Yours is pretty innocuous in comparison. 😀 I do have I guess a sort of embarassing email from when dial-up was all the rage. Yeah, I know, I was there for the beginnings of the internet. o_O O_o Anyway, I was using Hotmail at the time, but then I switched to a better service. I carried over the stupid name, because I kinda liked it. Haha. It reminds me of those beginnings and my youth, I guess. ^_^

    I love how bold and bright your color pairings are. I enjoy living vicariously through your outfits. I would like to be more colorful, but man you make it look so easy! I know I would mess it up, if I tried something like this! >_< <3

    – Anna


  5. love the tilted pocket and all the magenta and pink explosion…i had an embarrassing id – twinklealltheway! created because i couldn't chat on yahoo messenger with my normal one (still have to figure out why we were so crazy about chatting online with strangers)..and most embarrassing password would be something which had the word assholes in it, after my brilliant brother said it is easier to remember if it a cuss word…

  6. hmm, my personal e-mail jennyfer17@…was probably created when I was 17 and to be honest with you I'm still using it and I have no worries with it. at least it's not sexygurl or something 😀 and your password was not that bad actually! it could have been worse, think about it 😉 oh and I'm loving all the happy shades you're wearing here! beautiful autumn look!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  7. Keit, you are hilarious ! Thank you for sharing this story and for making me laugh ! I had awful, awful email addresses back in the days 😀

    Love all these colors they create the perfect autumn look !


  8. Hunger is known to cause sheep stares. But you make some good sheep stare faces! At least you're not making serial killer stare faces. That's when shit gets real.

    Oh my gosh, I love your embaressing emails. Mine was sapphirezelda because I thought sapphire was a pretty color and zelda because I'm a zelda nerd duh lol. Before that, Angelfish4072… ahhhh, the Neopets days… and we can't forget my fantastical runescape username: Azaline. Hahaha. Always trying to sound so mystical and cool, we are. I like your sexy_kitten2 though. That's pretty great! 😉

    Okay, your skirt is perfect! It looks twirly and I love that ~dark red / oxblood / burgundy~ color! n_____n so cute!

    And aaaw, you are so sweet to ask about mah stomach! u___u. You are such a kind soul! Haha, it hasn't been feeling much better, btu I have been eating more soft-ish things and a lot less which has helped a ton, but it's still doing it's hurt-y thing. Tomorrow I go to the doctor… soon!!

  9. Really loving that mustard shirt and this was a hilarious story as always. Part of my job is organising events and it always amazes me when people register with really embarassing email addresses that they haven't just changed them already! Lots of sexygurrrrl and glitterfairies – for grown professional women!

  10. I used the email add ragingflower2000 after a book I'd read. I got a new one which is just my first and last name for professionalism sake. Ragingflower does seem a tad embarrassing. 😀

    Fashiony part, 😉 Love the stripey yellow on burgundy.

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