Embarrassing diaries and another vintage look

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Wherever there are secrets, there are diaries. We’ve all been struck by unrequited  love, got betrayed by our best friend, eat tons of ice cream then threw up. That’s why diaries have been around for so long, we’ve all had secrets or something to say, but no one to share it with. So we turn to the garbage disposal of our soul- the diary- that glitter notebook, with perfumed pink pages and a huge golden padlock which actually doesn’t do anything except look cool. 

I had the opportunity to revisit my diary and let me tell you, those are 30 minutes of my life, I desperately want back. My diary is so boring, so crammed with punctual and grammatical mistakes that I keep wondering, have I been a retard? Is this really who I was? No wonder I was rotting at home with no friends, even my diary couldn’t bare the though to be my friend, it was so teared up, my guess is, it tried desperate attempts to commit suicide.
 I wrote in English, because of paranoia some of my parents could read it. I can give you a few quotes to take in all the stupidity, but that would be too embarrassing. But many of them go something like this: “today I did nothing, I’m very dissapointed by that”, or “I like V. but he doesn’t even want to talk, so I go to talk to him, but he was so shy he say nothing, so i gave him my number but he never call me, maybe hes afraid…” Or maybe I scared the shit out of him with the constant staring and stalking. Weird thing is that most of the things I wrote were very depressing like :” i wan die” or “hamster died, i thought he was sleeping, i need vacation and boyfriend”. I found a few things that were bit more positive like: “today we talked with (whoever the hell I talked with) and we smiling and laughing i was very happy, i need attention”.
How come I was so stupid? I wonder if other people read their diaries and feel awkward from the dumbest shit they wrote, or is it just me? Well, I might as well be thankful that eventually my brain grew larger than the size of a peanut, so no harm done.
What about you my fellow readers, did you have a diary?

Fashiony part.
Today is Vintage Day! Leather men’s briefcase is the way to go if you want to achieve a vintage flavor. Also, brown lace shoes, belt and buttoned shirt.

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27 thoughts on “Embarrassing diaries and another vintage look”

  1. this post is just hilarious. I'm at work, so I can't laugh very much but at least I'm smiling. but I have to say I have no diaries to read. I remember I started writing one but I understood how absurd it was and destroyed everything. I'm happy I did it.
    btw, I think it's one of your best outfits. I like everything about it but especially the leathery part and the necklace.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. i love ur vintage look so much. i also write a diary until now and i realized that i was reallu fool. but yet really interesting to read my own diary. i can laugh and sad when read it and how everything has past

  3. I did try to keep a diary when I was younger, but my sister was constantly reading every new entry and giving me a 'sheepish' smile. So I stopped. Thank Goodness, we're all grown up now.

    Cute vintage look. Love the skirt.

  4. Мда, имам стари дневници и докато ги чета се фейспалм-вам! >_> Всъщност продължавам да си водя нещо като дневник и сега, явно ми е станало навик.

    Много сладурка-винтидж комбинация си вкарала 🙂 и ти отива!

  5. oh don't feel like that, I bet that we would all feel childish and stupid if we heard what we used to say a long time ago! at least I'm sure I would haha
    I love your outfit, you bag is amazing and I'm so much loving your blouse and your skirt, they look amazing paired together! 🙂

    Drawing Dreaming

  6. Few years ago I re-read all my diaries and got depressed from my own stupidity. So I decided that things like diaries should not exist and I ripped them all apart. Right now I wish I still had them so I could again go back to the way I was and laugh, because the older I get the more I realize how silly and retarded I was in the past, apparently 😀 ..maybe still am, who knows.

  7. I found my old diaries a few months ago and I had all emotions suddenly back, I used to be such a dramaqueen. 😀

    You look gorgeous, girl. The blouse is so beautiful. <3

    Xx, Saritschka.

  8. Hello Keit! Love your skir =)Anyway, Thank you so much! 🙂 Of course I prefer ballet 'cause I'm a ballerina. hihi. But actually, I also like everything from Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, Tango, Waltz, rumba, chachacha to hiphop and air dance. I tried them all except for air dance though. And I would also like to try tap, Hawaiian and all the other genres i haven't tried. hehe

  9. Пхах! И аз имам такъв безумен дневник! Повярвай ми, моят е хиляди пъти по-унизителен от твоя!:) Аз съчинявах и песнички (което не е никак лошо, но сега като се сетя за по-ранното си творчество, разбирам, че и тогава, и сега не ми върви с поезията!) Непрестанно пишех за някакви момчета, които не ми обръщат внимание. Никога не съм била депресивен тип, затова повечето от писанията бяха от сорта на "Мило дневниче, днес отидох на училище с розовата блузка. После играхме на Пауър Рейнджърс, но аз трябваше да бъда Жълтата рейнджърка! Представяш ли си каква ирония?!" (както се досещаш Розовата рейнждърка беше най-готината и исках да съм нея…)
    А сега относно аутфита – страхотна риза! Чудно изглеждаш и снимките както винаги са много яки 🙂


  10. hahahh I laughed so hard with the diaries thing I can totally relate to the part of writing in English so that my parents could not know what I was written ut the drama came with putting names right those have no translation so I found them some alter ego names and I had so much fun doing that! Amazing outfits as you always do!!! 🙂

  11. hahahahaa, to tell you the truth, I still have my diary, and occasionally read it just to remind me how stupid I was. I always laugh my ass off while reading it. But I am definitely not ashamed 'cause of it. it was just the way I was. and about boys – I had a crush on one guy who was in my class. Guess what I did? I fucking told him I liked the way he dresses!!!! WTF?!? Awesome, could you be more stupid than that? well, the things is, that guy is now my boyfriend, and not just boyfriend. I'm getting married in December with the guy who dresses awesome 😀 hahahaha

  12. Ooooh, I may have to raise my hand in shame here. I had a diary and I can't even bring myself to go back and read it, it would be that bad. Something about being a teenager, you look back on it and go, "Wow. Really? Realllly?" (Heh, and I was lazy about writing in it and I could not spell to save my life, even worse than today. Thank god for spell check.) I did giggle a little over the hampster, then felt bad, hampsters are fun.

    I love that pendant! It looks like a old men's pocket watch, which would be all sorts of crazy coolness if it was. And girl, you can rock a denim skirt like nobody else.

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