Embarrassing Blasts from the Past and A Cozy Outfit with a Striped Sweater

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Have you ever had that sudden bloody annoying moment when you were just minding your own business, daydreaming about eating the last slice of pizza; lying on the sofa watching a show on Discovery about catching crabs in a dramatic human interaction storm setting; or maybe you were just reading a book by a newly emerged feminist on “How drinking mojito with your friend is actually rape”, and then, a sudden memory hits you, the embarrassing memory of you doing something absolutely stupid and ridiculous a hundred years ago, accompanied by the deep feeling of utter shame and disappointment with yourself.

Since my life is riddled with embarrassing situations I’ve had this happen to me a few gazillion times already and it often occurs when I’m feeling the most proud of myself. As if my brain sensed my sudden boost of self-esteem and decided this much esteem can’t be good for the body, after all, too much self-esteem can result in happiness you know, so it sends a shameful memory as a little reminder: “You are actually very dumb and you should know it, k, bye!”

Just the other day I was happily editing some photos, thinking: “Yaaay, this outfit is awesome, everything is so pretty” and then I remembered a VERY stupid thing I did 7 fucking years ago and it just straight up ruined everything. And I’m not talking about crying on my front corridor dirty steps, comatose drunk, while talking to my ex on the phone and screaming out of my lungs “WHY DON’T YOU LOVE MEEEEEE?” kind of embarrassing memory. This is one of the few moments where my stupidity is at least a little bit justified by the high percentage of alcohol in my bloodstream and the fact that we’ve all had a few silly encounters with our ex boyfriends/girlfriends….hehe…right?…RIIIGHT? Hehe….?
Any who, I’m talking about something even more embarrassing and utterly idiotic, one that would make you consider joining a desolated tribe and hunting deer for the rest of your miserable shameful life.

Have you guys ever done something absolutely idiotic, then 5 years later remember it and feel absolutely idiotic about it? Do tell, my self-esteem needs boosting!

Fashiony Part!
Cthulhu must have heard my prayers since the weather this week has been very chilly. The boyfriend isn’t living in his underwear anymore, which is a sure sign autumn is coming! I took this cold weather opportunity to add more layers and patterns into my day! ^_^ The striped sweater is from Choies and I ordered it for three reasons:
1. Hearts!
2. Stripes!
3. HEEEEAAAAAARTS!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ !!!

I ♥ hearts!

I also love clothes that have hidden little details, it adds a unique and mischievous charm and even if you dress it down and style a more basic outfit, you have the little detail to give you an upgrade. 
I decided I’d wear this sweater more baggy than I would usually do. Since the sweater is somewhat loose on me I was afraid I might mess up the proportions and make the outfit too shapeless, but I think it turned out great, mostly because of the chunky shoes. They gave some length and a much needed slimness, and created an overall tidy look.

Hunching like a true model!

For the layering I chose to mix in my button down colorful dress. I unbuttoned the dress and wore it as a vest underneath the sweater. If you’d like to add a little extra to your autumn wardrobe, just layer a ruffled top, a thin vest, a cami dress under your sweaters, basically add anything that you think would look cool, and don’t be afraid to show your creation to the judgmental world!

To enhance even more the oversize look I paired everything with some loose boyfriend jeans and a long necklace.

For finish I decided to go over the top, so I also included a very fluffy leopard clutch I thrifted recently and the pervert beanie, again from Choies. So, what do you guys think? Likey? It’s dinner time so I’m off to eat me some meatballz now!!! @_@

 Striped Heart Print Sweater – c/o Choies, Gray Beanie – c/o Choies, Multicolored dress & Leopard clutch – Second Hand, Boyfriend jeans – Frontrowshop
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10 thoughts on “Embarrassing Blasts from the Past and A Cozy Outfit with a Striped Sweater”

  1. These photos ARE amazing and pretty and you do have a rocking outfit! But I can totally relate. I pull that shit on myself all the time. I always think of that scene on 40 year old virgin when he just keeps thinking about that stupid comment he made to his friends—story of my life. And yes, we have ALL been there.

  2. If I live in space, this post makes my confidence level drop forever into a black hole. Much thanks, Keit. No, it's not that I remembers shameful things I did in the past vividly (which I do do to myself every now and then, which makes us beyond besties), it is you looking all dazzling in your loose and oversized garb that has hearts, stripes, plaid, layers, leopard, those boots, the pervie beanie and your freaking adorable face. I'm sorry I just can't share my shameful past with you like this, I can't! *runs to hide and sulks*

    PS: I love you.

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

  3. Wooow, love that print mix! Stripes + leo print + plaid, soooo cool! I don't have enough courage to mix more than 2 prints myself. But this looks really good. Cool jeans and those hearts are so damn cute! Amazing photos, btw.
    Cant' remember any embarrassing situation with ex-es, last 7 years I'm with the same guy, I guess I did some stupid things so far, especially on the beginning of our relationship. I remember, there was one girl from Macedonia, and her name was Katerina (Yes, Katerina). She had a crush on my boyfriend or something and she was stalking him. Once she called him on the phone, and I took the phone of his hand and I was like "Hello!?", and I didn't know what else to say. Silence… I gave him back the phone. I don't know why I actually did that. I't was embarrassing, I guess. I felt stupid. I'm usually not jealous of other girls, but she, she was annoying XD

  4. I'm cursed with an amazing memory that dates pratically to my infancy and let me tell you I remember everything…and there are many idiotic thigs I have done so far!!! you know how people forget things when they get drunk? Why hasn't that ever happened to me …why? Remembering everything is such a curse, isn't it?

    My husband still walks around in his underwear so I guess that is a sign Autumn hasn't arrived here yet.

    I love how you layered this outfit! love that tartan long shirt….you look so pretty!

  5. I absolutely adore this mix of prints! So fab. Cute heart elbow patches. Oh, yes. In fact when such a memory slams in, I repeat, slams in, I cringe visibly. That's why I never take peoples reactions personally. lol. Fab pair of destroyed denims.

  6. I get embarrassed at the stupidest stuff and most of the time it's not even something to be embarrassed about haha. You rock over-sized items so well, I wish I could! Love your style, so fun and you!!! :*

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