Elevators and leather boleros

PPssht, I’m a real idiot regarding social situations. Not that cute, shy little idiotic behavior everyone adores, but the one, people generally avoid because they regard it as a mental dysfunction. Few days ago (forgot to complain about it) I was carefully making my way  home, happy that I’ve actually gone out today and that I’m actually going to make a descent meal, that didn’t came out of a can, for boyfriend. So as I got up to the elevator a guy flung in, seemingly  tired as hell, cause of working all day and in a very bad mood. 
I usually never greet or say goodbye to my neighbors (except a few), we’re not a neighbory community, although most of the time I’m as polite as a luxurious, porcelain tea set (the kinds with flowers on them).
So we traveled a while,  with that well known awkward silence when people don’t know each other and are trapped in a small place. Assumingly, I was so happy and devoured by my own brilliance, I never saw that we’ve reached my destination. I thought we were still at least two floors beneath. So the guy goes out and holds the door, cause it’s the fucking last floor and I have to go off, but I don’t. I just give him the most teethy smiile and scream “goooooodbyyyyeeeeeeeee, have a nice daaaaaaaaaaaay”. Assuming that I’m retarted the guy naturally slammed the door. And here comes the best part, I kept sitting there thinking the elevator will go up, but it didn’t. After a few moment of wondering what went wrong, I realized the horrible, horrible truth! I’ M SUCH AN IDIOT. And the worst part was, I didn’t know if that poor man had gone home, so I sat there, for what seemed like an eternity, waiting for him to go away. As I listned to his footsteps slowly drifting away, I carefully opened the door, looked left, looked right, and run like a cheetah to a safe place where no man can judge me! 
It’s been a long time since I experienced an embarrassing situation, but that one was a refreshment!
To fashion!
You probably remember this leather bolero I got, here it is with an airily dress from Bershka. And I have no idea how my black socks don’t have white cat hairs on them, life’s a mystery!

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32 thoughts on “Elevators and leather boleros”

  1. И на мен ми се е случвало да попадна в идиотска ситуация, спокойно! Даже прекалено много пъти.

  2. Hah, that makes for qite a funny story! (I do silly stuff like this too! I always think the people behind me at the super market are talking to me, so I turn and start a conversations with them, only to realize they're talking to each other! Or I mishear when people are talking to me and I go off on a weird tangent.)
    I really like how you wore this little leather jacket from your thrift post, those shoes are just HOT.

  3. You are so cute! Don't worry, I've done these kind of embarrassing things all the time! Once in a while embarrassment just makes you a very cute person!

  4. You are a funny girl, miss 🙂 I think we all have idiotic in social situations moments, just in different ways. I absolutely love your airey, delicate dress. Nothing awkward about it at all…!

  5. okay, I could totally imagine everything and I was just laughing while those pictures moved in front of my eyes. but don't worry, stupid things like that just happen, to me too.
    but you look absolutely great! the dress, your thrifted bolero, everything's awesome!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  6. Да не си помислиш, че се смея на чуждото нещастие или нещо такова, но историята с асансьора наистина ме разсмя и развесели и то, защото през цялото време виждах себе си там хахах Това е нещо, което спокойно може да ми се случи на мен.

    Обувките са страхотни между другото.

  7. hi there just found ur blog its great so honest. i do odd things all the time to it's started in school which i hated but i don't care anymore itswho i am so good for u staying true to yourself. i love this outfit and leather jacket is fab i have one something like it there so versatile. hope ur meal for the boyfriend turned out nice my poor husband never gets a cooked meal from me Im totally useless at cooking have a great Sunday kisses from Dublin xx leonie.

  8. Уникално сладък аутфит! Просто роклята и колието ми останаха в очите! А якето и обувките са невероятни 🙂 За първи път попадам на блога ти и страшно много ми харесва! Продължавай все така ;]


  9. Love the jacket with the bracelet and shoes! You mix pretty and tough so effortlessly. 🙂

    When I started goin' to school in the Empire State Building (sounds cooler than it is), I totally didn't understand the elevator system (apparently each elevator is designated for a certain part of the building alone), so I was in one with this lady once and I kept pressin' this one button (which in another elevator meant somethin' totally different) and it turns out it was the button for the floor we were on. And I just kept pressin' it like a total idiot and she looked at me like I was the dumbest fuck alive. *_*

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