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Bulgaria is a shitty country like no other. With lots of dirt, smoke, crap, drunkards, holes in the pavement, crazy drivers and all the other glorious exotic attractions a poor country can provide. Also, when you take into consideration  that Bulgaria is the poorest country in the European Union, it all adds up. So imagine prancing around the dusty streets wearing this:
After blogging for an year, I’ve really made a big leap out of my comfort zone, in fact I kicked that bitch’s ass! An year ago I would never have the guts to go outside dressed like this.
The fancy shmancy dress you see is another gift from Msdressy, which by the way, are now called Dressestylist and it’s one of those pretty things that elicit an exclamation somewhere between an “oooooh” and a “damn, that’s hot”. 
Wearing this, reminded me of my dream to become a Princess with all the
benefits of having someone to massage you, clean your stinky apartment
(castle), make you a sandwich, play with you World of Warcraft and most
importantly, the most dreaded activity of all- wash the dishes! 

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27 thoughts on “Dressestylist princessy pepper”

  1. Oh man, Travel channel. I love Anthony Bordain's show, although the earlier seasons where he was still really grumpy and would get stinking drunk in every episode were the best.

    I love this dress with your pretty hair, it really shows of the pink and it's so perfect with your boots. You'd be a totally badass princess, tromping around the castle in your pretty dress and tough boots. (Reading through I realized I don't really know that much about Bulgaria, it sounds similar to Alaska in some aspects, especially with the constant cold. I'll have to read up on it now!)

  2. Keit, this dress is awesome! You totally look like a princess slash model glamour girl. And props to you for having guts to go out in that–the fact that you're wearing boots with such a sparkly dress is kickass.

  3. Haha…Honey if you walked around like this in India you'd probably at the very least get molested…It was the bane of my existence, anything you wear they pass dirty comments about it (i am just in a bad mood about India because a 5 year old girl got raped and almost killed in Delhi)

    But you do look like a magic, pink haired princess…Hope you're feeling better! x

  4. How much do I love this dress? An unusual amount. It's actually surprising how much I love your hair when paired with this dress, as well. It's almost the same color, which would bug me normally, but with this it seems classy. 😀

    also, you look smokin hot. So that probably has something to do with it.



  5. Your hair is amazing! I just got a dress from them too 🙂 I love it! And trust me, I'm from India and i can guarantee you that Bulgaria is still much better!! Anyway, I love your blog and your style! I'd love it if you visited mine and if you like we could be followers and friends 🙂

  6. You look gorgeous in this dress. Doesn't matter if you're from anywhere around the world =)
    I'm glad that to see how your blog has grown from the day I started following you. So do you and your style. You're getting more and more stylish as days goes by =)

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