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Happy Monday all! I know there’s nothing happy in a Monday, but people are already criticising me for being too cynical for my own good so I decided to be more positive. I’m  not even going to make a really inappropriate joke right now regarding this positivity, see? Changes!

Needles to say this new change is not going very well so far. I am on my second coffee and 34694568598 cigarette for the day and I’m already feeling my feeble positve attitude vaporazing.

It is difficult to stay positive when your clothes are stained from dog pee, you have no money and you’re in the office until night. I am thinking of getting something different for lunch today, other than the daily toxic hamburger for 1$, so there’s that! So, how is your Monday going so far?

Positive or not, I decided to share with you an outfit I wore a week ago to a farewell party of my boyfriend’s friend. I know right? He has friends! I can barely restrain my enthusiasm, these are real fleshy human beings, not the ones from the movies!

For the special occasion of meeting flesh humans I wanted to look cheeky, but try looking like that when the snot on your
nose has frozen from the cold outside…Sooooooooooo, I turned to my
favorite layering and styled my black summer dress with bell bottom
jeans and a cold shoulder top underneath. 

These bell bottoms are my favorite pair, even though they are loose at the waist and tend to expose by butt in the not very sophisticated manner, but if you like it then you should’ve put a belt on it!

I bought this lace dress from Indian Point last summer and also wore it on my first date with the boyfriend, which in fact is my first date which went on perfectly normal. I tend to be a magnet for weirdos and each and every date I have went to, ends with me soothing myself with a bottle of jin and a plan to change my name and live in the Amazons.

One time a guy told me I was a cunt and started peeing outside of the restaurant we were in which had toilets, just fiy! This is my top 10 favorite story to tell, top 9 is the time I butchered my leg with a knife by mistake and almost fainted from the blood!

Anyways, the outfit turned out a bit dark for my taste so I added some color with a pink choker and voila, ready to be awkward in front of people I don’t know!

If you want to feel snuggly and sexy at the same time try spicing up
your summer dresses with tights, jeans, cropped sweaters, just layer
whatever you feel fancy and comfortable in. The main idea is to feel
like a special snowflake even when the temperatures have dropped like my
will drops when I am offered vodka.

Do you guys wear summer dresses in the winter, how do you style them? 

Bell Bottom Jeans -No Brand, Black lace maxi dress – Indian Point.
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3 thoughts on “Dress for a Party without feeling Cold”

  1. Oh yes indeed this is one of my all time favourite ways to wear a dress. I think dresses over jeans & pants are such a fab way to get a completely different look out of what is essentially a one trick pony. Also as you point out it's the perfect way to wear a summer dress in winter! Love the hair by the way lady 😉

  2. I do wear dresses in Winter, but it's been a while since I wore a summer dress in winter. I must be losing my fashion bravado, I must do something about that. I'm all for wearing dresses all year long. Dresses are perfect for layering and when we wear them over jeans we can be pretty sure of feeling warm.Your winter styling tip is perfect- we should wear whatever makes us feel special…that's pretty much the perfect thing to do.

    I love this outfit. That beautiful black lace dress looks fabulous styled with jeans and that bare shoulder top. That pink choker is a great pop of colour….and is that a new hairdo I spot? It is very cute….you look great!

  3. Who in the right mind would be so RUDE to ever call you that on a date? BOY BYE! Hahaha. I think you look oh so stylish in this party outfit with a Keit touch that is the pop of pink choker which completely lifted the darkness from the outfit. You can really take the cold and I am oh so amazed! I'm seriously in awe because I thought you'd be in some HUGE and MASSIVE layers. I love seeing your smile and your hair – is this color temporary? Would so love to hear more about your unique dating stories because you are so hilarious! I quit dating 400 years ago. So this is my entertainment hehehhe 😀 xxxx

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