Do you feel like a hero yet?

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After the “Mass Effect” frenzy, during which I played the trilogy
and was reluctant to take a shower until I finished it, (making boyfriend resent the day he met me) my heart was
left with an empty void. Not only did the game end horribly, leaving me
with feelings of confusion and rage, but I was almost certain that I
would never be emotionally affected by another game.
And I was right, until I played “Spec Ops: The line”, and felt like crap even three days afterwards.

I don’t generally like shooters, especially patriotic Rambo types of them, but the game is nothing like that and is so much more. My advice is to play it, (it’s extremely easy), I would love to hear your opinion on it.
This is one of those games
that you can’t shake off for days and would leave you with a bittersweet taste in your mouth, and
the desire to play it through a second time, because you feel you missed out on something.
while most people feel estranged and disgusted
with the protagonist Captain Walker, I felt more and more inclined to like him.
Maybe because I’m a woman, or maybe because I have a thing for CGI blue
eyed hunks with damaged psyche and traumatized past (or maybe because I
was drunk and the emotional impact was enhanced by the amount of beers I
devoured). Either way, this
game hit me in the feels. 
Fashiony part: You may remember this turtle neck top from previews posts and you may remember it was long. I couldn’t find a decent crop top here in my country, so I made this crappy one with my tiny scissors and shaky hands. Nothing like a homemade crop top! 
Leather skirt, belt and bag-second hand, wedge sneakers- River Island. 

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28 thoughts on “Do you feel like a hero yet?”

  1. Тая къса блузка действа много възбуждащо, получавам ерекция от заголеното ти коремче.

  2. I love that games hit you in the feels as well. You're pretty awesome, Keit.

    That skirt with your crop top is so perfect and you pull it off so well. You remind me of a really badass Mary Poppins.

  3. That skirt is to die for, but I immediately think what it would do to a really short person and I keep telling myself I could never pull that off. You, however, are rocking it. Damn you.

  4. I can't really comment towards the game part because I'm that annoy person in the first person shooters who just spins around in circles and dies before they get five feet. (Probably because Mario cart is still my favorite game. If I don't have a little cart to zoom around in a technicolored world and shoot little turtles at people, I'm useless.) I DO really like your homemade crop top, that is just awesome! I love it being a turtleneck and all proper until the middle, it makes this long skirt and top combo really stylish and sassy. And your pink hair, man, it just gets prettier and prettier looking! You are having the best grow out in the history of mankind.

  5. You already know how fabulous I think that skirt is. 😉 This is a great outfit. It screams 'Keit'. 😀 <3 On the game front, omg woman that is hot. I wish I was still into first/third person shooters, but I really suck at them now. Last game like that I played was D&D Online back in 2009. Heh. I'm all about turn-based nerdy fantasy games like Heroes of Might and Magic VI. <3 I love that you're a gamer, though. You sooo don't look like it. Haha.

    – Anna

  6. When it comes to video games, I'm utterly hopeless – it took me seven years to make it through the first level of the original Super Mario Brothers game. No joke.

    I love the look of your cropped top and long skirt. And I can't believe how beautifully your hair is growing out, it's almost unfair 🙂

  7. I am ridiculously bad at videogames and I never play so I can't really give you an opinion hehe–
    On the other hand I can give you an opinion on that cropped shirt: it's awesome!!

    Your hair is so long now! I'm amazed at how fast it grows (and at how fast time goes by…)


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