DIY Vintage oversized shorts aka The pants that make you look like you crapped yourself


These are the kind of pants no man would want to take off and the kind that makes my boyfriend exclaim: “What the hell is wrong with this world?” 

But from the first time I saw them, it was squishy pink love. The ones I can afford are on Ebay and because Bulgaria has such a strict customs policy, whose mere purpose of existence is to scream in your face: “Fuck you, ok? Fuck you!” I decided to make those crap shorts myself. 


And Voala! Easy as breaking your promise for visiting grandma.

I haven’t been so creative since the time I cut out a paper heart and stuck it on a weirdly shaped box, with the statement: “Sorry for giving you such a shitty present”.

Fashiony part: DIY oversized shorts, cropped sweater- second hand, belt- vintage.

BTW, I was chosen to be one of the top skirt bloggers for May on (brag, brag) So very happy! ^_^  You can check out the link here.

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22 thoughts on “DIY Vintage oversized shorts aka The pants that make you look like you crapped yourself”

  1. How the heck is it that you can just cuff them like that and they look suddenly awesome? Girl, you've got the magic touch~ oversized pants are rad, maybe I should try them out! They look comfy as heck.

  2. Напоследък много искам къси панталонки, но да не са опнати по краката ми,а широки. Странно е за сега не съм попадала във вторите употреби на подобни или сама аз не търся на правилното място :/

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