DIY ombre denim jacket

This is what I’m doing with my Saturdays now. A lot of beer drinking and “creativity”, seasoned with a fuckton of cleaning afterwards. Boyfriend made this shot laughing, because apparently I looked like a fly trying to wash it’s little hands….maybe it’s the glasses…
I must be getting old, because baking under the sun, while soaking a 2 pounds jacket in a sleazy basin seems like a better idea than going out to see “The Great Gatsby”. 
The book was boring, so were the characters, but I would have endured all this in the name of Leo Dicaprio’s pecks in a tight white sweater…ahm. The tight white sweater is fine, except it’s in 3D, and I feel 3D nowadays is just a poor excuse to get more money from the public, while pretending that the movie’s subtitles aren’t the only ones in freakin 3D. Anyways, back to fashion..

I bet you remember this jacket from this post. I wanted to make it half pink so I bought dye, watched a whole lot of youtube videos and then did this shit my way and stained our balcony with pink spots.

For those of you who like the result and are interested in a tutorial here are the steps.

1. Drink beer. Everything is easier when there’s beer involved.

2. Boil water, pour it in a bucket or basin, pour 300 grams of salt (it helps absorb the color) then the dye (use gloves), mix it all up. (I used the most cheap ass dye in the WORLD and it did the job pretty well)
3.  Moisten the jacket where you want the dye to be, so it will absorb it evenly.
4. Soak the jacket, while constantly lifting it up and down if you want to achieve this slightly dissolving pink shade. You need to do that for at least half an hour. If you want a saturated color from top to bottom, leave it to soak for an hour.
5. Carefully (not like me) lift the jacket and rinse it with water until it stops dripping dye. Put on to dry.

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22 thoughts on “DIY ombre denim jacket”

  1. Ha! Above all I agree with you on step 1 of your tutorial. 🙂
    This jacket is amazing, I NEED to make one on my own, maybe with some red color! =^.^=

    Xx, Sara.

  2. Oh my gosh, this is so cool!! The jacket really looks great and I love the oversized feel of it too. There are a couple things I'd like to dye but didn't have a place for it at our apartment, maybe I should try now that we've moved! Also, I totally agree about the 3-D thing. I always opt for the non 3-D version if they offer both. I get a headache in the 3-D movies!

  3. Браво, Кейт! Готино се е получило.

    Йее, не само аз мисля, че 3D киното е so overrated. И загуба на пари.

  4. You really have a knack for turning things pink – first your hair, and now this amazing jacket. My apartment is all white, so I won't be trying this anytime soon myself, but I love the results 🙂

  5. Holy shit! Those colors really pop! Great job, dude! I've never worn a denim jacket in MY LIFE. I dunno. Being from Texas originally, you get burnt out on that look. Haha. I'm JUST now getting into overalls and denim rompers. It's been a slow process. However, this post makes me want to jack up some thrifted jeans jacket and strut my stuff! 😀

    P.S. – I love seeing you in your socks and sandals. :P~ ~ ~ ~ <3

    – Anna

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