DIY: Handmade Christmas Cards

DIY for people with no talent:

   Handmade Christmas Cards!

So, I’ve been making Christmas cards lately, cause I’m too cheap to buy actual presents for my friends. I figured, while I do these little fuckers, I might as well show a tutorial for everyone who suck at handmade stuff like I do. This tutorial is especially for left-handed people, I know you have a hard time with scissors, bless your souls! I feel your pain! 
I’ll show you how to make these two particular cards. I call the first one “The tacky one” & the second one “The Failed Experiment”.
What you will need: 
  1. Colored & white cardboard or paper for the cards.
  2. Ribbons or textile for decoration.
  3. Buttons/Gems or some other decorative crap.
  4. Motherfucking scissor!
  5. GLITTER! *_* 
  6. More ribbons!
  7. Glue.
The Failed Experiment
Step one: 
Cut the colored cardboard in the shape you want your card to be in. I stuck with the classic, boring rectangle. Cut another smaller rectangle (preferably white) to glue on top and use as canvas. 

Step two:
Draw the gingerbread man and carefully cut it. I can’t draw to save my cat’s life, so I used a google image for reference here.

Step three:
Decorate the gingerbread however you wish. I used white paper for the glaze and red for the button hearts.  

Step four: 
Use your ribbons to capture the innocent gingerbread man into a prison of textile! And you’re done!

The Tacky One
Step One: same as the previous.
Step Two: 
Use colored paper or cardboard and cut the shape you want your presents to be in. Square is good! 

Step three:
Use ribbons to tie around the presents, make little bows and glue them on top. You can place buttons or gems on top, for a tacky Holiday spirit. 

Step Four: 
If you hate blank space like I do, decorate the hell out of it!!! I used gems here, but you can get creative and use buttons, pine branches, wood. 
Step Five: 
Glue the presents neat and tightly together. If you’re feeling adventurous you can also put a fuckton of glitter and voila!
Have you guys ventured into the handmade crafts lately? What are your plans for the Holidays?  
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18 thoughts on “DIY: Handmade Christmas Cards”

  1. Haha these are so fun- and i definitely laughed out loud over your enthusiasm for GLITTER! I'd love to get one of these from my friends- it's adorable to imagine you sitting at home and crafting for me 🙂 The gingerbread one is my favorite.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  2. Dude these are sick. Like I would LOVE receiving one of these. Handmade Christmas cards are THE. BEST. No matter how tacky or whatever they look, because they're handmade and unique and speeeeecial. I'd keep it fer life fer sure.

    Love and miss ya, babe!

  3. what matters the most here is the fact you made those thingies with your own hands. it's easy to go to a store and buy the cards but those cards aren't as unique, they don't have that Keit-spirit in them 😉 so, honestly, thumbs up for doing stuff like that. I'm only thinking about it but still not doing (too tired after work I guess 🙁 thank God Christmas means work-free days because otherwise I would probably go nuts. oh, and I also wanted to add your galaxy tote and new hair are awesome!

    Part of me

  4. Ha ha, I love that this is a DIY for people with no talent but the cards came out looking adorable. I can barely wrap presents, never mind cut anything that is shaped like a gingerbread man. Or draw anything shaped like one, for that matter! I also haven't sent a single Christmas card this year – way too lazy. Ah well 😉

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