DIY denim jacket with studs

Weird, this week I woke up with the feeling of doing something productive…. shocker! As you already know, I’m a fan of procrastinations, but I guess today the Moon was in the appropriate position and activated my, as you humans call it, passion. As a result I present  you a crappy DIY.
I’ve always wanted to own a denim jacket with studs, but pressed by financial misfortunes and unwillingness to find a cheaper version, I never made my dream come true (sniff). You may recognize this pretty denim jacket  from the previous post, or you may not, either way, I studed the crap out of it!
Couldn’t find the typical studs for clothes though, so I got studs with screws and stole more from a bracelet. It was hell! You have to keep in mind I’m a girl who rarely uses her hands for activities different then handling a fork or typing “glitter” in google. I wasted a good 1 hour of work, with the occasional sips of beer. So, apart from the annoyance of how hard and slow the process is, I’m satisfied. I keep wondering though, is it easier and cheaper to just buy it -_- Oh well, it’s the thought that counts 😀
Because of the lack of decent instruments, I used a cork opener (oh the shame) and made the holes bigger when needed, with the help of a scissor (genius). It’s best for you guys to put a little mark where you want the stud to be, so you don’t get confused like I did and end up making a curve instead of a straight line. 

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48 thoughts on “DIY denim jacket with studs”

  1. Хехе, браво – готино е станало! В бъдеще ако ти трябват пирамидки да знаеш, че имам от един стар колан 🙂 Последната снимка е трепач!

  2. Изглеждаш страхотно! Много ми харесват тези цветове и как се е получило якето 🙂 Според мен лично, прическата ти е най-хубавият ти аксесоар 🙂
    Не знам дали ще те заинтересува, но давам първия си Giviaway и искам да те поканя да участваш 🙂

  3. Yay for waking up and wanting to be productive, yeah! Even though you seemed to face some troubles, your jacket turned out AMAZING. Seriously, I love it, and even love more that you did it in a non-conventional way, lol. 😉 haha, I studded some booties with my hands and these pokey studs that gave my fingers a few bruises and cuts… as totally worth it though!

  4. Oh thanks!:) I follow you too:)
    I started write my post in english, not only in polish. I hope it'll help understand my post;) But my english is not perfect:)

  5. Ooooh, I love the spikes along the shoulder of the jacket, they're like teeth! (Wow, I am an idiot at night.) I do like the slightly non-uniform look of the studs along the shoulder, it has a lot of personally and really intrigues me. You did a good job of keeping the studs in check, I'd be like a bedazzling moron with those things, "MORE! WE must have MORE!"

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