Diaries of a bus stop creepy guy + combat boots in action

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 Aaaah, public transportation, how I envy you. I envy your Christmas tree shaped deodorant, I envy your driver’s ability to spit 4 different shades of saliva and his vast knowledge on the Universe and China’s economy, I envy your disassembled uncomfortable torture chairs. But most of all, I envy your bus stops.
What is it about bus stops that make me renounce my faith in humanity forever?
How many people have had a disturbing creep attached to them, while waiting for the bus? Raise your hand. Maybe you have cars, well too bad for you, because you are missing on all the fun. 
It’s a party out there, freezing ass near the bus stop, a blizzard raping your face, a crow flying above you, waiting for your body to collapse from the cold. And just when you thought things can’t get any worse, the creep enters the picture. There are all sorts of creeps out there, but my favorite ones are the “what’s your time pretty ladyyyy-iiieeee?” 
“What’s your time creeps” are always on the move for normal humans, who are dumb enough, to tell them what the time is. When you do, brace yourself. Giving someone the time is a normal human helpfulness according to you, but for the creep, it opens a whole new door of possibilities. It gives him opportunities for stalking, sharing his life story with you, even trying to give you a handmade giraffe made of recycled paper, while you run the fuck away for your life.
Whoever said “be nice to thy neighbor” obviously never met the “what’s your time creep”. 

Fashiony part: There are a lot more creeps to share about, but I’m not getting into that, don’t want to bore you with  another long post.  Plus, I’m every excited to share with you, another nowistyle outfit.
I’ve discovered, I have an issue with stairs. Whenever I see cold, dirty stairs I wanna lay my butt on them, because I think they look grunge. Do they? I really can’t say…

Gray top- nowistyle, leather shorts- random store, booties- Steel, hat- H&M, leather bag-second hand

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46 thoughts on “Diaries of a bus stop creepy guy + combat boots in action”

  1. I've never seen anything like your tights – love the leaves on them. Where d'you get them? Gorgeous boots too.

    I don't think I've ever met any creeps on public transport. Though once some old ladies were talking about my boots, saying stuff like "my son used to wear those Doc Martens". I sat there like O.O

    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

  2. haha 😀 Great text. I totally get what you mean…. just the other day an old bus-stop-creep also couldnt stop talking to me… so I wrote a friend to call me so that I can act busy lol

    And this is a great, chill outfit 🙂

  3. Stairs are grungyyy, yup. Boots, tights, top and your hair = awesome!

    Most of the time I have my headphones on and/or I read a book so noone dares to talk to me. However, let's not forget about those internet creeps… 😀

  4. Oh no!! Not creepy guys at bus stops. That sounds awful. Though I am curious about this paper giraffe…. hahaha what even?

    Stairs are totally grunge. Stairs are totally all Keit. I really want to get an awesome tights/boots/socks combo in before winter is out, because you always rock that so well!

  5. those tights are so cool! I want them! 😀 and your shorts are awesome too.
    when it comes to creepy guys and bus stops then I can't remember too much about the days when I used bus stops.. that was way too many years ago. but I do remember that some homeless guys smelled inside the buses and it was crazy disgusting!!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  6. I am so happy that I don't have to ride the bus anymore, I always hated the creeps that would get off the bus and follow me around. Those dudes hands down were the worse, I had to walk to work about two miles from my bus stop, through the woods and I always worried they were going to follow me and leave my dead body buried under a bush or something. Blah, creeps. 😛

    You are so brave for wearing tights and shorts at this time of year! You've got to be the most awesomely stylish chick ever, the big sweater over the shorts just peeking out with your killer boots is just such a cool look.

  7. Hemmm public transport? Well,luckily I never dealed with that creep guys! it's fun but must be exhausting if they're really disturbing
    By the way didn't I say that you're so cute with your style(and your pixie hair, I just like it!)

  8. Haha! I used to take public transport before, but there are a lot of creepy people about! That think just because you're standing there, you're free to a conversation! Safe to say I walk everywhere now, I look like I'm in a hurry so no one talks!
    Love your jumper, my favourite baggy kind!

    Lana, xo

  9. Hi Dear!!! I love Your blog and Your great style! Really like to stay in touch 🙂 I'm Your new follower now, hope You will visit my blog and follow me too 🙂 xoxo

  10. Well, you already know that I think this outfit is rad, so I'm going to move on the creeper thing. Hehe. I detest public transit for that very reason. I like not having to drive everywhere. I bike mostly, but every now and again I have to take the bus and oh my god..like clockwork there is some crazy f*cking dude ready and waiting to harass me. It would be cute most of the time if these guys weren't so aggressive and god damned scary! I have a long history of verbal/sexual harassment from strange creeps, so I'm particularly sensitive to this. Just know that I feel your pain and I share your annoyance.

    I have to say though, if you can, just bike it! I find it easier to blaze by some creep just as he's about to say something than to be stuck on a crowded bus next to some touchy-feely freak show that doesn't know the first thing about personal space or that little itty-bitty thing called respect. I bike during the day and if I really need to, I just take a cab at night.

    Be safe! <3

    – Anna


  11. Oh yeah, it is happening to me all the time. There is always at least one creepy person at the bus stop and it is way worst when you are travelning only with him in the bus.. Anyway you look awesome! Love your hat and tights so much!

    Kisses, Lucy 🙂

  12. I believe in public transportation I just don't like all the weirdos and creeps that are in it. I have tons of bus stories. LOL
    Really like this look on you. x

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