Desperate situations call for desperate measures + “Sly” pajama pants

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I just finished watching “Attack on Titans” this week, and my life is devoid of all meaning. I’m so desperate right now, I even went as far, as watching educational programs on “Youtube” and somehow ended up watching a work
out video with Terry Crews, on how to make your back look like a cobra…..

What am I supposed to do with my meaningless life now? O_o  “You can try being productive” some people might say. Yeah right, as if being productive ever helped anyone to achieve their dreams and goals….sheesh!

Speaking of, my productivity levels reach high proportions when I’m feeling most comfortable (or drunk, whatever works).
And what’s more comfier than pajama pants like these?

As you might have guessed, this is sort of, an old outfit I wore, during a very summery warm day (back when I was happy and my life had meaning).

Look how happy I am! Don’t let this bored face fool you! Behind it, you will find a cheerful pink butterfly…
I studded this jacket a long time ago, but never really wore it, because it looked kind of weird on me. So I cut the sleeves and made it into a studded vest.

Floral Sly pants, Denim vest- DIY, cropped top- Nowistyle.

Have any of you girlies been addicted to a TV series? Which one was it?   

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20 thoughts on “Desperate situations call for desperate measures + “Sly” pajama pants”

  1. hahaha, I hear so many people (anime frans, those people you know ;D) talking about Attack on Titans. I kinda wish I had enough time to start watching it… hmm, maybe I'l keep it up next time I'm working on an art project!!

    Those pants are crazy cool. I can't get over that funky pattern!

  2. Haha, I know how it feels when you finish watching/reading an emotionally exhausting series! That's why I cut amount of them in my life ;( and moving on to the topic of the outfit – the pants are awesome and they look comfy indeed!

  3. Hehe I know exactly what you mean! I like these pyjama pants but you have worn it in such a fun way. The snowfall and the cold is scaring me three weeks away from my journey x

  4. well, I can't quite say "addicted" but I could not stop watching pointless 90210 before I had finished it 😀 and when I did I was happy because it really was stupid and the "actors" were bad and so on. anyway, Keit, I love this outfit of yours! it's just so bright and happy and reminds me of the warmer days and… you know, I just love it!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  5. Don't get me started on TV shows – I get so involved in every single one I watch, but I think the one I'm always most sad to see end each season is The Newsroom. It ends perfectly every time but I love the characters so much that I never want them to leave. And strangely enough, I too am most productive in comfortable and brightly printed pants. I think I need the ones you're wearing, although I doubt I'd wear them as well 🙂

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