Desperate hairstyles and some outfits :)

Hello, may I present to you a cup of coffee and the stupidest photo, that will lighten up your mood.

As you can see, I have no idea what to do with my hair anymore. That bitch is growing so fast I have to go once in two weeks to cut it. I am so close to creating the perfect lazy, snailish existence, and now I have to go out, to cut the one thing I though, I would never have to take care of (because it’s short damn it). Alas, short hair turned out to be quite the surprise. I never thought my hair had the power to grow so fast. After all when it was longer it started falling, didn’t even grow an inch for years, and just looked awful. Thank you hair, thank you so much for being so difficult. The sane thing to do is letting it grow, at least till I get angry enough to cut it again. Well played hair, well played….
Apart from that harsh reality of life, I wanted to show you an outfit with my beloved sneakers. Yesterday we had an earthquake again, guess what I took with me to safety, yup, you guessed it- THE sneakers (observe how I emphasized on the THE).
 H&M t-shirt from second hand and a long, pencil dress with a side cut, yet again from second hand. Bracelet- boyfriend (he doesn’t wear it so it automatically becomes mine!).
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53 thoughts on “Desperate hairstyles and some outfits :)”

  1. Boyfriend has no voice in here! The colour of the wall is awesome! 😀 When I move again (gonna be next year I´m gonna paint at least one of my living room walls like this (compared with turquoise :)).
    And I love the second outfit, the top suits you perfectly.

  2. Ха, нищо й няма на стената 😉

    И двете аутфит-чета са много готини, едни такива нестандартни (me lieks!) Hurray for boyfriend bracelets!

  3. Много готини кецове, страшно ми харесват! Стилът ти е страхотен, радвам се, че попаднах на блога ти! 🙂

  4. Your boyfriend has a great sense of style or you just look good in anything you put on!! Absolutely love the bracelet and THE sneakers!!!! And your first photo actually make me laugh because I think you look so cute!!!!! Have a awesome day Keit 🙂


  5. I especially like the second look. Love the side slit on the red dress. Great sneakers too. I don't see anything wrong with the red wall.

  6. Хаха, и аз бих спасила някой ценен чифт обувки при случай на катаклизъм 🙂 А червената стена е супер, не го слушай гаджето 🙂 (и не му казвай, че съм казала това, ха) Първият аутфит е стра-хо-тен! Роклята ти стои перфектно. И вторият е супер, но аз съм повече по цветовете. 🙂

    П.С. Абе ти имаш много добър английски!

  7. I love the mix of your leather tank, the gray skirt and those sneakers, it looks SO comfy! That's really crazy about all of the earthquakes you've been having lately, those big ones are really scary! (The tiny ones are just kinda fun, but I'm strange like that.) Are earthquakes pretty normal for you over there?

    And on a silly note, I like the hair! (Short hair is so fun! I loved it when mine was that short, it gives such a fun twist to your style.)

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  9. I will take the coffee then! =D I like your leather top and dress!

    I see that your followers are increasing and I'm so happy for you! =D You really deserve it =)

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