Denim Shorts from “6ks” and an Irrelevant Rant

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“Man of Steel” sucks!!!!

Why does this movie even exist!? It’s so confusing and choke-full of cliches, and Superman looks like a creepy weirdo with greasy hair and a psychotic expression. WHyyyyyyyyy? Why did Russel Crowe’s hologram seem self aware and emotional? Why was general Zod more cool and charismatic than the stupid main characters? Why am I even writing this? I HAVE NO IDEA! I had to get it off my chest or I would have fallen into an epileptic shock…I usually love watching dumb movies, but this was borderline retarded! 

Fashiony part:

Whoa, who is this sexy piece of flesh? Why me of course! Theeee-hee! Look at those shining white legs, just like cream cheese! Don’t you just want to slap them on a piece of toast!
This outfit is an oldie I wore for a beer walk around the park. It was scorching hot so I stayed away from too much cloth. The floral printed denim shorts are from “6ks“. You can see my first post about them here, if you missed it!

These denim cut outs are probably the first shorts that fit me. Most of the time shorts are either too huge, too tight, or too short and show your ass. I’m not ashamed of my ass, but I’d rather keep the sight of it for myself and special ones in my life, aka my cats!

The styling here is pretty simple, so I’m not going into boring details. I like the subtle floral print and how it plays off with the aztec. The vintage bag was mom’s??? I can’t remember…And you already know my favorite ankle booties!

Floral printed denim shorts- c/o 6ks, Aztec top- Choies, Camel Boots- Stradivarius.
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20 thoughts on “Denim Shorts from “6ks” and an Irrelevant Rant”

  1. I love the shorts and the whole have such brightest outfits and photos and posts…
    "Why did Russel Crowe's hologram seem self aware and emotional?" was so goddamn funny!

  2. This is cute! I miss being able to wear cute things like this. It looks a bit silly on me now. Damn getting older. Those shorts are a really nice style and fit. They look cute and sexy without showing too much. And you know how much I love those boots!

  3. yeaaa i didn't really like the movie either, though i thought the actor was hothothot. and i really like the pattern play here- i feel like it shouldn't work but it some how does. it's just so fun and summery! cute as usual 🙂 🙂

    xo marlen
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  4. Oh man, I didn't even give Man of Steel a chance at all! I already knew that the movie was going to be horrible and boring lol. Really great look! I love the boots, I can see why they're your favorite. The shorts works really well with the aztec print. Really great outfit!

    I'm just followed you via GFC and Bloglovin'! Can't wait to see future outfit posts and rants lol ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

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