Denim shirt, Neon Beanie and Black Friday

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I just finished watching “South Park” and I haz a question! Is it always that bad on Black Friday? 😀 
We’ve never had a Black Friday here, but we do have big discounts in the Malls and pretty much every living thing out there is trying to fight its way through the crowd of mindless zombi…I mean women…
Does your country have Black Friday? How is it? Do you venture on an adventure there, or would you rather stay the  fuck away from it and relax at  home with a glass of wine? 

Fashiony part: Darn, sorry for the old photos! It’s snowing right now, but these photos were  taken a week ago and it was sunny back then! 
I got a new purple lipstick color, which isn’t as purple as I’d hoped… Shocking! I have a problem with nail polishes too. If someone knows a nail polish that would withstand a furious everyday wash of the dishes, give me a call! I’m desperate!

Neon beanie- Nowistyle, Dollman blouse- Nowistyle, Distressed denim button down- Moussy

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25 thoughts on “Denim shirt, Neon Beanie and Black Friday”

  1. Nothing at all happens here on black friday, not even sales D: !
    I have a similar colored lipstick and the same story behind it, it was supposed to be purple but it wasn't that much. Anyway, it looks good on you! [Black thick permanent marker works great as a nail polish, but not sure if it's healthy?!]
    You look lovely. Your neon yellow beanie is my fave <3
    x, Lara

  2. Such a lovely outfit, grunge and so different from all the other bloggers as usual ♥ I love the mix of colours, the tights and the boots! As for the crazy shopping part, we don't have Black Friday in Poland (duh!) but we've got that long May weekend, 1st to 3rd. All the shops are closed then, except for May 2nd so it's kinda dangerous to go shopping that day. There are crazy crowds of people even in Ikea. There's that running joke that "People must've run out of furniture during the long weekend", haha!

  3. So many awesome colors!! Black Friday is definitely a crazy experience, it's always very chaotic with people running and fighting over items. It can be fun though!

  4. Keit, I live in the USA and tomorrow is a National Holiday (Thanksgiving). Most people have Friday off from work for a long weekend, so they are able to shop on this day. That is how Black Friday started. On Thursday night/Friday early morning they stand in line to be first into the stores when they open to get the best deals. It IS truly crazy. I wait for cyber Monday and shop online.
    I love your blog and your look. The red dress you bought for Halloween is fantasic. You always look great.

  5. In the US, Black Friday is just as crazy as South Park describes. Someone gets trample to death in a Wal-Mart almost every year. In Canada it's not so bad, Black Friday is still new here but it gets crazier every year. Mind you, if I could find a pair of boots are fabulous are yours in a sale, I might be willing to go out for it 🙂

  6. when it comes to nails and nail polishes I would kindly recommend rubber gloves for you 😉 believe me, your hands will thank you for that. my fiance doesn't use gloves and Fairy just destroys his hands, creates iching and so on. it's poison! oh and no black fridays over here.. which is good because I wouldn't go anyway.
    when it comes to your outfit it's so colourful and summery and I love it! burgundy looks divine! and your beanie is awesome!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  7. I'd rather stay the fuck away from black friday and have some wine, yes please!'s insane…I'm not much of a shopaholic anyway..I only buy stuff when I really need them.. so…those sales and specials don't exactly appeal to me..and I remember I went once when I was junior high or something and it's a mess…lots and lots and lost of people…I'm not a big fan of that either haha…anyway cool look..loving the beanie!

  8. I only heard of Black Friday when I started logging. Nothing like it here. Love your purple lipstick, suits you. Your outfit too is great. Ooh, about nail polished i'd greatly love to find one that stays on the nails forever

  9. I'm all about shopping on the couch with my laptop in my underwear and oversized tee…I MIGHT put pants on if there's a draft. Haha. I can't take crowds. They make me angry and claustrophobic. People can be so inconsiderate and selfish at a time of the year when they are supposed to be altruistic and humble. In order to maintain my sanity (and faith in humanity), I think it best to distance myself from them! ;P

    I wish I could wear a shirt dress with tights. I'm too freakin' tall! Arg! >_< I really don't think it gets any comfier than that though. You look great! The jeans jacket is perfect with this look! <3

    – Anna

  10. Honestly, the Black Friday drives me crazy and not because of the sales but because of that mayham that starts! I've seen videoclips where people literally run in hurds to get to one item, they push and hit others and for what- for a freakin cheap dress or TV? 0.o Of course discounts are nice but I prefer shopping calmly without thousands of people pushing around 😀 Not really my thing. When they opened H&M in Estonia, everybody were as crazy as on the Black Friday and there were SO many people pushing around … I just got the hell out of there 😀 craaazyyy!



  11. You know, I always hear horror stories about Black Friday, but I never really go out on Black Friday myself… I'm sure it's not thaaat awful. Just really crowded, really busy, lots of shoppers errywhere… and tons o' traffic. I went out to get lunch and cash a check and the lunch place was less busy than usual (yay for me! quicker food service!) and the bank wasn't busy at all. I guess it's just the stores!

    Those tights are mad cool and I want them snazzy tights, Keit!

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