Denim shirt combinations


The thing I love about denim shirts is that you can turn them into almost every part of clothing you wish. They can be jackets, t-shirts with short sleeves, stylish neck piece, sexy tops. They are multifunctional. I figured out a few denim shirt combinations that everybody could do. I must admit they aren’t something special, or hallelujah I found the hot water, it’s  just experimenting 😀

So…If your country is cold as fuck right now, like mine, the best choice would be denim under ..duh..sweater.You can put almost anything over it ,  just make sure your shirt is thin enough, because sometimes if it’s not, it folds the sweater over and makes you look like pumpkin.

You can also try a more androgenic,sporty look,with a hoodie and fold up sleeves. I didn’t have a colorful hoodie,so I used this blue one from Zara,so it kind of lost its charm.

The most classic style with denim shirts is probably with the good old cardigan. It’s okay with both small and over sized cardie.It look just as good as buttoned and unbuttoned.

 Another, super effective style for cold weather is a
combination of leather skirts or shorts   + thighs. I prefer leather, because if you use short jeans the color of the shirt kind of mixes with the shorts and you look more like a big, blue blob. I love using colors that pop out.
Sorry about the tights, too lazy to put them on. 

This kind of look as you  can see is kind of boring, so it’s more suitable for university or work. You might want to put a necklace or bracelet to add a little spice.

The fourth style for autumn-winter is a maxi, striped skirt, and folded over shirt. I think it looks a bit Latino. You can also try it with doted skirt,but stripes really make the blue pop.

Enough with  the shitty winter…I’m getting cold just by looking these photos.. Here are the styles for spring-summer.

First , if you are a sexy,  hot piece of cheese, just like Johny Bravo likes them, the fold up shirt, with fold up sleeves and sexy pants work really great, although on a skinnier body. You can use whatever pants you wish, white, black, red.

But again…NO BLUE, or at least use a darker shade of blue.
 Accessorize as you wish. Use a tiny or big belt, your choice. I think this style looks great with both high heels or flats.  I wouldn’t put sneakers thought ,because you would look like a star from a Latino dance movie. Too much 90’s I suppose.

  If it’s a freakin hot day, like most of mine during summer, and you’d be melting like a squished candle, you can become a very sexy candle just by replacing pants with a skirt.
The best styling, for me, would be with an electric colored skirt. I used an orange one from Bershka, that is just a little high wasted, so I won’t show so much stomach. You can add all sorts of accessories, they work pretty much the same. I love floral prints for denims, so I slapped around a flower bag from Mango.

 If you get cold, or you don’t want to look like a sexy candle, just a stylish candle, you can always tuck in your shirt.

The denim shirt is also a great way to spice up your summer  dress. Just use it as a jacket for a cold , summer night, or fold it again, to make it look like a two parts dress.

That’s it for today. Hope someone will find it useful 🙂

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