Denim Sheinside dress for a hot and moist (inapropriate choice of words) ….wait for it…weather!

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So I was going to the post office the other day, to get this denim beauty from Sheinside. And I was so excited and materialistically content that I kept thinking throughout the whole way “Man, it would totally suck If I die today”.  
Have you ever experienced this feeling? You really don’t want to die this day in particular, but any other day is fine. Dying is even welcomed if I’m going to a job interview, or to Univeristy, or if I have to deal with bureaucracy. Yeah it would still suck, but not as much if I get hit by a bus, while on the way to get my perttye dress!  My brain is officially loco!
Damaged brain aside, this dress is probably the best thing that has happened to me this month, alongside with that time I ate two bags of Doritos with salsa dip and didn’t feel sick afterwards..
I’ve wanted a denim dress for a long time and this one is a winner with its open back and pearl encrusted collar. It’s a little short for my sexy long sexy sex legs, but I’m wearing it with shorts, sorry to disappoint all the creepy guys out there. 
Dress- Sheinside, plaid shirt- Cichic, leather bag- vintage.

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21 thoughts on “Denim Sheinside dress for a hot and moist (inapropriate choice of words) ….wait for it…weather!”

  1. hahaha I wear shorts with short dresses and tell people that it's a top, not a dress if ever they do bother to point it out. I think about dying a lot actually. My dad had his motorcycle fixed earlier coz I said I wanted to learn driving it, but at the back of my mind, I was thinking how I actually might die while learning how to drive. And I'm actually ok with the idea. sheesh

  2. bahahaha, I like how you apologized to the creepy old men, and also how you are aware of your sexy sexy long sex legs of sexiness. IF YOU GOT IT FLAUNT IT~

    I am glad that your dress makes you happy as a polar bear when he catches a fish (or maybe even happier than that?? like if the polar bear caught THREE FISH?!?!) because it is so so cool! I love that bodice and the studs and the cutouts and yeah, that is seriously one rad dress.

  3. Ахах заглавието на поста… xD В тази жега ще е учудващо ако мозъкът ти не се побърка (my brain goes loco sounds so much better xD). Много ми харесват детайлите в горната част на роклята и яката =))

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