Denim Pinafore Dress

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So, I started playing Mass Effect 3 again, which is a bad thing, because I can’t do anything else. I forget to shower, eating is regarded as a handicap because it takes too much time and errands are squished into a big chunky square with a title “Obligations Adults Do”, which is then thrown in the dumpster. Despite this pleasant presentation, I seriously suggest trying out these games! Mass Effect is probably the best life altering experience I’ve had, if we exclude that time I realized, that alcohol makes people interesting!

Denim Pinafore Dress

Outfit of the day is probably my best attempt at battling the wind. I hate wind! It lifts my skirt and makes my hair look like a possessed mop!
I chose this denim pinafore and white t-shirt ensemble for our next collab with Sammydress. I’ve been obsessed with denim dresses and overalls lately. They remind me of that 90’s girly song “Torn”, don’t know exactly why, she’s not even wearing overalls there. But it’s so 90’s! 
I wanted to style the denim pinafore dress a little bit more casual, to accent on my lethargic mood. So I threw in the huge cap, huge bag and boots mix, for that maximum comfort and laziness. 

Denim Pinafore Dress
Denim Pinafore Dress
That’s it for today! I have to go save the Galaxy, so I’ll be leaving you with this 90’s cheesy song for now: 

Denim Pinafore Dress
Denim Pinafore Dress- Sammydress, Black patent Boots- Thrifted, Bag- Nowistyle.
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20 thoughts on “Denim Pinafore Dress”

  1. Aaaaand now I'm going to have "Torn" stuck in my head all day. Thank you for that! And this outfit is everything that's amazing about the 90's- from the pinafore, to the hat, to the boots. Wanna come over and dress me? Because I'd be so down. THIS IS AMAZING.

    Also, I'm the same way when I play Simms. God, I'm lame, haha.

    xo marlen
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  2. The wind can be such a pervert, can't it? Lifting up our skirts and usually in the most inconvenient of places, too. That dress has such a neat texture and pattern. The lil holes in it are especially strange and cool. 😀

  3. I love this outfit! Are we surprised? NO. When do I not love any of your outfits. Maybe this one is LOVE! I absolutely trust you to save the galaxy and thank you for all your efforts to do so. I can now laze about and drink my coffee and not worry because Keit is saving the galaxy.

  4. Ah, yes that darn wind always giving everyone a peep show! That's why leggings are a smart investment 🙂 I love this dress! The sort of faded blue and white of the dress is an interesting detail, and I love the pops of color in your necklace and bag.
    My husband plays games, I've heard him talk about Mass Effect but I don't think he's played it yet. I believe it is on his list. I keep bugging him to buy more two player games so I can actually play with him!

  5. I've seen a lot of the denim pinafores but I think this is the prettiest one, I love the design and how it's not typical denim-y. And wooow, Mass Effect, that's a dangerous game! (Almost as dangerous as that wind – ugh.) I think this is one of my very favorite of your outfits, the cap with the pretty pinafore and then the boots is just so nonchalantly adorable and tomboyish cool.
    Thank as well for you sweet words last month and then again yesterday, you are such a sweet lady and I know I'm late in saying it but my condolences on your grandmother passing, I'm really sorry to hear about that. I hope all is going well with you and your family right now.

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