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A few days ago I went to the Mall…..yeah that’s how all the most epic stories begin. In fact I bet you Sauron from Lord of the Rings actually started the invasion over distant lands, because of all those overpriced Malls we have. It just ain’t right. 
I’ve said it before, so most of you already know I try to steer away from Malls like you steer your boat away from a shark that is a bit too friendly for a homicidal maniac. I’m not a fan of Starbucks where you get a coffee with sprinkles from a unicorn saliva for 6 bucks, while people are breathing down your neck cause there is no space between the tables. I don’t like the despair and hunger in people’s eyes in Malls either. It’s like you are been engulfed by a hoard of fashionably dressed zombies.

Regardless of this, I also happen to visit Malls from time to time just so I can complain about the prices and ruin everyone’s happy time there. So, a few days ago, (few days after my paycheck), I dragged my consumerist butt to one of our dreadful Malls and scavenged through the sales. In the middle of my scavenger hunt, an alarm went on and a female voice announced that there was a fire. 
I thought that they were going to evacuate the building, so I entered Bershka’s store with the hope that no one will see me and I will be able to look around at some goodies before they evacuate us or before I burn to death.
Here I have to mention that my instinct for survival is so low, that one time I jumped in the sea from a tall tourist ship, and ended up in the middle of nowhere with the capacity to swim barely reaching level: “Acceptable if you’re a 2 year old”.
And so, while the few ounces of survival instinct in me were trying to battle my consumerism, I saw this gorgeous denim jacket with yellow fur trim and immediately ran over and proclaimed it mine. 

It had a 50% discount, come oooon!!!! The size I bought is XS and it is still baggy and slouchy, just the way I like it.

The shocking thing is after I bought it and got out of the store it was full with people who didn’t give a damn about the fire too. Don’t you people want to liiiiiiiiive? What’s wrong with you! 

Anyways, I wore this on a bright sunny day which I spent trapped in the office. I absolutely adore pink and red combinations so I styled the jacket with a pink knit sweater and pink beanie from Remix and the red patent skirt I mentioned in my previous post. I seriously have second doubts about the hat, since generic sayings on clothes is one of the reasons I have a high blood pressure, but life is life, the word love is splattered on my beanie in the most unoriginal way and I kind of like it.

 Red Patent Skirt – Asos (similar here) Denim Jacket with Fur Trim – Bershka, Knit Sweater and Beanie – Remix.
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7 thoughts on “Denim oversized Jacket with Yellow Fur Trim from Bershka OOTD”

  1. I love it! You could wear it as a dress, no?
    I also hate hate hate Malls! And Starbucks can go straight to hell. Never bought a Starbucks, never will. Well at least not until they pay the proper corporate tax & proper wages & stop screwing their workers with zero hours contracts whilst they make gazillions in profit. End rant 😉

  2. I'm not a fan of Malls either. I don't like how they make everyone dress (and perhaps even act?) the same,and I think there is something darn depressive about the fact that people are so uninspired they think that going out to a mall equals going out (o.k maybe technically it does, I mean one does leave the house but you know what I mean). 9 times out of 10, when I go to the mall it is either to pay the bills or to eat in a restaurant (there is this amazing restaurant in mepas mall in Mostar, I eat there pretty often). So, I get where you are going with this….but sometimes it is nice to do it anyway and see what the stores have to offer. This denim oversized jacket (can it also be called a denim coat) is absolutely gorgeous. I love the pink accents in this look as well–adorable beanie & sneakers combo.

    Hm, I don't think we even have Starbucks here, but even if we did I would never drink something that has as many calories as those drinks, it's just insane, I don't have any idea what they put in there, but it can't be good. Besides, I only believe in two kinds of coffee: Italian espresso & Turkish coffee.

  3. I probably go to the mall maybe once a year, I find it to be a pretty exhausting experience. But it's sometimes fun to just sit back and watch all the crazy mall shoppers. That's so crazy about the fire! Glad you made it out and with a pretty awesome jacket.

  4. Wow, I'm glad you survived the apocalypse in the Mall. I'd hate it if you perished! When I go to the Mall, I usually run to the toilet. But, but but, I make sure to go to the furthest toilet available. Why you may (not) ask? It's because the zombie shoppers will often target the nearest toilets and they become the vilest places on earth. Something about Malls is just uninviting to me but my fave spots in a Mall if I have to be there is the Bookstore. Time flies there, kind of like when I'm here, reading you. You are so hilarious and I am blessed. Thanks Keit. I love the vibe of your outfit and your smile. 🙂 x

  5. Generic sayings on clothes is one of the reasons I have high blood pressure – I laughed out loud when I read that, and I couldn't agree more.

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