Denim Overalls with a Cleopatra Necklace and Embellished tan top

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Soooo, I’ve been away for a whole week huh? How the hell did that happen? I have to stop drinking so much beer…Sorry guys, I unintentionally deprived you of my holy presence, but this is the last time that’s going to happen. The apartment is ready and I’m back to my regular internet injection doze! Yay! Sorry I’ve been talking about it nonstop but I never really had a home that I actually liked. All my previous homes were either a cockroach infested student dorm or my mom and dad’s home where everything was decorated with weird crochet cloths. Do you guys like the place you currently live in? 

Sooo, let’s talk clothes shall we? I’ve been so busy being an adult and choosing ugly curtains I forgot how to internet…
The weather decided to stop being a sadistic medieval torture device and we got plenty of sunshine this week, hence my bare shoulders and huge window glasses. 

There are no new items here except for my awesome Cleopatra necklace which apparently nobody likes. Boyfriend gave it a nasty look and mom and sister fell into hysterical laughter after seeing it. I’m curious, what do my fellow fashion bloggers think? Be honest, or my cats will be very very sad you lied!
I don’t know why I keep getting attracted to everything that is ugly. Ugly clothes, ugly necklaces, ugly men with weird square jaws, the list goes on! 

I decided to style my new necklace with the embellished tan top you saw in my How to Wear post. The top works as a piece of clothing, as well as an accessory, thanks to the embellished details, but I really liked how it looked with the Cleopatra necklace, so with the risk of being too tacky I added it into the mix.  

For the panties I chose my denim overalls so the nude of the top and baby blue denim would come together to form a lovely gradient. Man, I sound so professional, I’m talking gradients and stuff, somebody acknowledge this as an achievement and give me cake!
So, what do you burritos think of this outfit? Would you usually wear something that people find absolutely horrible or would you intentionally wear it rarely or never?

Denim Overalls – Choies, Top and Necklace – Indian Point, Glasses – H&M. 

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20 thoughts on “Denim Overalls with a Cleopatra Necklace and Embellished tan top”

  1. Мен пък огърлицата ми харесва 🙂 Настоявам за пост, свързан с новия дом и интериора.. моляя 🙂

  2. Един от малкото блогове, в които чета всеки пост до края! Биг ъп, момиче! 🙂
    Колието си е много хубаво, нищо не разбират…

  3. I love the title, it brings up the best mental images! I'm so happy you have a place now that you really love, it sounds silly but decorating really is so much fun – it's cool to do your own place and have it feel very "you."
    Hah, speaking of beer and drinking, we went to a potluck this last weekend and there was sooo much beer but I ended up having to be the designated driver so all I got to drink was soda.(yay, sugar and name brand soda though!) The next morning my husband who got pretty toasted woke up with no hangover and I – the one who had zero beer- woke up with the worst headache ever. It just wasn't fair. (And that's my very exciting story, I still feel a little bitter about it.)
    I'm so happy your weather has changed for the better, doesn't that sun feel amazing?

  4. Look at all that sun…hang on a tick while I get my sunnies!
    I don't see what's wrong with that necklace. Some people have no vision.
    Bushy hates overalls, so that would be my laughed at item. I haven't ventured there yet!
    So great you have a nice place! We have a nice enough house here in Oz, but our tiny 1960s house in NZ has my heart…as well as the Heartwoods shed! 😀 Happy decorating. Don't forget to share pics. Xo Jazzy Jack

  5. Um. The place where we live is OK. It's definitely better than the state we moved from. It's nice to be surrounded by water. We've got beautiful places for camping and boating. The city we live in is really small, though. I yearn for a larger than life atmosphere. I'd love to move to Toronto or Vancouver. 😛

    Anyway, we're both wearing purple cardis, this week, dude! Holy shit! You're wearing it MUCH better than me, though. So, I mean. Hahaha. Obviously, I'm taking much inspiration from this look. Always nice to see you in overalls. You rock them like no one else. Rad sunglasses, too!

    – Anna

  6. And cardigan? Is it handmade or what? =) I love its color and as it make your lipstick glow. Interesting effect.
    I like your style, youthful ardor and boldness. For my 34 sometimes I dressed absolutely weird (it is very uplifting if you know what I mean), but sometimes I feel mood to merge with the crowd. Matter of mood I think.

  7. I have a not-so-secret at all love for denim overalls. I have a denim overall-style miniskirt that I wore in my high school senior pics, and yep, I still have it and still wear it. I love the style, and I think you're looking great! Hope you're enjoying the new place!

  8. I've never had a place I really loved, all my flats were what I could afford and now I live with my man and it's his style of house not mine. Good to hear you've got a place you love. Love the dungarees too, I really want a pair but they are never long enough 🙁

  9. First I really love the place I live in, it's not too small, not too big, I have a great roommate and there are lots of stuff around so it's pretty convenient. Second, I will definitely keep wearing something even if people around me don't like it; I actually have quite a few clothes my friends (and mum) don't particularly like, also when I dyed my hair crazy colors some were not the biggest fan of it, but they never judged me for doing it though.
    I think your necklace is beautiful! And I love your outfit 🙂

  10. I hate the place I'm currently living in.
    First thing first, It's not a safe place for fashion blogger(or people who do outdoor photoshoots) like, my phone got stolen when I was doing outdoor photoshoot, and now…I'm reaaally scared of ANYONE who passes the street.
    Second, people here is still idiot. yes, I mean it. They are so religious but they are so wrong since they would believe everything people say about something if it concerns their religion (???) (idk if you will get this but in short, they believe those hoaxes in internet without doing research first)
    Third, uuuuuuugh. the weather is so hot (we only have 2 seasons here). we really want to wear tank tops and shorts but those overly religious people will screams with agony when seeing us wearing revealing clothes…
    The only good thing about living here is we got nice beach and dolphinz(!!yay!!)

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

  11. I love the distressed denim. Love the top and necklace. It adds a new dimension to the look.
    I like where I live but, I know I want to try something different. Congratulations on your brand new place. Such sexy bathtub pictures you have been sprinkling towards us😉

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