Denim Boyfriend Jacket with a Formal Dress & Why I love Gloomy weather

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I know most people adore summer. What’s not to adore – ice cream, picnics, sun gently cuddling your skin with warmth and happiness, girly dresses and lace, cold beer, the beach, strangers groping your ass in denim shorts…total bliss! But I hate it. And I’m usually not a hateful person. My astrological sign tells me I should be fiery tempered, but as accurate as astronomy goes (meaning 0) I’m not tempered. I like to talk out loud profanities, which is often mistaken for anger, but deep down under this hard shell is a soft little pink fluff ball that just wants to be left alone and the stupid sun won’t let it!!!

The sun is one of those rare things I genuinely despise. I wasn’t like that my whole life, I was like you, the normal humans, I liked warmth, green stuff, cherry blossoms and whatever crap there is that signifies a warm season.  Not to mention that the lack of fat on my bones doesn’t let me survive 10 seconds in the cold without either my body shaking like it just got tased with 50,000 volts or my lips turning blue like I just climbed Everest. So, why the hate? 

Well, when we first moved in together, me and the pork-chop (boyfriend) decided to get a grand apartment with those glorious huge french windows everyone are wetting their panties over. I thought it was going to be divine, with all the sunshine and birds, smell of linden and cheerfulness. I thought “Hey, I can read a book on the balcony or drink my coffee and get a crispy, brown tan in the process”. But just like 98% of my life, what I thought was reality, is what I’ve seen in the movies. And movies lie to you know, they’re not all true! Shocking I know, I was surprised too!

Instead of birds chirping and heavenly smells, I got Dante’s Inferno! It seems french windows possess the ability to let sun rays in your home while making them 10 times stronger in the process. Most of our winters were cold, but the sun was shining, and as a result our apartment was always sunny and always scorching hot. Most people wouldn’t mind, but I like to spend 89% of my time in front of a screen (watching Anime or playing games, or reading E-books for fuck’s sake, you can’t even read an E-book) and the sun posed a problem. You might also think curtains would do the trick here, but they don’t, you can plaster three thick layers of curtains and it would still be too bright and too hot. 

Instead of birds chirping, we had something even better – your friendly fly. Because it was always hot, we would open the windows and because the windows were huge, we didn’t have nets. No nets = 20 flies per hour. The flies also came with a bonus package – wasps. We had a wasp nest on our roof which many people tried to remove, but after spending a few hours under the glorious rays of our sun, constantly on the brink of fainting, they decided they’d take the wasps over certain death any day. So….I lived in Dante’s Inferno for 5 years, chasing flies with a slipper, spraying poison around the wasp’s hiding places, not seeing shit on my computer or telly and spending my Christmases around a dry brown tree, died out in two days time because of the heat. 

When we finally moved into our dark apartment, it was the best thing in my life. So yeah, I hate the sun, I hate summer and I love gloomy weather. I’ve been jumping with joy these past couple of days, since the weather has been quite the opposite of peachy – lots of rain, storms, cold, apocalyptic lightnings. I decided to celebrate one of those days by wearing my current favorite find from Choies the boyfriend denim jacket, and combining it with a formal dress. My hair was all frizzy and my dress was all wet, but I didn’t care! Clouds and me, we go together like a smelly sock and a bored cat.
So, are you guys like me appreciators of crappy weather or do you love sunny warm weather? Perhaps something in between?

Now for some little fashion talk! I love styling formal pieces with more rugged, sporty or slouchy ones and one of my favorites to style are formal dresses with sneakers, oversize sweaters, hefty boots and whatever else others might find inappropriate. So I styled this fancy purple silk number with an oversize denim jacket and black booties. 

To make it more amusing, I wore a boho-type t-shirt on top that was a gift from sis, and tied it with a belt around the waist, tucking in the right side for an extra effect. 
Do you likey? How would you style a formal dress and would you wear them as a daily piece or for a special occasion only ?

Purple Silk Dress and Top – Second Hand, Denim oversize jacket – c/o Choies, Bracelet – Mood & Closet
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15 thoughts on “Denim Boyfriend Jacket with a Formal Dress & Why I love Gloomy weather”

  1. lol @ wetting your panties over windows. BUT SERIOUSLY. Dante's Inferno… aaaah! That sounds terrible. Yeah, the heat is definitely terrible. It gets so muggy and hot up here and I feel like I'm constantly sulking around planet earth like a sweaty troll. I don't know how you manage to wear such pretty clothes in the heat, but I applaud you for it! The fact that it's formal, too… sheeeeeesh, I aspire to be you, Keit. Yeah, cloudy days are so blissful. It's cloudy right now and I'm LOVING IT. In the middle of summer, they're basically heaven on earth. Love 'em.

  2. they say bad weather makes for an interesting character…or helps to build one! That's the moral of Brave New World (the novel, I'm not sure did they include that part in the film…a writer pleading to be send to some place with horrible weather to help him write)

    you look divine in that maxi silk skirt, love how you paired it with that denim jacket.

  3. Love this dress with the denim much fun..and being born in a very hot country means i have a deep appreciation for monsoon and gloomy days..:)

  4. "…strangers groping your ass in denim shorts" omg:')
    I googled what Dante's Infarno means…it's like hell…right?am i right?

    In here, flies is not the major problem bUT…………..MOSQUITOES…………………………………..EVERY.NIGHT.
    (struggles of living in tropical country:(( )
    I actually want to spend my night calmly by playing the sims in my laptop but as I lay down……..*insert mosquito buzzing noise here* and they bite me like 100times per hour. ugh.

    Hey, We're the same!^^ I LIKE GLOOMY WEATHER!!! It's cold, I have no air condition in my room, so my room will adapt to the weather outside so……when It's freaking hot, well, my room would be Hell of Earth. but when It's gloomy/after raining, my bed would be cool and ~~~omg~~~ i love to lay down on a cool bed~~~~
    But sometimes gloomy weather make me uneasy, like, "oh god, I can't do outfit shots….."
    Because I love verryyy bright sunshine when I want to take outfit photos…Well, why can't we have a gadget that would set the sunshine?that would come in handy…:(

    I love the jacket!! It kinda looks like my jeans jacket, but much softer (I think._.)

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

  5. Denim jacket & formal dress yes! You are genius with contrasting styles woman! Also I love the royal purple, so grand. I'm with you halfway on summer as in I don't like it too much (I'm more of a spring or autumn person, trans-seasonal perhaps?) which is why I moved to Britain from Aus. Over 20 years later & the Brits are still asking me why I'd leave sunny Australia, I must be mad! I'm not really an out-doorsy person I say to which they scoff in disbelief. You'd get sick of summer too if it was hot 10 months of the year!

  6. a formal dress and me? nope, that's not what I have in my wardrobe. not at all. so I actually can't even wear those formal dresses but maybe one day… and the way you have styled yours – I think only you can wear such combinations and look stylish at the same time. it's like a gift you have. I myself would look ridiculous, I know it! but you look great, obviously.
    now, when it comes to weather then in Estonia we have pretty much 11 crappy weather months and around 1 good weather month so you would probably love living here. and since we usually have crappy weather I of course appreciate it when there's a sunny day. but +30 degrees is not so great, I enjoy +22 or 23 the most I think. we'll see how the rest of the "summer" goes but so far we've had a couple of summery days, yay 😀

    Maiken – Part of me

  7. Hahaha, oh man, with an experience like that I can see why you'd hate warm weather! Sounds terrible…
    However, I haven't lived in a place with fancy French windows (and never do I want to now!), so…I'm in love with summery weather xD I like the heat since I can't tolerate any cold. Call it my tropical blood recognizing where it's from lol
    Anyway, glad the weather is suiting your preference! Also that you're out of Dante's Inferno xD

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    Check out my YouTube channel too!

  8. I am in TOTAL agreement with this post! While most people ooh and ahh over summer like they're a singing disney princess or something I'm totally happier on gloomy, sunless days. I don't like to sweat and I certainly don't like the headaches I get from the sun either haha. Me. No. Likey.
    You look totally gorgeous as always despite the wet weather! I have an oversized denim jacket similar to that and it is my favorite thing to wear with dresses, I just love the proportions. You could wear anything and look perfect, I'm convinced! I'm going to send you a paper bag and I bet you would make it into the coolest outfit ever.
    I just want to thank you for all of the sweet comments you've been leaving on my blog 😀 I haven't been able to spend much time at it, but it always makes my day when I read such nice things. You're such a genuinely wonderful person! (and dang funny too 🙂 )

  9. Someone who isn't crazy about summer neither, at last! Those windows sounded like hell indeed x)
    This year I had sweet and normal windows, but they weren't well installed, so the cold found a way around it. Good job. They were almost new! What a waist, they could have been so perfect!
    Ah, you always got me with this fashion contrast. You look awesome! And the coordinate lipstick, bonus!
    Have a good day!

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