Deep Purple


Look of the day…

 Well what can I say…It really isn’t my style. First- I hate official clothes. Second- purple is definitely not my color. Third- I’ve been a fierce protector of flat shoes whole my life. Mainly because of my theory that when something bad is about to happen you better have a comfy pair of shoes to run the fuck away. Plus high-heels have always made me feel whorish, I have no idea why. I usually wear them if it’s absolutely necessary or if the look I want is that of a whore… But today was my first day of actually going out somewhere different, other than the University. So bitching up it is!
The wind capacity was directly proportional to the effort I invested in combing my hair. (In other words it was windy as fuck ) Behold the power of the mighty wind :

Also I’m not very keen on taking photos outside, because of the many people staring (mostly old pieces of perverted history). My country is somewhat different from most other countries. We don’t take photos a lot and if we do it’s truly an event. Passengers would usually just stare or say something offensive. I’ve always been jealous of girls on lookbook having tons and tons of photos, not giving a crap who is crawling behind their backs. You know, those photos on the sidewalks with million people blurred on the background, on the street with the busy cars passing by.  If I take a photo outside, it has to be perfectly uninhabited. This awkwardness is very limiting, so I’m trying desperately to get out of the comfort zone. The results are these photos. Does anyone else have this kind of problem? Speak now, or forever hold your peace !

Dress- H&M, Custom made swarovski necklace, mini bag- Bershka. 

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6 thoughts on “Deep Purple”

  1. Awesome outfit Keit. And I like your hair :)))) Don't worry about it, I like when is wildy 🙂
    You look great in this dress and your tight killing me <3333

    Happy Easter my dear!


  2. I like the look actually 🙂 and the wind only accentuates your look, no worries
    I have the same problem with taking pictures in public too! I never could understand how ppl on lookbook could take all these amazing pictures (assuming most of them don't have anybody to help except a tripod?)

  3. Haha, I can't do the photo thing in public, either. I've taken photos on a field (owned by my town) before, but this creepy old guy is always there walkin' his dog. He'll just kinda stop, on the other side of the field, and watch me. Like hey, no big deal, but I can totally see you lookin' at me. Oy …

  4. wow Keit i want your dress! love it a lot! your country is like mine so! if you take photos in the street, even in front of your gate, my God, you'll see people stopped, watching you and making some comments, lol (like : maybe she's a model or want to be a model…, or she must doing this for a film / for money…, the young these years are so weird, they don't afraid to show themselves in front of people…, and blah blah blah! So many "african reflexions") lol
    That's why I do all my photos in my house to avoid this, even if the result isn't like i want!

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