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Hiiii everybody who are worthy enough to read my blog! New Year has finally come huh? Soooo, wishing you happiness….and stuff… positive attitude, changes and whatever, something about new beginnings…Phew! Now that we’ve got this covered, I’m moving on with the important part! The part where I talk about myself! 

I’m gonna surprise you this time, by showing you favorites that aren’t Holiday related…well, one of them is, (I can hear your simultaneous sigh!) but that’s it! See? I’m a good girl! And how could I not add it to my favorites, since it’s so pink and smells like how I imagine a fairy smells!
Favorite Cosmetic Crap

These are the goodies my sister gave me for Christmas! Body butter, blusher and body splash from H&M and a candle that stank up the whole apartment of spice. The blusher has a nice rosy glitter and shimmer and the body splash water smells of cotton candy. Haven’t tried the body butter yet, but will do when I sum up the will to take a shower, I’m so lazy these days! 

Favorite Book
I’ve been socializing lately (shoku desu), so I’ve been searching for a good anthropology book to explain why humans act and behave in certain ways. Turns out there are tons of interesting bookies out there, but this one caught my eye and even though I still haven’t finished it, so far it’s just what I wanted. The writing is entertaining, easily digestible and it touches some core subjects on human nature which shed light upon many things, especially the sexy time!

Favorite Random

I’ve had this Prestigio e-book reader for years, first meant as a present for the boyfriend, but he didn’t use it once, so naturally I took it. I’m good at giving people presents that are actually intended for me! An year ago I gave it to a friend and completely forgot about it before last week when I was browsing through Ebay looking for readers and then realized I already had a fucking reader. So now it’s back home and crammed with new bookies, oh joy!
Favorite Christmas Present

Guys who follow my Instagram already saw this one! The boyfriend and I love weapons and survival stuff. We saw this cute little crossbow and immediately got it. It’s extremely light, easy to use and it fits into my bags! I feel like Buffy! All I need is a vintage bottle of holy water and some awkward friends!
Favorite Song 

The song is from Carl Sagan’s Cosmos series and if you don’t feel touched and inspired by it, then I will be forced to like you less. I won’t hate you, I just won’t like you as much as I did before…perhaps 20-40% less, depends on whether you buy me food! 

Favorite Crush
Confession time! I’m the type of girl that sometimes obsesses over a tv persona. There, I said it! So move over Hugh Jackman, I have a new addiction! He’s called Alessandro Preziosi and I’m planning on spending the last couple of days watching every damn movie he’s in, with a stash of Nutella and beer! No lifers envy meeee!

Let me know how was your New Year’s eve and what are your December favorites you precious butterflies! ^_^

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20 thoughts on “December Favorites”

  1. Ахах, Кейт, принципно не пиша много коментари, но не можах да се сдържа, на тоя актьор съм му голяма фенка от сигурно десетгодишна, когато с майка ми се скъсвахме да гледаме Елиза по телевизията, как можах да съм го забравила :Д Ахахха, ще има маратон, чувствам

  2. Fabrizio!!! Ахаха не се сдържах просто :Д Колко пъти съм гледала Елиза, не е истина. Anyways, весела 2015 с много усмивки и вдъхновение =)

  3. Cute little crossbow? Is there such a thing? They are illegal in Australia! Very deadly! Definitely Buffy material! The Carl sagan song won't open for me. Is it on YouTube? What is the title? I'm frantic over here…I might be disowned as a friend! ;-/
    I always struggle to think back. My favourites that stick in my mind are : our new computer which will revolutionise my blogging ( once I've mastered it), learning about zakka style and saori weaving from Japan, making a multipocketed vest for my son, and having my hubby home for all of Januaryyyyyyy! xo Jazzy Jack

  4. happy new year, Keit! I'm pretty sure your sweet little weapon is illegal here in Estonia 😀 but you two look nice together and I hope you don't have to use it for protection or anything. now, those H&M beauty goodies look totally cute too and I wonder why I didn't see any in our Estonian H&M store yesterday… oh and when it comes to New Year's we did some lead-pouring (besides the usual eating and watching tv, haha) and it was pretty cool! do you guys do it in Bulgaria as well?

    Part of me

  5. Darling Keit you are so delightfully eclectic it just makes me want to hug you. Cross bows and cotton candy scented pink sparkly stuff, glamorous outfits and not showering for days while drinking beer and gaming. You remind me that it is just fine and even good to embrace my own seeming contradictions. I LOVE and am obsessed with the overlapping topics of psychology/philosophy/anthropology and even neuroscience because I cannot get enough of reading about why people behave the way they do. I am making a note of this book title to add to my collection. I got one for Christmas, which I devoured immediately (finished it by the 26th) called Me, Myself and Us, by Brian Little. I highly recommend it. Online you should check out Ennegrams and the Myers Briggs personality indicators. I think you would enjoy those too. I haven't got any nutella or beer or crossbows for that matter, though I did consider some ceremonial swords once, but do drop in and hang out with me on my sofa. We can psycho-analyse everyone we know and work our way through my eclectic liquor cabinet.

  6. Bahaha, as soon as I saw the crossbow in your hands all I could think was: "There's danger if I ever saw it."
    Not gonna lie, I'm kinda jealous that you own such a fantastic piece of equipment! And it really could be used as a weapon?? It's not a toy, right? 😛
    Oooh, the psychology book looks interesting…not sure I'd agree with everything, but I'm always open to a good read and different viewpoints! 🙂
    That epic song played in the background throughout this whole post, and I must say…thank you! I love discovering new music <3

    So happy new year to you Keit, and good luck in the giveaway! I really do hope you win 🙂

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    Enter to win a FREE pair of glasses from Polette!

  7. Oh my god, crossbows are SO much fun! My brother has one and them Ev and I each have a recurve and Gunnar got a little 18 pound pull bow for Christmas. (my family is really into bows – they are just too much fun and crossbows are even more fun! Enjoy it!). Haha, you might need some sexy vampires with bow and awkward friends! (mmm, I'd forgot how sexy they were, that show did sexy vampires right.). You'll have to let us know if the book is really good! I've been reading The Chrysanthemum And The Sword and while it's sorta a dry read, its been really fascinating because it's such a drasticlly different mindset. I hope you're starting to feel better, that's a bummer time to be feeling sick. Enjoy your new crossbow as well!

  8. First of all I hope you had a great holiday and that you continue to be this ball of positivity in 2015! Thanks for coming by now and then and checking up on what I have been up to. I love coming to your blog so different than mine but I truly love how you write your posts so witty and your sense of individuality is to be cherished. I listened to the song and agree with you beautiful and inspiring. I love science and history! xoxo

  9. Woah love that crossboy man that is literally the best present I have ever seen! I didn't know H&M sold body butter and what not! You make me want to try it e_e hahahah

  10. Ahahahahaha! Thanks for getting that New Year, New Me stuff outta the way real quick. I tend to ignore it on my blog. And most holidays, accidentally enough. LOL OOPS.

    That book looks really interesting… I need more books to put on my summer reading list, since I will actually have time to READ THEM! I can't wait to be honest. NEED MORE BRAINPOWERS!!!!

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