Dark Blue Velvet Dress from Little Raisin

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There are few clothes in this world that make me feel like a hot pancake. And this dress is one of them! I call it “The Exclamation Dress“! You wanna know how I got these scars… I mean…Why I call my dress that way? Mainly because, whoever sees it makes a screeching noise, a sound somewhere between a deep sigh and a scream, mixed in with a few vowels here and there. How can you be coherent when a dress like this exists! I have so many plans for it, plans involving going out, can you imagine? Maybe even going out on a date? Living on the edge here! 

This dress is a masterpiece on its own, from the ties on the side, the asymmetric hem, the soft velvet texture and dark bluish color. Told you in my previous post something special is coming from Little Raisin and here it is, in all its might and glory! 

We took these photos when the weather wasn’t as crappy as it is now, but I still had to wear tights, because mom would have a heart attack if she saw my bare legs in October. To showcase only the dress, I kept the styling to a minimum. For a slight retro effect I wore my vintage thrifted bag with golden lock and to steer away from this being too classy, I added my choker necklace and chunky boots.

        Look at that bum! How can you resist! I can rest my beer on it!
If you guys haven’t yet visited Little Raisin, I strongly recommend to give it a sneak peek. The merchandise is renewed regularly, so if you haven’t seen anything you like, there’s a big chunky chance there might be some new stuff that would take your breath away. 
So what say you? Likey?
Vintage velvet dress – Little Raisin, Bag – second hand, Choker – Bornpretty.
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25 thoughts on “Dark Blue Velvet Dress from Little Raisin”

  1. Wowza, you look awesome! Like seriously awesome. That dress totally gives you curves in all the right places. It may be my ll time favourite dress of yours – I love how you didn't go too girly and kept your trademark choker and chunky boots.
    I checked out Little Raisin and there is a pair of super bold palazzo pants that are so you 🙂

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  2. *Whistles* Yes that dress is a dream! I feel like it suits your style so well too, with all of the details mentioned (particularly the lace up on the side). It is so great! That bag is also incredible, I love the shape and gold detail. You look beautiful!

  3. OMG OMG OMG I want that dress! But since I like you so much I will be content that it is yours. I don't have the bum for it anyhow. It's so rock 'n roll/Stevie Nicks and I would totally wear that to impress Sophie. It looks amazing on you and I hope you did go out in it.

  4. Okay, that lacing up the side is just about the most amazing thing ever! I love how velvet photographs with the texture and the little bits of blue shine, it's so pretty. (And yes, you look amazing in this, that off the shoulders neckline is incredible on you. I love that you had to Keit-ify the dress and add boots)

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