DAH pink denim jacket and some rants

Being a friendless hobo has its benefits. You have so many interesting things to choose from to do. You could:

A]  Watch a whole lot of weird porn
B]  Read pretentious self help books and act intelligent
C] Browse so many internet crap, you could distort the Universe with your knowledge of useless information.
D] Make someone question his value as a human being, just by writing a comment “your video sucks balls”
E] But my favorite is making fun of people who post inspirational quotes

I don’t know what bugs me so much
about inspirational quotes, but I feel needles piercing through my
vagin…I mean brain, every time there’s another photoshopped square
with a tattooed chic and HUGE “words of wisdom” pasted on half her face.
And don’t get me wrong, I love inspirational quotes, if they are indeed  that. (this goes for the lovely Plami on Fashionthrill, your quotes rock).
But most of the inspiring messages are always the same and not at all inspiring. For example: “a single butterfly can cause a hurricane, pretend you’re a butterfly!”, “dream, no one can take away your dreams”, and my favorites, the quotes on life: “today is the first day, of the rest of your life”, “life is short”, “act like it’s your last day on earth”. 

No shit life is short! Not only
that, but you can die from almost everything nowadays. I don’t see
what’s so inspirational about a quote saying you’ll die soon. I don’t
think people making these quotes, realize that they ARE indeed going to
die someday. Just let the feeling of meaningless existence and inevitable
death sink in real hard and deep into your senses… one day, you and all
the people you love are going to evaporate, feel inspired already? NO!

Fashiony part: Again with the cold weather! I’m starting to think Summer won’t come at all and I’ll be trapped with my limitless winter wardrobe for eternity! Anyone give a damn? Nope? Moving on!

I’m sensing a drastic change in style here- high heels, fancy girly top, cuff bracelet? What can I say, I go out on fancy dates too guys! If going to a pretentious meeting is considered a date at all… Anyways..

Jacket- DIY, top- Lady made, Asos Ridley supersoft high waist jeans, camo boots- H&M, bracelet- Asos, silver clutch- second hand

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24 thoughts on “DAH pink denim jacket and some rants”

  1. I was so interested in making inspiring quotes.. or I can say very beautiful words that's greatly arranged. But according to me(hmm not dependable too) different words can give different effect. if you tell them "just be confident" it will get them more nervous. but if you add a little exaggerated formula, like "ugly duckling? wait until it grows" and other things that's related with their experience, they will get a bit confident. Of course if the exaggerated formula is too much, it will be a ridiculous quote. And most quote is just like giving fantasy effect(pretend u're butterfly is like childish game that I used to play)
    Anyway love ur style dear

  2. Very girl for you…I like it!
    More than quotes, I hate people who live by them and always have something stupid to say at the end of a conversation, like they're giving you a lesson or what you had to say could all be summed up in 5 stupid words…someone else's words are not original.

  3. Hahahahhaha!! ๐Ÿ˜€ I think the same way, when it comes to these quotes. =^.^=
    You look gorgeous, by the way – the shoes and the bag are really special and by the way: your legs look so damn long in these pictures,
    I gotta admit: I'm jealous. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Xx, Sara.

  4. "no shit life is short"–hahaha oh Keit, how I love and adore reading your posts. ๐Ÿ˜€ You speak the truth and nothin' but it!! KEEP IT UP I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN.

    Inspirational quotes can be really annoying. It gets old when I scroll through my Tumblr dashboard and see the same ones over and over… and then the annoying ones that just put other people down when they think they're making someone feel better, example: "REAL WOMEN DON'T HAVE THIGH GAPS/BOOBS/ETC!" okay, that's not really inspirational, but it's obnoxious. Why can't people just accept each other (weeps manly tears all over your blog)

    So I really love those boots of yours… they look straight out of outer space, hot damn!

  5. First, i like how your jacket matches your shoes.

    Hahaha. If you hate meaningless quotes so much, then you should definitely stay away from tumblr.

  6. Man, your posts either make me laugh out loud or smile every time. Every time! I love your sense of humor. Rad cuff bracelet and boots, by the way! Of course, the jacket kicks ass! You did such a great job on it. The colors in the jacket are so striking that the outfit has a completely different feel when it is removed. It's really amazing. ๐Ÿ˜€

    – Anna


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