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So lately I’ve been thinking of adding some lifestyle bits and bobs to the blog, since I already love talking about myself and after discussing with my friends how the Witcher Geralt of Rivia’s beard grows in real in game time and how “Attack on Titan” can make you depressed and motivated at the same time, they are subtly ignoring me and changing the subject to more important matters like real life. Psht…who needs real life, or friends, when I have this blog thing. Sooooooo, I’m adding a new lifestyle category where I will share random stuff from my life, including favorite games, books, tv shows, the day I went to the dentist and almost peed my panties, you know, deep disturbing personal stuff and generic stuff no one cares about!

Yes, our home is a mess, cleaning is for the weak I say!!!

Today’s topic will be one of my favorite British sitcoms called Spaced. I love British humor, especially if it’s accompanied by awkward main characters who procrastinate their life away and if one of the leads is my favorite blonde actor Simon Pegg!!!

The whole show is retarded, not in the Japanese tentacle weird kind of
way, but in a way you meet all these quirky, colorful characters who face life’s mundane situations with such ineptness that it’s hard not to relate, especially if you’re a couch potato like me who’s not afraid to eat food off the ground.

The plot of Spaced is centered around Tim – an aspiring comic book artist who often throws manic tantrums every time someone mentions the “Phantom Menace” Star Wars movie, and Daisy – an aspiring writer, who’s attempting to advance her career of writing by doing ANYTHING other than actual writing and often avoiding it at all costs!

The two decide to live together and to get the only apartment they could afford they would have to pretend to be a couple. To be honest, I’ve been brainwashed by so many cheesy romance movies with a sexy female lead with dimples, I thought this would end in a sudden romantic relationship where the two would fall in love and buy a freaking pet goldfish, but I was dead wrong, which was an awesome surprise! Tim and Daisy go through their days just like any other bored humans: Tim playing video games till morning, Daisy being overly enthusiastic about everything and daydreaming of traveling the world. No falling in love in sight! Yaaaay! I HATE ROMANCES!

This mighty gawky duo wouldn’t be complete without the sidekicks. We have Tim’s best friend who wants to join the British Army and is “slightly” obsessed with the military, Daisy’s best friend is a self proclaimed fashion diva and the cherry on top is Brian who lives downstairs. He is an angsty, rather pretentious artist with many, many, many issues and emotional problems…and also is hot! *author’s own opinion* 
There are a few other characters who are worth mentioning, but I will just leave you with the meat and potatoes, since this is starting to be a bit of a spoiler alert review. Sorry…am not! O_O
I spent almost every day watching this show from morning till night, even made the boyfriend watch it with me, so my mission is to make someone out there on this forsaken pale blue dot planet to watch it as well! Come on, between the glamorous restaurants and disco parties, you can squeeze in a few hundred hours of telly time! Am I right???

That’s it for today guys! Let me know if you’ve seen Spaced, if you found this post interesting and what are your current favorite comedy sitcoms and/or movies! I’m always on the hunt for new TV stuff, so please enlighten me so I would avoid real life problems by staring at a screen. YAAY!

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12 thoughts on “Current TV obsession: SPACED”

  1. I love posts about sitcoms…when I was younger, I had a thing about Red Dwarf…I would love to rewatch it. I've done it only a hundred of times. Spaces sounds great. British humour usually works for me, so I think I would like this one.

  2. That's it – I will be watching SPACED in my free time, hehe. You write the most vividly adorable things – like the bit about it being retarded (okay, this isn't a word to be associated with general cuteness but the words after it make a world difference lol) not in the Japanese tentacle weird kind of way – I've made my decision to watch the show like for real this time, by this hilarious description alone. And I don't do glam restaurants and disco parties, so I might as well hahahah! Bless you my Bulgarian potato! 😀

  3. That Glamorous Blogger Life photos wins the internets.

    I really hadn't heard of spaced before but you sold me on Simon Pegg, he's one of my favorites and your overview of the show means I have to run over to BaN now to find it, it looks great! I need something new to watch, I just finished up the first season of Brooklyn 991 (or whatever it's called, with the most bestest Terry Crews) and I have to wait to finish up the Blacklist so this looks great. British humor is amazing, we finished watching Faulty Towers a while ago and on bad days at work, I always remind myself at least I'm not Basil. 🙂

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