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Hey Hou! Something weird happened to me last night. I was worrying about something idiotic, then I saw a pretty fish on Animal Planet and when I tried to resume my worrying, I didn’t remember what it was about. I spent a good 30 minutes, wondering what was this particular thing I had to worry about. How dumb is that, really? If you can’t remember what you were worrying about, why even bother. Do you want to be miserable that much!

Has this ever happened to you? It helps to know there are other idiots like me.

Few words about the outfit. I love quilted sweatshirts! They’re the best for warming up ovaries and boobs, not to mention they’re uber comfy. I thought this one needed a little bit of color, so I combined it with my H&M raspberry hat and trusty ol Nowistyle bag. I think I wear this bag every day, as you can see in most of the photos. And its because it’s so huge, I can put all kinds of crap in it, especially food. If I ever make a “What’s in my bag” video, be sure, there will be pretzels involved. 

Bag- Nowistyle, Sweatshirt- SLY, Pinafore- Nowistyle, Ankle boots- second hand. 

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25 thoughts on “Cropped Sweatshirt and Checkered Pinafore”

  1. I am way too good at worrying to forget. I wake myself some mornings with whatever it is that I'm worrying about lately. So dumb. I wish I could forget.

    I really love your hat. Sweatshirts have always been one of my favorite things, too.

  2. yeah, oops but I too have done the same stupid thing you mentioned in the beginning of your post. and since it's already stupid enough I'm not going to think about it right now 😀 but I love your perfect ankle boots and how cool is the sweatshirt! sweatshirts are definitely something I love the most these days.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  3. I wish I had known all this time that the secret to stop myself from worrying is to turn on Animal Planet! I will be saving myself a lot of trouble in the future thanks to you 😉 This dress/sweatshirt combination is fabulous. You have such a talent for putting together unusual pieces and somehow making them work.

  4. You totally look cool in this pinafore babe! I think you wore it well =)
    Sometimes I do worry quite a bit. My bf tends to get annoyed when I worry too much and he will always remind me that life is short. Tomorrow will come and you worry about it tomorrow.

  5. I worry about everything so getting distracted while doing so is always a welcome thing. I wish that'd happen to me more often!

    I think this outfit looks so cool. I love the way you layered a sweatshirt underneath that awesome pinafore.

  6. hahah that's awesome a fish distracted you! and i always think of how worrying won't physical *change* anything- what's going to happen is going to happen- so I try to force myself not to do it. And this outfit- I LOVE IT!! That pinafore is amazing, and it's really fun with a sweatshirt. I really have to remember to try and do that!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  7. bahaha, I am glad that your ovaries and boobies were kept warm. Those parts are important, ya know! ;D

    Ohhhh man, I worry over everything so yeah… I know that feeling. Or do you ever just cry over dumb things? Because I totally do that, too. We are awesome, Keit!!

    I love how you made such a weird piece so cool. That checkered jumper dress thing is rad!

  8. This outfit is awesome, Keit! I would wear it in a heartbeat. It looks super comfy. 🙂

    I totally worry about too many things. But then I also manage to worry about the fact that I worry about too many things ('cause I'm really cool like that).

  9. Best wishes for 2014!

    Amazing post!

    Loving your dress so much!

    Just came back from holiday and needed to of course check out what you’ve been up to 😀
    I also had a new post and it would be great to see you pass by for a chat !


  10. Yes please make what's in my bag video! This outfit kinda have a bad-ass school girl feel to it. It actually makes you look younger!

    I think one of the perks of having poor memory like mine is I forget the things that I'm suppose to be worrying about. hahahah!

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