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Definition of “creepy guy” :
creepy [ˈkriːpɪ]  
1. Annoyingly unpleasant; repulsive.
 guy /gaɪ/ Show Spelled [gahy]
1. Man or boy; fellow.
Creepy guy : a person who’s libido is directly proportional to the amount of stalking and staring of random girls.
We all have our friendly, old creepy guy. Some have many, some have one, some have none- lucky you! History has had it’s creepy guys since ancient times, now we have ours. I’ve had my shares with creepy guys through the years and I must admit, they never seize to surprise me. Sometimes they would just follow you around, make “romantic” gestures or just stare blanknessly until you turn around the corner. Sometimes they would say something sweet like : I want to fuck you like a horse”, sometimes they would creep silently behind your back and breath in your neck… the possibilities are limitless. I thought I’ve seen it all, until I opened a deviantart account (it’s the favorite living place of the creepiest guys you’ll ever meet.) But the internet is just the scratch of the surface of their existence. They usually spawn in places with girls and being a remotely, pretty girl is a ticket to creepy land. The most interesting part of the creepy guy is his brain. It still works, but it works in it own way. It tells him comforting  things like : ” go tell that girl that you like her feet, that would make her ever so happy!”, or something of this sort : “if you stare long enough at her ass she might marry you”. Although annoying, creepy guys are an important and valuable component of our society. They teach  girls, precious avoiding skills and stimulate their minds and bodies, through harsh training like: running for your life, prioritizing, mastering rock-trowing, using your lipstick as an eye opener and so on. 
So my dear readers, share your creepy guy story, it would be ever so interesting 😀
Back to fashion, this is one of the prettiest dresses I own ^_^ . It was windy and cold but damn it I wanted to be pretty! And I was, in a freezing kind of way.

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13 thoughts on “Creepy guys”

  1. You're right, that dress is EXTREMELY pretty. Along with the rough-and-tumble combats… amazing!

    I've had quite a few "creepy old guy" experiences at my job, because we have a really large homeless population nearby, and they apparently are way attracted to me. Sometimes it's kind of sweet in an old-grandpa type way, sometimes shudder-worthy.

    China Lily

  2. lol, Keit your post make me laugh a lot!! ah ah! It reminds me a "creepy guy" in my school 2 years ago (he was older than me)! he was so special! not only with me, but with girls in general! i remember that one day, I was sitting in the school hall and i was looking for the informations board and unfortunatly, he was in this direction. he immediatly thought i was looking him and then came to bother me during 20 mns by saying first "i konw you want me in your bed tonight, that's why you're looking me like that! i saw that your eyes were on my delicious ass! you like that uh? i know i'm so sexy, that's why you gave me this mischievous look!" LOOOL!! And during his little speech he was touching slowly my arm, lol! i was shocked and surprised first, but at the end i laughed loud a lot and people didn't undertand why!
    in addition, he always smelt bad!

  3. ahahahha.. keit, creepy guy.. i guess creepy guy is everywhere.. all guy is creepy even a normal one.. but the normal one, they know when he need to be creepy.. creepy in the the right time and the right place.. cmiiw..

    i love your lace dress… <3 you looks so pretty..

  4. Ha ha, we really all do have a story like this. My ex-boyfriend (and he was my ex when it happened) proposed to me at school when we were sixteen. He really didn't understand why I said no!

    Beautiful photos 🙂

  5. Haha, "if you stare long enough at her ass she might marry you." 😉 I've always wondered what guys think they're doin' when they say creepy things to our faces. This outfit is amazing. Love it. 🙂

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