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The day we took these photos, I was just getting on the bus and I felt a hand grab my ass so tight and sleazy, like it was the last ass this person was ever going to grab! I turned around to see who it was, but the doors shut and I didn’t even see who the gentleman was….
Sadly for him, I was wearing denim shorts underneath that dress, alongside with bicycle leggings! So no ass for you, you damn faggot!
Call me paranoid, but I always place tons of layers under short dresses and skirts, just to be sure. At least this time, it paid off!

Seriously though, what exactly do these creepy guys achieve with this! I’ve also been baffled by those other men who whistle and make screeching sounds to grab your attention, or a complete stranger saying “YOU’RE SO BEAUTiiiIEEEFUlllL!!!!” and then resuming to stalk you, as if I would magically feel so flattered by this, I would decide to marry him! Thank you for finding me beautiful complete crazy stranger, you can go away now!

Let me know in the comments, have you guys ever experienced similar situations? I’ve had so many I can write a whole dissertation about it!

Fashiony Part

The dress and backpack are my new additions from Choies. As soon as I saw these two, I knew they would be perfect for each other. The dress is made from two pieces – a white simple t-shirt and a plaid cloth on top – so it looks like you’re wearing two separate items! Bonus points for creativity!
The lavender backpack has a gorgeous lustrous finish and feels incredibly sturdy.

I promised myself to wear more jewelry this year, and I won’t give up until I gradually begin to look like a Christmas tree! I paired my dress with the bracelets from my July favorites post & a star shaped necklace. 

Plaid dress- c/o Choies, Lavender backpack- c/o Choies, Hologram cut out boots- Fashionthirsty.
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28 thoughts on “Creepy guys & Pink Plaid”

  1. Definitely a Christmas tree! Hee! I'm struggling to see the dress, because it looks so much like one of your signature plaid shirt tied around waist! Maybe you inspired them! The lustre on the purple is great! And I love this whole thing against the crimson wall.
    I haven't had much sleaze directed at me. Maybe I'm lucky, or ugly 🙂
    XO JJ

  2. I haven't been physically assaulted by a random dude but I have friends who experienced it and I also do get a cat call once in a while. I like to think my bitch face wards off most predators but there are some that just persist. I'm not really sure how to react, that stuff gives me anxiety so I try to ignore it or I just say something sarcastically sleazy back to them 😛

  3. UGH I am so sorry that happened to you and like trust me I UNDERSTAND. I remember in school guys would cat call at me and say the most SLEAZY things at me like FUCK YOU DUDE DON'T BE RUDE!!! Ugh I wish you could have found that guy I hate when guys think they do that like I feel your anger seriously! Anyway, I LOVE your outfit and your backpack! I am so going to steal it!

  4. Guys can be so stupid, I'm sorry you had to deal with that!!! I never had someone actually touch me (thank God) but there has been guys following me around or whistling. So creepy and annoying smh :/
    You look so pretty as usual, I love how comfy your outfit is 🙂

  5. Ugh, don't even get me started on this issue. My first reaction is always to act like nothing happened so if it's some kind of sick power trip that they're looking for, I don't give them the satisfaction in knowing they got under my skin (so to speak).


  6. My favourite one was some guy saying he would "Split me in half" and my boyfriend was right next to me. It's lucky the guy walked away with a workable face.
    Love the grungy dress…lets put Nirvana on and be all sad!

    Gems x

  7. Ugh. Men, can we just stop objectifying women already? This is part of why I'm so sad to hear young women say they're not feminists (and that's before we get to equal pay, equal rights, proportional representation etc etc!)

    PS You look GREAT.

  8. Man, I'm so sorry this happened to you. I wish I could offer some advice, but I wouldn't know what to do in that situation especially seeing as how the dude was nowhere to be found. I find that the guys who follow me around, say sh*t, try to touch me, etc. are cowards. They're insecure and they pick on women who they deem weak and who they believe won't fight back. They think because they're genetically stronger and generally taller than we are, that they have a leg up and that they can just dominate whomever they please. Presumably, the moment you start to talk back and show signs that you won't give in, they generally change their tune (unless they're looking for conflict, then the best route is to do nothing and ignore them, but sometimes that doesn't even seem to work). It's so hard to know what to do, because you don't know what these crazy f*ckers are capable of especially if they are with their male friends and you happen to embarrass them. So, yeah. I have no good advice other than to be as safe as you can be. If pepper spray is legal, totally get that sh*t, because what that guy did, at least in my country, constitutes battery and he can go to jail for it.

    As for your outfit, my favorite aspects are the sunglasses, that pastel bag and those amazing shoes. I can't even tell that you had shorts on underneath (which is probably why that creeper did what he did), but the whole outfit doesn't look bulky. You did a good job! By the way, I often wear skirts, shorts and tights underneath my dresses to trip up would be pervs, so you're not alone there!

    Oh and apparently, I have no idea how to use Youtube. Haha. I don't typically make and upload videos, but I think I fixed the problem. Let me know if the video still isn't working for you! You'll have the whole month to see it though, so…I mean. Haha 😀

    – Anna

  9. Please write a complete dissertation, Keit. I'm sure I'll so thoroughly enjoy your views! I get catcalls and the beeeaaautiful, but thankfully, no ass grabbing! Your Lavender bag is yummly gorgeous. Love the plaid shirt too.

  10. Oh, yes There have been two incidences as a teen when I rode the bus standing and these guys behind me would press their engorged member to my backside. Once they did that to my friend and she grab it tightly and the people around were urging her on to damage the damn thing. I laugh things off easily sometimes, after the drama, it's the way to keep happy and sane.

  11. mm okay, the men in your country seem quite stupid then (I mean the ones who have no brain so they must think with something else) because to be honest I haven't had such experience here in my country. compliments… or however we should call those lameass remarks are reality, yes but luckily no touching (I usually go to places with car anyway). but today I read from a local paper that a bus pervert is out there and he's touching women and doing stuff with himself at the same time (:D). so yeah, those men… or should I say men with defects should just disappear. by the way, I love your lilac bag. it's the cutest thing ever and lilac is such a beautiful shade.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  12. One time I was followed on my bike and honked at on campus at 10 IN THE MORNING! They were honking and shouting, just a bunch of loser frat guys, and driving alongside me for a good five minutes. Ugh. What is wrong with the world sometimes?

    I'm sorry that happened to you though, but good thing you had denim shorts and bike leggings on!! Still, nobody likes to be stranger ass grabbed. 🙁 You are an absolute darling ere, though, and I love those sunnies and the bright pink wall you took pictures again!

  13. You look lovely doll. <3

    ask about strangers, there are always many of them out there and Im afraid there always will be. That's why I love going out and having a bf or a male friend nearby, to spare me from all the unwanted attention… But sometimes you can't run from it and have to be rude. But they give me no choice, so screw them, really…

    Anyway, I always wear shorts under my skirts too xD

    love the post hun :**

    Check out my latest OUTFIT POST and my other posts on Venoma's fashion diary
    XoXo Venoma

  14. You ARE gorgeous so at least they aren't liars! I've had comments but nobody has ever grabbed me. I am pretty sure I'd punch anyone who did but I suppose they know how to grab an opportunity as well as an ass.

    Very cute outfit and I always love those cut out booties. I am now dreaming of a pair in purple.

  15. Cat calls are the worst! I've gone through the exact same thing, especially when I was in school. It was so bad and annoying! Some guys have no respect and it's annoying when they blame it on the women because of the way we dress. I'm just so done. I'm definitely going to start layering more when I wear dresses and skirts. No guy is going to feel up on me when I'm wearing 5 pairs of shorts! Or is that going too far? lol.

    I love that dress! I looks like a two piece with the plaid. That bag is literally meant for that dress! The colors work so well together, I love it! You go with your sassy self! ♡

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  16. You look absolutely awesome..let me steal your backpack. 😀 And about your situation. It does not happen to me in the street a lot but when I was working in the club I had it every day and it was super annoying. Really dont know what those guys tried to achieve.


  17. perfect outfit! those shades are super cool and I really really need to try that checked shirt/skirt look 😀
    and yes, happens all the time, some guys are just crazy. two days ago a guy randomely stoped me and my friend and told us we´re mega beautiful, than he walked away, turned around and said "you´re proper lolitas" haha

  18. Um, ewww. That's a really awful story and I feel so bad for you. Is that normal for public transportation, that dudes feel feel to just group whoever they want? We all need to revolt and start with the random sack slaps or punishment or something because that's just really disgusting. I've been pretty lucky and the only time I've had trouble is when I was packing up the car and a group of teenagers walked by, yelling "wanna see my penis? Wanna see my penis?" Except my hearing is shit and I couldn't understand what they were saying and I kept yelling "what? What? over and over because they just kept mumbling it. (Well, I did have a really gross guy who kept coming into our store and asking if I wanted to go home with him and skinny dip in his hot tub with him, but I was six months pregnant at the time so it was just kinda…sad.) I am really sorry about this though, that's really sucky that you have to deal with this on the buses.

  19. Haha, or when a guy buys you a drink in a bar and really believes this will make you wanna sleep with him. Bleh. Guys can be creeps. You look gorgeous, though. I'm starting to seriously envy your shoe collection.

  20. That colour of lilac you're wearing is so wonderful, but I have yet to find a way of wearing it that suits me. I'm thinking a leather vest or something, perhaps. As to grabbing asses, I can't even imagine that happening if I were walking down the street, wtf? Who does the sort of thing? Definitely not common in Finland, unless you're in a bar and the other party is solidly drunk. Or so I have experienced it, but at least haven't heard of it being a problem. Finnish men are probably shyer than average, or then they just know how to behave themselves, and I am glad of that! I would probably tear someone into bits if I caught them doing that… 😀

  21. Holy crap. What the hell is wrong with people? I've never had anything like that happen to me but I've been catcalled. Definitely not the same thing, but still harassment. I don't know what they want to accomplish other than grabbing some ass. I guess that's it? At least you were wearing layers (not that you should have to)! I think this outfit looks awesome on you. That shade of purple is so pretty and I love your purple backpack!

    Jamie |

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