Cozy sweatpants and sick days

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Want to know something interesting that will change the course of your life for eternity? That would distort the fabric of time itself?…….. I’ve been sick these days!
Can you feel your life changing already? No? Well, it’s your fault!
Really, what’s the point of being sick when there’s no one around to complain to? I love making troubling sick sounds when people are around. 
 Screams of agony, coughs of a 60 year old tubercular smoker, snorts, “make me tea”, ” I wanna blanky”, “give me a hanky”, all that quality complaining is an important part of being sick.
But as soon as you’re alone and you have to get your ass off the coach, to make the goddamn tea with your bare hands (as if you’re some sort of an animal!), being sick looses its charm and meaning.
Fashiony part: I took the advantage of being ill and justified wearing my cozy sweatpants outside. Remember kids, being comfortable is one of the most important remedies against a deadly cold, this and a glass of vodka!
I know I know, dumb photo faces. What you gonna do about it? Cut off my face you say? That’s a good idea…

Sweatpants-nowistyle, oversize jacket- second hand, Snoopy t-shirt-second hand, cardi-Topshop.

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29 thoughts on “Cozy sweatpants and sick days”

  1. Being sick when there's no one to take care of you is the worst – the one charming part of being sick is being waited on! Glad you're feeling better 🙂 And I love your Snoopy shirt. Possibly more than an adult woman should, but seriously – who doesn't love Snoopy?

  2. This is awesome, you're so so so cute 🙂 Specially the sweater and those peachy sweatpants, super cool colour splash 🙂 I adore your style 🙂 I really mean it!

  3. "being sick loses its charm"–haha, I never really realized that sickness had a charm and meaning until you mentioned it.. man, I like ho you make me think of things in different ways!

    Sick as a dog or not, you look awesome. You're rocking the sweater pants and the awesome snoopy shirt.

  4. hahahaha, I know the feeling. I have to admit that few weeks ago when I was sick, and did all those thinks you listed above, I was happy when Mr.Handsome got sick,so we could be shitty and slobbering together… it was truly a happy time. NOT. -.- you know how your boyfriend gets sick, and immediately loses his balls? well, that was just the thing that happened to me. I mean, I adore my husband, but when he gets sick – not just that I have to listen to him (and myself), but his mother starts calling 25 times in a minute to see if he maybe died without her. FUCK YEAH HAPPY TIME -.-

  5. Oh man, I'm sorry about you being sick! Being sick just is not fun but you manage to look sick look good. I get sick and people are pretty sure the zombie outbreak is happening. (And dude, how do you manage to make sweat pants look so good?)

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