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Sad to say this, but I’ve reached a new consumer level. Achievement “buying unnecessary stuff” unlocked! There’s not a week without the usual thrifting experience, and most of the clothes I really don’t need. Well, if we look at things realistically, people need only few stuff in order to survive. But try surviving without electricity or hot water. We didn’t have hot water for two weeks. So whenever I took a shower, I experienced a mini heart attack, accompanied by a protest of every single skin cell, and piercing ice needles in the brain. The first 50 seconds were like a coffee shot in the veins, very refreshing!
So having been raised in a consumer world, I can’t help but grab whatever I can find in my favorite second hand shops. And it’s not a disaster to my wallet either, because they’re cheap, that’s the point right? Keep saying that to yourself when you end up buying the 9th polka dot shirt and 5th pair of jeans. It’s cheap, damn it, and I’m not gonna let it here to rot or to be worn by a much uglier person, tragic! 
Jokes aside, by now you’ve probably guessed that I love thrifting, as most of the girls here. But I love it for a particular reason – because of the sucky shopping malls. I hate those polished, glass window displays, those blinding artificial lights, and the crowded McDonalds stands reeking of stagnant oil. Whenever I go to a normal shop, I’m greeted by the same view: shining and sparkling junk. You know that gorgeous, gold buckles, brown bag, with a yellow halo around it, won’t look so good when you bring it back home right? Instead it’s going to be an ordinary brown bag, and you’ll be wondering till the die you die, why the hell did you buy it. 

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40 thoughts on “Confessions of a consumer”

  1. Thrift stores are the way to go, not only are they cheaper but also more unique! I deeply miss our favorite vintage stores in Paris, and now I will need to find some new phones. Great outfit – that deep red color suits you so well and your necklace is kind of awesome.

    PS…you have a cool writing style

  2. В крайна сметка не даваш много пари, а това е важното. А и правиш услуга на природата като, един вид, рециклираш стари дрехи.

    Много лесно се отказвам от ненужни покупки. "Имам ли си ботуши? Да. Вършат ли ми работа? Мхм. Тогава няма да си взимам нови." 😀

  3. Много добре стои блузата на точки. Определено добро попадение, което си струва. И разбирма проблема със секънд хенд шопинга и на мен ми е слабо място xD

  4. oh my, those are some great finds! the combo of red, yellow and polka dots is spectacular.
    and I must say you're right about thrifting. we certainly don't need all the stuff we buy from thrift stores but when we do find something amazing, we just have to get it! almost like a curse 😛

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  5. Oh mehn, I love that skull tee. Your polka dot top on the red skirt is very chic. I love the look.

    I love thrifting too because I always find unique things. I dislike mass productions.

  6. Really, you should write for newspaper or something. I adore your way of writing <3
    Yes, I know exactly what you mean, I hate how I can´t seem to keep myself from buying. But guess what, I found a way of keeping money from me to spend it: every month i put some of it in a box under my bed, so I save it for special events like birthday presents or a spontanious holiday trip 🙂 (And a good effect is I can´t spend it anymore for stupid nonsense ;))
    Lovely clothes by the way 🙂

  7. Thanks for your visit 🙂
    I am not a big fan of malls.From my point of view when people want to walk,now they go to the mall instead of the beautiful places of their city.
    Nice shop,cute polka dots blouse.Kisses

  8. Официално съм луда по пуловера с кожените елементи! Гениален е! Даже вече намислих с какво да го комбинирам, хаха! 🙂 Отново си се сдобила с много добри покупки. Тук във Варна нямаме особено добри магазини 'втора ръка'… откровено са си гаднички. Ходила съм в Казанлък, където е пълно с магазини 'втора ръка' и съм пазарувала от там като луда, защото и дрехите като че ли са по-готини.
    Срам-не срам, трябва да кажа, че аз съм mall-girl :)))

  9. I love the mustard sweater with the leather details! And this look is amazing. I love the yellow and red combination.
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog!

  10. I love how this outfit looks so classic on top and then you paired it with those awesome boots! Ekkk, my heart skipped a beat when I saw those pretty boots, now you've got me thinking I need to hunt down a pair like that. 🙂

    I love thrift shopping, just because you never know what you might find, it's likea tearsure hunt sometimes. (Dirt usually inculded.) Mall shops can get pretty boring after a while, I try to only go in now if theres something I have in mind. (Exculding American Eagle Outiftters. I still haven't found a skinny jean that holds up to theirs fit-wise and I can usally get them on good clearence.)

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