*~~~COLORS!!!! ~~~* Featuring the Mustard Beanie and Vintage Multicolor Sweater

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I was wondering whether to post these photos, because I kept having a feeling they weren’t blog “worthy”. But I did froze my ass and my snot turned into an icicle, while shooting them, so I’m gonna post this, no matter what! 

These past few nights I’ve been having nothing but nightmares and they’re the kind of nightmares, that would make any normal person feel depressed for days. Since I’m not normal, I didn’t get depressed, just really really confused. I know dreams reflect your subconscious state, but wtf is that all about! 
Anyhow, enough complaining, time for some itsy bitsy fashion blabber!  
I got this sweater last year, during my weekly thrift gold digging. I was just scrambling around, trying to find balance between the groceries and the cool milky cardigan I spotted just laying there helpless, when the lady that owned the shop (knowing of my love for anything ugly and granny), suggestively jolted this sweater in front my face. Not surprisingly it was love at first sight and I immediately took it home to place it into my collection of “Clothes that hinder my attempts to get laid”. 

Bag and beanie- Nowistyle, Booties and sweater- thrifted, scarf- La Redoute

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20 thoughts on “*~~~COLORS!!!! ~~~* Featuring the Mustard Beanie and Vintage Multicolor Sweater”

  1. hehe, you and your granny sweaters 🙂 it's definitely a very "you" sweater and goes perfectly with those super bright mustard winter goodies. oh and there's nothing wrong with the photos. I think they're great! (because they really are!!) of course I'm not happy about your bad dreams. I hate nightmares and am the gladdest when I forget mine. I hope you forgot yours too. they really really suck.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. I'm glad you invested in this granny sweater. You sure know how to style them so well! When I was in colder places, I don't think I could style them as well as you do =(

  3. You seem like a fascinating person behind the pretty surface 😀
    Wonder what your nightmares ware about~
    I have this silly hobby of decoding the meaning behind all of my dreams, have this book / dictionary of dreams where everything you dream is meant to predict something 🙂

    And lastly, lovely shots! shall follow you <3

  4. bahahaha, I like that people know exactly the sweaters you want! that's not a bad thing at all. 😀 pretty great… and I love all this yellow, especially with the bleak weather we're so attuned to lately. BRIGHT. ON!

  5. I love how you pull off all these great bright colours! I've been in such a black mood lately probably due to the polar vortex that I have been getting here. You have inspired me to wear more of the colours in my closet. But you look beautiful, and the granny chic sweater as well. 🙂

    Keep 'em coming my metal sister!
    Ryli in Ruin Blog

  6. Hahaha clothes that hinder your attempts to get laid. I love it. The colors in this outfit are actually a ton of fun and I think my sister would love that sweater. She's all about gaudy grandpa sweaters too!

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