Cokcroaches and ways to fight cold with a tiny dress

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I haven’t been very active these past few days, cause I was in my hometown where internet is regarded as some kind of luxury. So, not much internet, only enough to browse lookbook, but not enough to post something…Good thing Skype is able to find serious loop holes in the system and I was online 24/7…too bad no one really wrote me..

Anyways..I had a really long trip with the bus and the ickiest thing happened… I was curled up next to the window, trying to ignore the scenery, when I felt a slight wave, as if someone was tickling me on the neck. I even turned around to see if a creepy guy was behind me, hoping to try my new pepper spray, but alas, no one was there. So I took off my jacket and this HUGE, cute cockroach was saying “hello” with it’s antenna. Despite her cuteness and her desperate attempts to hand me her little tentacle in search of friendship, I threw the damn bitch on the floor as fast as humanly possible.

Damn, desperate cockroaches, they don’t know the basics of playing it hard to get! Until the end of the trip I was waiting for another attack, who knows what creatures dwelled in that bus. And you know that feeling when you see something icky and you keep thinking its on you and you keep feeling an itch or just plain creepiness on your skin? Hate it, I’m burning my clothes right now so in the meantime I wanted to show you this trick I mastered. It’s nothing special or new, just your plain sweater over dress. It’s been hard for me to find the perfect match of dresses and sweaters, because I must admit my sweaters are really granny-like. But I think this went out well. 

Sweater- H&M, clocky- a chinese shop, lace dress-Thesis, shoes-
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19 thoughts on “Cokcroaches and ways to fight cold with a tiny dress”

  1. Love your style as always!!!! I love how you match the sweater on top of your dress πŸ™‚ And the cockroach story is so scary, I can feel my goosebumps while reading your story. I don't know what I'll do if there's one on the back of my neck.

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    I will be honored if you come visit my blog and follow it if you like it. Have a nice day!

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