Coat with leather sleeves and walking shots

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Man, making walking shots is hard, not to mention deadly. You never know which maniac will drive around the corner and throw your fashionable corpse in the air..
Luckily, these photos were maniac free, and I’m quite happy with the result. The only thing missing is a coffee cup and a magazine. And perhaps flowy hair, lifted by a gentle breeze? Yeah, well, I won’t be having flowy hair soon, sniff 🙁

Fashiony part: Coat-nowistyle, sweater- second hand, hat- H&M, ankle booties- second hand.

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36 thoughts on “Coat with leather sleeves and walking shots”

  1. You are so beautiful, Keit. I love your mischievous smile. 😀 That jacket is pretty amazing. All of your NowisStyle stuff is really good. I may start shopping with them. Hehe. It seems like they have a lot of cool things.

    Walking shots are really hard to do, yeah? Haha. I like these. 😛 I did some walking shots the other day. I'm trying to have more natural looking photos. It's a tough gig. I think I did alright, though. I'll post those pics on Sunday. <3

    – Anna

  2. Walking shot are difficult, I think drivers get a certain evil delight out of aiming for picture takers. (They just loooove me, even on really remote routes there won't be a car for miles and as soon as I have that tripod set up, it's like New York rush hour.) That said, good to hear that they left you alone for one day so you could get some cute walking pictures, yours look pretty natural. (Aaaaah, those boots!) I really like your pink hair with the cap and sweater, it's pretty!

  3. The result of your shooting is soo cool and I love it!!! i love your coat and your boots!!! lol, I will never try to make walking shots in my city Abidjan!! if you want to die young it's a good way! because here, they can hit you with the car and run, so that you'll never know who hits you because you'll be dead or if you're lucky paralyzed…(just for some photos)

  4. Wow – you've serious progress in the walking photos department, these shots are awesome! I especially love the third one, you look so natural and carefree {plus your coat is fabulous.}

  5. Keit, your walking photos are awesome! How do you even manage them?! So sharp and lovely and model-like, they are. And I've gotta say that I love the silouette of those boots. I'm looking for a new pair just like that, actually, for navigating campus… hmm!

  6. I love everything you wear. You have that, "I'm not trying too hard but I still look crazy amazing" thing going on with your style. The rolled jeans are so cool and I'm still drooling over those boots. They are so sleek! Plus, yes WALKING SHOTS. I try to get some of those almost every time I take photos and they never turn out. Seriously, haha.

  7. Not too bad on the walking pictures. I'm sure more will come =) You still look very good with short hair. I think your beanie suits you a lot and also your jacket =D

  8. But you managed the walking-part really well, girl. 😀
    Thanks for your loveliest comment – you light up my day! 🙂

    Well, your outfit is awesome as always – I especially love your shoes (what a great secondhand-find!) and your denim looks just perfect on you.

    Kisss, Sara.

  9. Keit!!!Is the nowistyle program good?Should i apply for it? 🙂
    Moreover i haven't been in your blog for ages and now i'm hooked once again.
    Thank you for that!

  10. nice job indeed! I like your walking shots a lot. but I'm absolutely in love with those thrifted boots! I just can't believe those perfect beauties are from a thrift store :O and actually the whole outfit is totally awesome and that's a fact 😉

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

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