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If I read another Coachella related article I swear I’m gonna get hemorrhoids. Every…God…damn year…Coachella this Coachella that, leave the people with no money alone you assholes!!! I don’t have nearly enough cash for Coachella, but even if I did, I wouldn’t go there because the groups suck! There I said it! They suck! Also, I’m pretty sure all the hipsters there will make me go American Psycho on everybody, so for the love of all that is satanic, stop with the Coachella!

I don’t know why I harbor such hate for fancy events, but every year there’s either Fashion Week or Coachella or some other incredibly amazing expensive ultra mega cool event that needs to be mentioned every 2 seconds everywhere and it makes me irritated for some unknown reason. Either way, I decided to channel my hate the best way I know – through subtle passive malevolence and dressed up Coachella style: white crochet lace, ripped jeans, backpack, everything you need for a stupid festival, except for the comfortable shoes.

Don’t be deceived by these loafer’s seemingly cozy shape, they hurt as if I’ve got a heated rod pierced in my flesh. I’m currently limping because of these shoes, but they’re so pretty no? Boyfriend said they look like granny’s shoes and he’s accurate. I bought them second hand and they look like something a grandma would wear, but not sure if she would survive the pain and agony. You need mad skills to endure a painful shoe. They should make an annual awards event for women who endure painful shoes, now this is a fancy event I’d totally go to.

Do you ladies wear shoes you like and feel pretty in, even though they may make you bleed out?

Fashiony Part!
I bought this crochet top from my favorite second hand store Remix, you guys probably heard me mention a thousand times already and it’s the best thing ever! If this top was a man it would be a Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Jackman and Alessandro Preziosi sandwich, wrapped around with a side bacon of Michael Shannon and Till Lindemann. I love how it flows gently in the heat and those gorgeous lace details on the top and bottom. It’s a little transparent, but I paired it with a white tank top underneath and voila. 

Because I’m channeling my inner Coachella hate I decided to wear this more rocker-boho so I added some ripped jeans and my new gorgeous bullet necklace from Choies. The backpack is from Remix again and I think it’s a child’s backpack. I don’t know why but way too often kid’s and men’s clothes are much better than female’s. Have you guys sensed this pattern as well? 

That’s a wrap! Let me know do you get annoyed by all this Coachella talk, or is it just me? 

Crochet Top and Backpack – Remix, Loafers – Second Hand, Ripped Jeans – Choies, Bullet Necklace – c/o Choies
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31 thoughts on “Coachella Shmoachella”

  1. Hehe, okay, okay, it's true, Coachella is a madness that infects the world around this time of year. But…I still want to go… ^^'
    The fashion makes me want to pile on all the fringed, crocheted, and beaded item I own! I know it's ridiculous, but it's on my bucket list.
    But I do get your irritation too. That's how I feel about Fashion Week. I get sick of that being the only update I see on my feed all the time!!
    Great way to channel out the Coachella hatred though, hehe, I adore this outfit! That top truly is gorgeous (perfect man sandwich analogy…mmmm) and the bullet necklace is a style I want to add to my collection immediately!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. You have no idea how much I love your style. And as far as the Coachella thing is concerned you are the last voice of sanity. I mean like seriously shut up everyone already. I mean everywhere there is a how to dress up for Coachella blog post I want to shake the one who wrote it. They all wear pretty mucb the same thing every freaking year.
    You look gorgeous and awesome

  3. Haha Coachella is really over-hyped yet I'd still love to go some day, when I'm not broke haha :p
    Oh and I do have a couple pairs of heels that hurt like hell but they're so pretty I still wear them :/
    I'm in love with your top!!! :O :O

  4. Haha Coachella is craaaazy expensive. My girlfriend went last year and it was nuts. Also, you can only drink inside of designated tents. As in, you can't drink your beer and listen to the concert…you have to finish it at the bar. What kind of nonsense is that? Not worth it. But as for your outfit, LOVE that top! I especially like how you paired it with those jeans- that was so unexpected but brilliant.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  5. Well, I'll be honest – I've never heard of Coachella before! I spent the first bit of the post going 'hmm is this a brand, or an event?' So I have pretty much non-feelings about it. Sorry!
    On the other hand I'm sad about your shoes. It's just unfair for flats to hurt like that. Although I recently bought a pair of sparkly flat shoes covered in glitter despite some pain, because, covered in glitter!

  6. well, I don't care about Coachella but at the same time I don't quite get it why is it important to every year once again share what people should wear there when those outfits are always the same: ripped shorts, tees or knit tops, sneakers, sandals, you know. gosh and the idea of so many people together – nope, not a great one. besides, I hate sleeping in a tent so festivals like that are big no-no in my book.
    anyway, your outfit is awesome. I'm in love with the lacy top. it's just gorgeous and goes beautifully with the blue jeans. oh and about painful shoes – I used to wear stuff that made my feet bleed. my feet were always covered with bandages and it was pretty bad. one moment I stopped doing it and now I really try to buy and wear stuff that's comfy. and when something really sucks at it I try to sell it. recently I sold several pairs of super high and uncomfortable shoes by the way. my shoe collection is a lot smaller than it used to be. earlier I saw something that looked cool (and high) and I bought it (it had to be affordable too) but today I think about stuff before buying it. success, right? 😀

    Maiken – Part of me

  7. Oh girl, thanks for your comment – you made my day!! 😀

    And I'm totally on your side – this whole Coachella-thing drives me crazy. I even had to ignore my Instagram-addiction because I couldn't stand these repetitive pictures! 🙂

    But I do LOVE your outfit – the crochet top is just amazing!

    XX, Sara.

  8. I only vaguely know what Coachella is. I don't tend to purposely go places with huge crowds of people anyways, so I guess I can't say that I even care it exists.
    You're right, though, grannies tend to wear comfy shoes. I also wear comfy shoes but they have to look good. I'm wearing a pair of polka dot sneakers to work today. 🙂

  9. Oh man those shoes are so cute but that sucks that they're that uncomforable. I've definitely endured quite a few pairs of shoes that tore up my feet. Usually I solved it with some expertly placed cushion things at the parts that rub. Sometimes it works! Also I feel you with Coachella talk needing to stop.

    Jamie |

  10. LMAO!! You're funny when you express your hatred towards Coachella. Yea, it's kind of like a cool party for the cool kids every year. Most of the famous bloggers are usually there. Although, I love Fashion Weeks! I like looking at the casual and street styles. I would love to go someday but as for Coachella, maybe not.

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