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Yay, finally the weekend has begrudgingly hauled it’s sorry ass closer! Not that it matters for a jobless sloth like me, but I like to spend my time with the boyfriend. We usually spend our time lovingly staring at our computer’s monitors, occasionally sharing random facts about irrelevant topics and emotionally blackmailing the other to go to the store to buy beer and chips. Some people call this no-life, and I call those people the constantly have to do something or they’ll die kind of people. 

I don’t know if you’ve met these types of know it all and constantly on the move humans, but I have a grudge with them. They don’t know it yet, because it’s an invisible grudge, the one which I passive aggressively share in the form of a rant in a blog post. Hooray for the internet and the remarkable opportunities it brings us, like complaining about stuff no one cares about, sharing videos of your cat taking a bath and stalking your ex on Facebook.
I wouldn’t have a grudge on these types of people if they weren’t constantly assuring me that their way of life is the right way. Either it’s have a baby, or go mountain climbing or whatever shit they think it’s necessary for other people to be happy.

Even if you tell those people you are perfectly content with being a couch potato covered in a blanket burrito style, reading books, getting obsessed over a tv show, learning an utterly baffling language you know you’ll never completely learn (looking at you Japanese!) they do not compute!
For them, their lifestyle is the right style and they often approach you with the questions: “But what do you do all day?” If you’re not out and about discovering new beaches for Instagram, changing diapers, or having a career, from their point of view you’re wasting your time.

Society has been the main factor in dictating what is the right way to live your life. We are told to work hard, be successful, do, make, go, accomplish whatever this stupid world tells you it’s important to accomplish. But what if you don’t want to be that little cogwheel that has a family and a house with 3 cars and an iPhone, what if you want to be a rusty nail that socializes once in a while and likes to binge – watch Marco Polo for three days in a row. What then?
I think I’ve brought up this topic before, but I’ve slept 4 hours this night so everything is in a haze right about now.
Any who, got a bit distracted again, do you know people like that? Lemme know so we can resent them together!

Now, onto the outfit! I told you in my review post I’ll show you a new and exciting way to wear Soufeel’s bracelet, and here we are, surprise! I’m wearing it as a necklace! SO O-R-I-G-I-N-A-L!
Really though, I love it like that, the bracelet as necklace is so lustrous and polished, catches the eye immediately!

I decided to style my Soufeel necklace – bracelet with a pair of new platform sandals from the radical Bulgarian outlet I already mentioned + a white and denim mix. I don’t know what’s this amnesia that has been going on in my life, but I forgot I wanted to be Harajuku, so I gradually began wearing basic outfits again….Tisk tisk. Gotta be back in the game Keit, pull your shit together! Either way, even though a bit simple I love this outfit because let’s face it, white and denim is a classic! And of course, the scarf is there for leverage!
So, what do you say? Yay, nay, meh?

White Top – Indian Point, Boyfriend Jeans – Frontrowshop, Sandals – Fashion Gallery Outlet, Necklace – bracelet – Soufeel
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24 thoughts on “Classic White and Denim Combo with Soufeel Jewelry for Flavor”

  1. I feel you. One day you go all fancy, like 'doing my own style', and the next one, you go back to the easy stuff… but that's because it's lovable too! I just did the white tee and long grey skirt today (vs white untypical clothes the day before), and I disapointed myself a bit, deep inside x) The jean is a beaut' btw !
    Oh, I love the way the braclet can become a necklace too. Brillant!
    I resent them with you. Fortunately, at least they don't accumulate the "huge traveler" status too. That would mean my attendances are a next level or 'rich'^^ But I agree, you know. The "have a kid, have a mariage, have your own house" is one way to feel good in life. But not for everyone. And time changes, some things are more difficult to acces, so we may have lower expectations, but it's nice to be happy with less too!
    Have a good night! =)

  2. Totally agree with "Society has been the main factor in dictating what is the right way to live your life. We are told to work hard, be successful, do, make, go, accomplish whatever this stupid world tells you it's important to accomplish." !! Everyone in my society thinks that happy life is = you go to a good famous college, choose an elite major like Business, law or doctor-things, then work, as.a.civil.servant (yep. the "good life" standard in here. must work as civil servant) the circle goes on and on…
    It's not like i'm mocking everyone that life like that…but…umm, if they force other people to live the life their way…ugh, no. go die.
    "…but I forgot I wanted to be Harajuku, so I gradually began wearing basic outfits again…." I CAN TOTALLY RELATE TO THAT OMG!!!!1 :< it's like "ah, i have a plans for today, gonna wear colorful outfit!!" and ended up wearing black and white outfit…and ended up questioning what my whole life was for….

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

  3. This is right up my alley! I loooove faded denim and white in the summer.

    My husband has been working far away from home, and only comes home every two weeks, but even still, our favorite activity is to either be eating or staring at our phones/computers. Being able to do it in the same room is so romantic, lol. I think you and I would get along just fine in real life. I hate the word "hiking".

  4. That Soufeel necklace is adorable! The perfect amount of charm – just like you 😛
    Boy, that was cheesy…
    Ahem. Anyway, yes! Resenting those people with you -_- I live in such a small town, and the mentality here if you're a girl is that you need to get married, pregnant, and have a white picket fence if you're going to be happy (and not necessarily in that order).
    Ughhhh. Not for me! Nope, no thank you. And there's nothing wrong with me, thanks for checking.
    Yup, I'm sick of those people too…

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. God you make me laugh! I want to see you in a sitcom about nothing…oh no it's been done already damn! Ok a sitcom about something? I always love the simple white top & jeans look but here you've made it unique with your fabulous sense of style also I'm a big fan of your matching lippy with shoes – GENIUS!

  6. R:
    yes, wedding here sometimes last 3 days too( one of my neighbours celebrated for 10 days but that was a bit exteme even for us)… most of the time, in cases you're not close (or closely related) with the bride and groom, you can get away with that being there only for a day….it still can be pretty tiring.

  7. You know I just realized that one of my comment didn't make it…it was the original one, the one that actually was on the point- I mean it was about the outfit…. my internet connection can be moody at times.

    Anyhow, I do agree with you…denim and white is match made in (fashion) heaven! I really like the ripped jeans and that white blouse….the scarf on the hand is a nice touch of colour!

    I hate people who tell us what we should be doing too!!!! Inactivity can be wonderfully productive…it all depends on whether one has the brain to do the thinking, or is one so panically afraid of life that one tries to copy paste everyone. I think people who have this need to tell others what they MUST do are the ones who are lost themselves.

  8. Love the scarf as arm candy!
    Live life your own way. It's yours!
    And a bonus that you have found someone to share it with.
    Your individualism is why we like you. Don't change 🙂 xo Jazzy Jack

  9. hahaha! I'm totally a "have to do something or I'll die" person. Dislike me if you must, because I'm extremely energetic, and get bored easily. (i.e. It's 9:20 am, and so far this morning I've showered, washed and hung up a load of laundry, walked to market to buy produce and brought it home, washed the balcony, changed the bedsheets, ate breakfast and sat around reading a really good book for an hour). I can't stand doing nothing. But it doesn't bother me that most people are much more laid-back. The husband sleeps in, as long as I can be running around in circles being productive and having happy little adventures on my own I'm perfectly happy.

  10. heck yeah I feel you like I hate when people tell me to do shit like exercise or idk stop eating cheetoes like um I work all week n stuff leave me alonnne. Like I feel with me I don't really let people know what I do on the low so they always accuse me of being lazy or never doing anything. It's ok girl I don't mind your couch potato lifestyle I wish I could be like that again :((

  11. Your boyfriend sounds cool haha 😀
    You look kind of boho but still YOU it's
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    HAHHAHA omg my neihbour knocked and I went check what she wants and I'm back and what I see? Marcel on the laptop. He wants to tell you somethin!!!

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