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Few days ago I had a conversation with a friend of mine, regarding stupid annoying people. Yeah, we’re assholes that way.
My friend works with a lot of documentation + people, and every day someone comes by his offce, they have to sign a little piece of paper. And my friend was bewildered by people’s inability to do this simple task.
Whenever someone entered the office and he handed them the little paper with the words: “Sign on the mark please” people would keep scanning for it and ask in utter confusion: “What, where? Is it this one? Oh, ok, what about that one?“.  Maybe it’s not of a big deal, but when the 30th person asks you for the 30th time, where the damn mark is, it gets slightly annoying. 
So yesterday I had to go to the post offcie to send a few packages, which included signing a shitload of papers.  I’m sure you know already where this is going to.
The lady was kind enough to point me to a little square where supposedly my signature should be, and I kept loosing it and in my desperation to figure out where it was, I kept exclaiming hysterically  “Where? Where IS IT!???!? I can’t fucking find it, why is this so damn hard“. The lady was becoming more and more aggravated by my inability to sign a small piece of paper, but she maintained her composure and just rolled her eyes, when I signed a blank space which I wasn’t suppose to sign at all!
And then it struck me, I’m one of those morons, who can’t sign a freakin square! Tushe Universe, tushe!

Fashiony part: I got these jeans from Cichic, which are a new brand for clothing…duh! And they’re probably the best pair I own. I mean, they have dots guys! What more could you want!

Stripe top- Nowistyle, pink clutch- H&M, wedge sneakers- River Island, bracelets- Nowistyle.

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18 thoughts on “Cichic boyfriend jeans”

  1. I totally agree – best jeans ever. Between the rips and the dots, they are a sure winner!
    PS: I also can't sign small pieces of paper, but I have bad vision as my excuse 😉

  2. You look gorgeous. =^.^= The cut-out of your shirt is just awesome (your shoulders are such an eye-candy, btw.) and the color-combination is exactly my cup of tea.

    Xx, Sara.

  3. Sometimes the simplest of tasks can be the most difficult ones… it's like looking for something that's straight in front of you and you can't see it but everyone else can. Maaaaan, I hate those moments! I feel ya, girl. We can be do-do brains together.

    I love how your top is off the shoulder! And you have polka dots on your pant cuffs–how cool is thaaat!?

  4. I agree. Those jeans are pretty rad. The polka dots immediately caught my eye. Very different and cool! Beautiful mix of colors in this outfit and I like the off-the-shoulder top!

    I think we all have those days when we can't see something that is staring right at us. 😛 I can be pretty clueless about a lot of things. Hehe. For example, I didn't notice that a small tree had been removed from the front of our house until a week after it was gone. o_O Of course, my partner laughed at me so hard. 😀

    – Anna

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