Choies Red Biker Jacket & Drama

My freaking fat cat is snoring right now, right beside my computer! I’ve never heard a cat snore before. Is it something I should be worried about? Because my initial reaction was to laugh my ass off!
How was your week burritos? Even though I’m jobless as cheese, I can’t wait for the weekend to arrive! All my friends, including dah boyfriend are working, and you can’t even chat with them for God’s sake. Not that I have any friends, I have a sister, does that count?

I have been watching a lot of Vip Brother lately (yes, this show is still quite popular here in Bulgaria) and I’ve been feeling so guilty about it, but still can’t stop watching it. I don’t like reality shows and I stay away from them like I stay away from healthy food, but this time, this show spiked my interest. And it got me thinking, about our need as human beings for drama. We exaggerate a seemingly mild event into a dramatic one, a seemingly stupid thought into a whole swirl of other stupid thoughts. And when you reaaaaally think about it, if the current event doesn’t threaten your or your family & friends life or well being, why worry about it, why create drama? And yet we do… See? Reality shows ain’t all bad, they make my head do intelligent things too!
Do you guys worry about stupid trivial things, do you catch yourself seeking drama? 

Fashiony Part:
This is the jacket Gotham deserves…uuh…I meant I… I meant, this is the jacket I deserve! I’m a heavy metal kind of chick, even though most people think I listen to pop when they see my granny, non-heavy metal clothes. But now, with this jacket, everyone will learn that Keit listens to quality music…no one will care…but they will know, which is enough for me! 

It’s been hell of a cold here in Sofia, (the city where I live, duh!). So I styled my new leather jacket with cozy mustard booties, tights & warm socks. The shorts and t-shirt are second hand. It’s a rather casual and boring outfit, but all I wanted was to lay back and relax and not think about what to wear that much. 
That’s it for today, wish you all a Merry and Happy weekend! Not that rainy crap we’ve been having lately! 

Red biker jacket- c/o Choies, Mustard boots- Deichmann, Mirror glasses- H&M. 
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29 thoughts on “Choies Red Biker Jacket & Drama”

  1. Really cool look! I like every single item , especially jacket 😀 I can't live without biker jackets! After buying bunch of black ones I started collecting them in colors too. One like this would be perfect for my collection 😀

  2. I steer as far away from drama as possible in real life, and yet my guilty pleasure is Project Runway. Imagine several fashion designers with humongous egos in one room. Throwing fits because a steamer isn't working. Throwing irons against the wall. Crying because they thought they picked pea green and it turned out to be sea green in a different light. Well, yeah. Everytime there's a tantrum I think "why on earth am I doing this to myself?" and then I just keep on watching.

  3. 'k I seriously LOVE that leather jacket. Now, wait a minute, back up…you have no friends? Are the good people of Sofia stupid and do not know of your awesomeness? Sisters do count though. Now, trivial worries? Yep, do that all the time. Drama? Nope hate drama. Unless it is someone else's drama and is in a good movie. For my own life I generally prefer silliness or deep drunk philosophy. Both are great with pizza.

  4. I worry about little things or currently nonexistent things all the time but I stay far away from drama with people! I feel you with the no friends except my sister thing too haha.
    Also this jacket is da bomb. I love the color. I actually bought a similar one last fall and can't wait to break it out again.

    Jamie |

  5. my favourites are the tee and the jacket. and the jacket reminds me of my own which I somehow left at work… I have no idea how I left work without it anyway because the weather is far from summery and warm. strange stuff happens around me. by the way, this drama issue, our family has some members who just looove drama and they enjoy creating it so I have no need to seek drama from tv, haha. and I actually hate drama.

    Part of me

  6. Oh yes, if your sister is your friend she counts. Heart the jacket, Keit. And I'm loving that tee more. I'm a drama queen. Lol, but no not over little, trivial things. My dramatic side shows up when someone refuses to take no for an answer or when I've been played in a bad way. Nope, you don't want to see the drama I can give. Lol.

  7. Oh Keit, don't worry. Have you ever heard cat farting? No? Well, my Marcel did once and you know what he did after this weird situation ?! he run away cus he was scared of this weird stinky something :DD hahaha our cats rock the world 😀 !
    YAY do you have sister?! and you never ever told any word about her…. HOW!? i want to know every thing 😀
    Oh yes, tv shows show us really clever things and make our minds think. You are the best example. I always make dramas about EVERY thing. like really every thing. I just realised it one day and I was like: well maybe I just like it? Is it even possible to like being in the middle of something weird called drama? Like in the sad part of it? It seems like I really like it! So yeah, my answer to your question is YES.
    Of course, you are heavy metal girl. I see it in your charming eyes, that I love by the way 😀 :*
    Actually, I'm all happy about this weather, you know 😀 ! You look stunning, oh god, stunning <3

  8. by the way, keit please don't be mad at me, i miss you so f*cking badly so i cuddle marcel all the time (haha silly me) and please give me some time to reply to you, i want to hear how are you etc but yeah i will explain every thing in the email <3 love you!

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  10. I can't stand drama, it just doesn't do it for me – Maybe I dont have the necessary imagination to create drama from nothing 🙂
    I love that jacket, you have an amazing jacket collection Keit, I would love the spend a day rooting through your wardrobe! The tee is pretty fly too 🙂

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  11. There were so much drama in elementary school and middle school, so I've learned how to not get involved. Thank God for that, absolutely hate drama!

    Loooove your leather jacket! The colour is fab! x

  12. I believe we ordered the same red jacket I just got it from one other store xD Anyway, I am not watching anymore reality shows because they took it too far here in Serbia. Stupid ppl started being popular and celebrated and I started hating it, really. I am not really a big fan of drama in my life what so ever, I think I'm getting too old for that xD And I also started working so what can I tell you – I go to bed earlier and miss a little fun, but that's what it is 🙂

    Have a great week lovely,

    Check out my latest OUTFIT POST and feel free to enter my EchoPaul 30$ gift card giveaway !
    XoXo Venoma

  13. When my cat snores, it sounds like little pip squeaks. Super adorbs, yo. Hehe <3 I'm currently jobless, too and it sucks balls. I know how you feel, dude! You're definitely doing that jacket justice, by the way. It's the kind of jacket I would see for sale, love and totally want to buy, but end up not buying because I can't pull it off. Bah. I'll just enjoy it vicariously through you. ;P

    – Anna

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