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I’ve been wondering what to write here for half an hour now. I’ve been staring blankly at the monitor in my pj’s, looking like a patient from an insane asylum cause I just woke up. I guess there’s nothing interesting going on in my life right now, that is worth sharing. If my life was a sitcom it would be cancelled in like 4 days. People would lapse into a deep coma after watching me play Guild Wars 2 for 5 hours straight….
The only new, slightly interesting thing is, that I bought a new lipstick, which is capable of lasting on your lips for a whole lifetime! I wanted a lipstick that could endure my constant overeating, but this is ridiculous! It’s like it merges with the cells and you can’t take it off until you rinse it a hundred times with acid! Still, it’s a lovely, dark red velvet color and as long as it makes me look like a whore, I’m happy!  ^_^
Oh, how could I forget, I also got a lovely new shearling coat from Choies

These were very popular in every Bulgarian village. They still are, actually! The sour stench of sheep and little straws, and dirt woven into the wool, make them the fashion choice of mostly grannies and grandpas, so I’m curious, are these popular among villagers in your country too? 
It’s weird seeing something that your grandma wore decades ago, just to keep her warm, turn into something fashionable which you can see on the catwalk, worn by sexy models with prickly bones. Can’t say I’m not happy these babies are around, cause I love them! Especially the pink one I’m wearing. 
For the styling here I used a dark blue thrifted tank top, which I cut the sleeves off, because it was too big, the boyfriend jeans from Frontrowshop, and a pink belt for contrast. The pink socks were once white and meant to be worn by the male gender, until the boyfriend shoved a bright red t-shirt into the washing machine and now they’re pink and perfect for MEEEE!!! ^_^
The huge pompom hat is an awesome find I bought 6 years ago, it makes my hair all electricky but it’s worth it! Do you likey? 

 Pink Shearling Coat – c/o Choies, Boyfriend jeans – Frontrowshop, Top – second hand. 
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25 thoughts on “Choies Pink Shearling Coat”

  1. Love these coats, although not a big fan of pink for me. The never ending lipstick is a find. Gorgeous colour! And that's a yes from me for the hat. I want to pat the pompon its so huge! Cute as a button you are:-) you make me smile! xo JJ

  2. aww, that is such a cute look. Barbie pink always makes everything cute cute cute! and that jacket, I think it's perfect for you. I can't imagine myself wearing it but on you it's flawless. haha and good story with the socks, you were lucky 😉 but when it comes to your question I have to say I haven't noticed many Estonians wearing such things… so nope, they're not popular here in my country and I think my granny doesn't own one either. though I admit I considered picking one for myself but changed my mind.

    Part of me

  3. Rad coat 😀 I could never wear a bright pale pink coat and make it look that good. Haha. The fuschia coat I got last year is the best I can do and even then I feel like a giant dark pink light bulb when I wear it out. >_< You're right about the hat, too. It's awesome and it looks so warm and cozy. <3 As for the lipstick…lmfao. When I was a teenager, I dabbled in lip color and I'm familiar with the ones that seem like they've become a permanent part of your body and soul. Haha. It's horrifying. I think they have makeup removers for that sort of thing though (something I wasn't aware of in my blind youth). See if those will help! <3

    – Anna

  4. Oh this is a fantastic outfit and it looks great on you!! Somehow you make baby pink look badass, which I totally love about you. Gorgeously whorish lips, too dahling! Pom pom hat is a yes!! Shearling coats have always been fashionable and here the rural grandmas and grandpas wore wool for manual labour in chilly weather. Shearling is usually more affordable than leather but has been on the trend radar at least a few times in my life. I like it but look terrible in that camel colour it usually comes in. I'm holding out for deep purple shearling.

  5. Shearling coats are such a funny thing – I've seen thousands of them but only about two have ever looked good on the person wearing them and, well, this pink one is one of them. I don't know how you do it, but I'm impressed every time at the wild and wonderful outfits you wear 🙂

  6. I DEFINITELY love your pompom hat! Anything with a ridiculously huge pompom and im in. It's like I'm stuck as a 5 year old forever and ever. Also, I laughed out loud how your life would be cancelled in 4 days if it were a tv show. Mine would be too….all I do is work, stress, eat, and watch tv. I mean….that wouldn't get me anywhere. And I'm so jealous you found a long lasting lipstick in such a dark shade! I only like wearing dark cherry colors, but they always wipe away after one cup of coffee. Arg.

    And that coat is SO fun. I always love the way you style things, but pairing that with the ripped boyfriend jeans was exceptionally ace.

    xo marlen
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