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It’s funny how the stupidest irrelevant things make me proud of myself. For example- the ability to disguise my drunkenness. Apparently I have a very dignifying face + voice when I’m batshit drunk. Till this day, after living for 4 years with boyfriend, even he has a hard time figuring out if I’m drunk or sober. And I’m not even talking about just slightly tipsy drunk. I’m talking about “Oh my GAWD the ceiling is spinning, Aliens aAR HEre to anal probbe me!!!” kind of drunk.

You wanna know how I do it? 
Anyways, do you guys have dumb things that people wouldn’t consider pride worthy, but you do? What are they? 
Fashony related stuff: And here is the second item I got from Choies– a Yellow Native Stripe Slouchy Cardigan in my favorite color. I wanted to keep this outfit simple and to emphasize on the cardi only, so I just paired it with rusted red jeans from New Yorker, Deichmann booties, and the purple second hand top, you probably recognize already.

I just want to mention a few things about our collaboration with Choies. If anyone is wondering whether or not this brand is worth the hype, I have to say, it is! The customer service is wonderful and the items are of great quality. I am actually extremely satisfied!

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24 thoughts on “Choies Native Slouchy Cardigan”

  1. Yellow really is your colour – this jumper suits you just perfectly. As for stupid talents I'm proud of, I think my best one has to be the fact that I never forget a phone number. In the cellphone age it's totally useless, but still 🙂

  2. i can't think of anything right now..most of the stuff i do is stupid really according to my best friend..she says i am either like a 5 year old on sugar rush or like a 90 year old on my deathbed…
    i love the look..cardi looks cool..
    how do you get the pink that bright btw? is it on completely bleached hair (pale blond) or did you use it with a developer and applied it on brown?

  3. this time I have no idea how to answer your question but I must mention I can also handle being drunk quite well. if I even have to be drunk, haha. I only like beer and that's it. well and beer doesn't make you very drunk, does it? 🙂 anyway, that is one huge cardi! reminds me of autumn leaves and it looks great with those red pants.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

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