Choies Horsy Bag+ Complementary Awkward Smiles

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This month’s collaboration with Choies couldn’t be more fulfilling! I got this precious scary bag and a feminine, flowers ring for mah anorexic skeleton fingers. 
Meet Marko Doomsday!!!!! Marko – because that’s what most Bulgarians call all their donkeys (technically it’s a horse, but I’d rather think of it as a donkey) and Doomsday, because, well…ain’t it obvious? Look at how creepy it is! Look at those empty button eyes, piercing through your soul! 
I’m extremely delighted by the quality of this bag! It looks sturdy enough to cram my kanji box in it. So quality, much comfort, wow!

I decided to play with proportions and style Marko, with a slimming cropped top, a slouchy navy cardigan and my new thrifted beetlejuice pants. I still can’t believe I found pants that almost fit me. Still had to use a belt, but they’re quite tight and make my ass look irresistible! Woohoo!

Sorry for the photo heavy post. I know you’re sick of my mug, bare with me!  

Btw, I was thinking of spicing up the bloggy lately. I suck at DIY and basically everything that involves hands (insert inappropriate joke here ______), so any suggestions that don’t involve DIY are very much welcomed! What would you like to see here more often? Inspirations? Photos of Hugh Jacman? Make up stuffffff? Struggles with Japanese? (okay, these ideas are boring as hell, just ignore them)…Please help meeee!!!
Complementary awkward smile for everyone! 

Ring- c/o Choies, Horsy bag- c/o Choies, Cardigan and Cropped top- Nowistyle, Necklace- c/o Bornpretty, Booties-Stradivarius
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32 thoughts on “Choies Horsy Bag+ Complementary Awkward Smiles”

  1. ahahahaha WHAT! That horse purse is seriously the mod radical item I've seen. How. What. YES! I would be whacking people with it all the time and pretending it was real and galloping along tables and such. You are great, Keit. So sososososo SUPER AND GREAT!

  2. also oop sI wasn't done commenting! I really like how hilarious your blog is right now and personally didn't think it needed spicing up, but if you were to add anything, maybe makeup tutz? you always look so glamorouss

  3. I think you are lots of fun just as you are. Clearly Ali thinks so too! I think you should only share what interests you, or else it will feel forced and you will get bored. Do you want this to only be a style blog or more varied? How about sharing style images of other people, famous or not, that you enjoy?

  4. hehe, your huge cardi reminds me of my fiance's robe and I love that robe since it's warm and… huge 😀 anyway, I just noticed how well your rings go with the cardi. so many pretty shades of blue. those pants look fierce on you and the horsy bag… does indeed look creepy 😛 haha and what a funny tale it has! 😀
    okay, now some things I would love to see here in your blog (since you asked, you know). post about your cats. videos, photos, anything you like. I would love to see them here and read the story how you got them, what are their names etc. so, it would also be interesting to see a what's in your (horsy) bag kind of post. I think those are always interesting for curious people. and that's it actually. your blog doesn't actually need spicing up 😉

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  5. Чантата! I need this! 😀 И жилетката и тя е страхотна! Толкова обичам такива големи уютни плетива 🙂


  6. I'm never sick of looking at your mug 🙂 And that purse is ALL sorts of amazing- i can't believe how effortlessly you pull it off. Like "oh hey, there's a horse at my waist, no big deal.". Also, them pants are killers. Double also, congrats on becoming a style icon on chictopia!!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  7. Japanese and more posts about you personally (like interests, life, etc :-D) You are the only blogger whose posts I read from the beginning to an end without skipping a word. So keep the long posts coming pleaaaase!

  8. T… that cardigan. It's so huge and majestic! You really do like some style icon here. Or more like a fashion superhero in tight pants instead of spandex and giant flowy cardigan instead of a cape! (Forgive the weird comment, that was just my first thought on this outfit. Don't worry, I love superheroes.)

  9. Oh, Marko, fret not you've got a friend in Keit. 😀 Love your beetle juice pants and Marko's perfect for you. I love your blog just the way it is, your instagram makes up for the other sides of you. Loving that too.

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