Choies Cold Shoulders Sweater & A thrifted Puppy Backpack

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Morning burritos! Guess it’s not morning where you live, but I will narrow-mindedly assume it is and wish you all a good morning!
Sooo, I’ve recently been doing some research on the fashion industry. Looking for books and checking out the wide web for articles on fashion stylists, fashion editors, visual merchandisers etc. And I have discovered a very annoying pattern. It doesn’t matter what kind of a job there is in the world, people always say the same damn thing: “You have to work hard…”

How to be a fashion stylist? – Work hard!
How to be a potato? – Work hard!
How to be yourself? – Work hard!

And I’m pissed because the amount of times I read this, is directly proportionate to the amount of times I inhaled oxygen. Say something practical damn it, I know I have to work hard, enlighten me on something more interesting that isn’t self explanatory!

No one in life approaches a job or a dream they want to fulfill thinking: “Fuck yeah, this is going to be easy! I’ll just learn how to draw in like four days and be a pro for life and get all the ladies!”. 
Most people already know life sucks and it’s hard, there’s no need to grind it down into their already marked with failure faces.
When someone repeats for a thousandth time “IT’S HARD, you have to work hard!” I just have the urge to shove a whole apple down their throats screaming: “IS IT HARD WORK TO SWALLOW THAT DAMN APPLE? IS IT!?”. Gah!

Rant over! Time for fancy clothes!

Fashiony Part!
So here is my first attempt at changing my style. I say attempt, because it’s not very new or groundbreaking, but I’m working on it! It’s HARD WORK! (see what I did there? he-he)
The cold shoulders sweater is from Choies and it’s a lovely loose fit, perfect for my layering plans! I decided to spice things up by wearing a dress AND jeans!!! Omg!

I thrifted this dress last Summer and it’s a kids dress that is slightly tighter on my boobs. This is the first time I’m having trouble with my boobs being too big. Most of the time it’s the opposite, all that air and empty space I leave, when putting on a strapless dress, the dress awkwardly falling down my legs, because there’s nothing that could keep it glued to my body, story of my life!

But I think the winner here is my new plush puppy backpack. I am obsessed with ugly, plush backpacks and the boyfriend is disturbed. He couldn’t decide what kind of an animal this is, is it a donkey? A cat? A bear? He said you guys wouldn’t know either, but you know right? It’s obviously a puppy! 
So that’s that! What do you think of this outfit? Would you wear a plush animal backpack? 

Pssst, I’m not praying here, my hands were cold!

Could shoulders sweater – c/o Choies, Jeans – Just Female (second hand), Dress – second hand, Puppy backpack – Second hand, Quartz necklace – Hand Made.
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22 thoughts on “Choies Cold Shoulders Sweater & A thrifted Puppy Backpack”

  1. Your Hands were cold, what about your shoulders?! Poor puppy, here, eat all my stuff and then I'll drag you around by straps attached to your back. He doesn't look happy! Still he is only a stuffed backpack.
    Totally cute look. I did wonder as the photo loaded, where is the new look? But the puppy saved the day!
    Maybe some weird hairstyle and crazy makeup? Or is that a step too far…too much "hard work"? 😀 xo JJ

  2. It looks like a bear to me…and I know what you mean. I know I need to work hard, but I want to know how exactly to do the work! My theory as of now is that no one really knows what they are doing.

  3. I love that backpack! Don't listen to your boyfriend. It matches your dress in a weird way too 😛
    I think you could absolutely succeed in fashion job because your style is so original, and you're a good writer to boot!

  4. Ааа много ми харесва всичко! Раницата поне побира ли неща? Имам си една подобна, но Бисквитено чудовище и едва побира ключове и портмоне 😀

  5. It's obviously a puppy that looks a little bit like a teddy bear, which is of course unBEARably cute. Okay, so my bum is like your boobs. Barely there. I am have to do major squats and stuff to have a bum and my pants don't like to stay up because there is no bum holding them up. So I totally get it with the boobs thing. Love this outfit and it is so you! It is fun and cute and sort of Lolita sexy. Those boots!!!

    Now, here is the bit of advice they forgot to give online. Not just hard work, but luck. Totally. Some people are in the right place at the right time so how do you get that luck? Be in lots of places. Oh wait….that's hard work doing that.

  6. Your description of trying to wear a strapless anything is the story of my life. the dress: "oh you wanna wear this strapless dress? Well ZOINK you need boobs first so I'LL TAKE THAT!" and then gravity takes over.

    on another topic, I'm glad you found something that makes you boobs feel big! XD And I appreciate how bright and colorful and cozy it is!

    I think that working hard is relative to the person. Some days my job feels SUPER easy and sometimes I have to try really hard to have patience and be creative. Though I do feel that the "you have to work hard" can be used as manipulation to makes us feel like it's our life's duty to work.


  7. Lol I think the shoving apples down people's throats is a good remedy to that stupid answer. We should start an organization that runs around doing this xD
    Anyway, YES to the quirky cute new look! Haha, looks like your hard work is paying off already 😉
    The puppy backpack is adorable in a weird way, but it definitely works for the look you're shooting for!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  8. WOOOOOHOOO STYLE CHANGING! It's always nice to intentionally try something crazy different. My changes are less intense, like I found out that I really like long cardigans and kimonos and have been religiously purchasing them lately. It's very unhealthy and stuff.

    I love that giant rock around your neck. You could stab it with someone and absorb their powers and gain mana! For sure. 😉

  9. Keit, I loved that post! today has been one of the shittiest days again (let's be honest-the whole 2015 has been like that) but your post gave me some much needed positive vibes. everything you wrote here is just so true! life is hard, that's a fact. I don't need books or such to remind me of that. it sure is annoying. oh and I do think it's a puppy, who else?! and I dig your chunky necklaces very very much 😉

    Part of me

  10. I think this is one of my favorite looks from you so far. I love love love the colors in the dress. Beautiful thrift find! Total keeper. <3 The cut-out shoulder sweater pairs so nicely with it and your accessories are perfect! I have a very similar sweater that I haven't worn in ages. This is totally inspiring me by helping me to think of new ways to wear it. Well done!

    – Anna

  11. It's definitivly a puppy, altough I almost saw a bear first ^^ Nice outfit experimentation! I must say I love this japanese/korean thing to multiply layer as you talked about in a previous post. This orange drops awake my wintery eyes! The tones are quite natural on the top and I love it ^3^
    I didn't think about the "hard work" thing before… but it's damn true! I don't remember feeling the future will be easy even one day, so why do they need to make us feel worst about it bit by bit (see it like something unreachable in fact), in every thing we read or hear?! I will be so consciously pissed next time I hear this xp
    Have a good evening!

  12. How about work hard and you play harder later? Does that sounds better? =D
    I definitely think that the teddy bear bag looked so adorable! Don't think I'll be able to carry it off though. I think I'd hug it around more than I would put it on my back. LOL!

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