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The second item I picked for my Choies collab was this bright neon sweatshirt. Got the last one and still can’t believe my luck! I owned only one neon piece in the wardrobe, so now it has a best friend! I have this weird habit of trying to find companions for my single clothes, so they don’t get lonely…yup…I’m as sane as a sock! That’s why the blog is called “Beauty In Insanity” duuuh! 

Insanity aside, I am quite delighted by how the whole looky turned out. It’s a typical Keit outfit (a big blob of color mush). You probably remember my pink top from Nowistyle and the best bag ever to have been created in the whole Universe- The Depressed- Surprised Panda bag! I got this bag from Rosalita McGee on sale two years ago, but forgot about it, due to a recent brain meltdown. I think it’s the perfect addition to the whole neony goodness.

Depressed- surprised panda is depressed-surprised?

You probably know this lipstick from my Instagram. I got it for 1,50$ and it didn’t give me herpes! I was expecting to have a sexy rash right after the first use, but here I am, rash-free and alive! Yay! 
Btw guys, I’m extremelly happy that you liked the whole Instagram thingy. I got so many positive feedback and I even have 7 followers now. Which is a big number for me, I was expecting 2 people max! Thank you for being so cool!

Sweatshirt- c/o Choies, Neon asymmetrical top- Nowistyle, Panda bag- Rosalita McGee, Necklace-New Yorker. 

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25 thoughts on “Choies Cold Shoulder Yellow Sweatshirt”

  1. Много свежо и цветно 🙂 Няма как да не те накара да се усмихнеш, а депресираната панда и много сладка 🙂


  2. haha I still don't have an Instagram! But dang, if you're on there maybe I should. I just got a twitter and there are sooo many social media platforms… to keep track of… wowowow.

    Aah you pull of neon so effortlessly. And that's great that your lipstick didn't give you a weird rash. Wow! You've got skills, dude. You'll probably survive some zombie apocalypse parasite shit when it happens, too!

    && there's no more sushi sadly in the pictures because brother vacuumed it down so quickly!

  3. hahah yaaay for not getting herpes! glad that worked out. and that surprised panda made me laugh, it really does look like that now that you mention it. and neon looks amazing on you- i love how that chunky chain link necklace looks with it, too. it just goes so well together.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  4. That bag might just be the best thing ever – the depressed-surprised panda is unreal. And you wear yellow like a pro. Seriously. I'm impressed.

  5. Oh, I love it! The yellow is so bright and cheery, which is needed with the dreary weather I've been having here-you mix brights so flawlessly it's crazy. Gosh you have a gorgeous smile, and that panda bag is so CUTE eeeek!

  6. neons.. mmm. I like! it's such a gorgeous happy look and it screams "summer! summer!". by the way, you should see our current weather which totally sucks 🙁 anyway, yeah, as I said I love this look on you and the bag is such a cool piece as well. and I looove the wonderful crispy clear photos!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  7. Ooh that yellow is so much fun! I love it with the pink! The bag is really funny. He looks miserable haha

    Thanks for your kind words and understanding about losing my doggy. She was so much more than a dog and I'm having a really hard time, to say the least.

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