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Whoa, haven’t posted anything for almost a week! Sorry for not commenting on your blogs too. I just started playing The Witcher 2 again, this time I’m taking Roche’s path, so it’s gonna be an emotional roller coaster! 
This whole week I was thinking I should get back to blogging (gotta get back, back to the past Samurai Jack), but I was burned out and didn’t feel like tending to my blog child at all. 
Have you ever had days or even weeks, when you just want to escape from this whole blogging ordeal, take a couch break and calmly eat an embarrassing amount of tortillas? That’s what I wanted to do. But I miss my internet social life now, it’s the only social life I have, duh! Plus, I wanted to show off a little…don’t we all! 

I received the most delicious goodies in my mailbox this week and had to share them! The two goodies are a birdy kimono and aztec tank top from Choies. These two buddies are extremely neatly crafted! The fabric of the kimono is exceptional, light and gentle to the skin. I think I’ll be wearing it as a morning robe too, it’s perfect for calming my crappy early morning mood. I styled the kimono with some loose boyfriend jeans, the aztec top and chunky boots. I think the overall effect looks quite carefree and content. Makes me happy ^_^

And damn, my hair looks awesome here! My life is riddled with bad hair days, so when a good hair day magically happens, I have an urge to record it, like some kind of a major important history moment: 
Keit’s hair was looking fabulous and silky. All was lost the next day, but 5th of June will be remembered forever, as the day the hair stood still. 

Bird Kimono- c/o Choies, Aztec tank top- c/o Choies, Boyfriend jeans- Sammydress.
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28 thoughts on “Choies Birdy Kimono”

  1. oh hey, Keit, nice to see you again 🙂 and I know how it feels when there seems to be no time left for the poor bloggie. during summer time it's a regular thing for me. I'm always out of time. I actually want to blog but I just can't because I have so many other things to do! anyway, nice new goodies from Choies! kimonos are so hot these days I can see. almost every other day someone shows her kimono 😉 but why not! it's a lovely kimono, perfect for summer and suits your style perfectly!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. I love that Kimono, it is a total winner. I don't know how to wear my kimono yet, I wish I did because it is just sitting inside my wardrobe crying out for attention.
    I have days where I don't want to work on the blog, I spend all day on my computer writing and some days I just want to close it and be away from the screen for a while.

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  3. LOL I can relate to you on that point about the only social life you have is the internet one… yep, that definitely feels right. Don't leave us, Keit! YOU"RE ALL WE INTERNET PEOPLE HAVE!!

    But yeah, sometimes I just don't know what to write or wear… I love that kimono, dude! FLY AWAY!

  4. Hey you fabulous silky-haired girl, I missed you! I need my regular dose of Keit or I get sad. What great pieces these are! I can just imagine how they feel and the colours are so amazing. I have a new kimono thing too only mine might be less sexy and more crazy cat lady.

  5. Love this look—especially that kimono. I'm on a quest to find one at a thrift store 😛 Definitely digging the baggy jeans, too. Haha, praise God for awesome hair days XD

  6. I was wondering where you had disappeared to— was worried maybe June was turning out worse than May! Glad that isn't the case.

    I have taken hiatuses from my blog at different points, for a variety of reasons. That being said it always lures me back in!

    Love the kimono, definitely worth showing off!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  7. Aaaah, how I know these breaks from blogging. Sometimes life just gets in the way, right? Or playing. Or just sleeping. 😀
    Anyway, you look gorgeous here – I do love your denim the most and you've just got the perfect body (here you may insert a little envy! ;)).

    XX, Sara. =^.^=

  8. Hi Keit! It was so nice to read your comment on our blog! I understand very well what you mean, in fact, it was the reason for which we took a few months off. To get back the motivation and the love for this baby of ours, and it has worked perfectly 🙂 We are back for good now!! 🙂

    I love the pants you are wearing and your new (maybe not so new but its the first time I see it) hair colour! It looks very chic!


  9. Yay for amazing hair days! I can't wait to get my long hair back again so I can have them. XD

    I'm sorry this hasn't been an awesome time for you. I recently took a break from blogging because blogging + big life changes was getting too be too much. I know those feels, bro. On the good side, I'm glad you returned to bring us this beauty of an outfit. LOVE.


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