How women in commercials eat chocolate and Styling a Purple Cardigan

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Has anyone ever noticed how sexed up are those chocolate and ice cream commercials? All you see are ladies prancing around in their underwear, doing something that slightly resembles a cow, trying to lick a sugar cube behind a grid…It looks ridiculous!

Why this need for sexing up a darn chocolate bar? We’re going to eat it anyway! If you show me a chocolate bar on the floor I would eat it. What’s so sexy about chocolate anyway? Is it the diabetes, clogged arteries and fat? This is bugging me so much, it’s weird…Maybe I’m putting waaay too much thought into TV, than I should be.

One time I was staying late at night, watching an exceptionally lame and awkward movie, and just when I was thinking: “Man, these people’s acting is worse than mine”, they started having sex all of a sudden! Turns out I was watching porn…It really took me by surprise!
Any who, now that I’ve gotten this off my chest, let’s get down to business! 
Leather Pants

I thrifted this lovely purple gem few days ago and turns out it’s from Zara! The Universe has been generous! This cardigan is the perfect outerwear for those unspeakable rainy days we’re having lately. I have almost accepted the fact that we will never have Summer and that from now on I’ll be taking photos always freezing, always one step closer to the icy grip of death…so melodramatic!

Purple Cardigan

Leather Pants

I styled the purple cardigan with a cropped top, some leather pants I seem to have forgotten that exist and dirty sneakers. Gawd, what I wouldn’t do for clean sneakers! (except actually cleaning them). Btw, what’s up with the distressed dirty sneakers trend? Who the hell would want to buy brand new dirty sneakers? 

Purple Cardigan

Leather Pants
Purple cardigan- Zara (second hand), Leather pants and backpack- Thrifted, Weirdo cropped top- c/o Choies.
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29 thoughts on “How women in commercials eat chocolate and Styling a Purple Cardigan”

  1. Аааах, обичам те 😀 Толкова си красива и на двете снимки с шоколада ^^ let me move there and be friends
    Аутфитът е супер, блузата ми е фаворит от първия пост с нея, даже мислих сама да си направя такава…

  2. haha i always had an issue with the chocolate commercials too. granted, sometimes chocolate tastes like bliss, but i never get THAT into it. and your pictures cracked me up- that was amazing. as are your leather pants 😀

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  3. Ahahaha I love the chocolate comparison. We can all just imagine we look super sexy eating delicious chocolates even though we look like the second picture!
    Also I love how you styled this purple cardigan. Your leather pants are awesome!

  4. Hahahahaha, you're totally crazy! <3 <3 <3 You have the right on this one! And when you mentioned chocolate and porn,
    It was Easter night, bored, switching channels on TV I bumped on a Easter inspired porn. I was like whaaaaaaaaaaat?
    The "beauty" was smashing chocolate bunnies with her tits. I was about to puke… Does really anyone has a boner on that?
    I know that I don't have it on chocolate anymore XD
    Anyway cool look, love the tee and cardigan ^^

  5. I laughed so hard at your fake chocolate eating versus real chocolate eating photos, I almost cried – I love your sense of humour. And your combination of purple fuzzy cardigan with crop top and shiny leggings. I don't know anyone who could pull it off but you, but you make me dream 🙂

  6. Ставаш за реклама на шоколад 😛 Хаха, тази мода с фабрично мръсните гуменки е толкова абсурдна колкото и фабрично скъсаните дънки, фабрично избелелите блузи и фабрично напуканите щампи 😀

  7. Uggh— don't get me started on how unnecessarily sexualized commercials are….

    That being said, I really like your styling of this cardigan. On its own it could be seen kind of granny-ish, but instead, you made it look cool and comfy!

    Hope the weather warms up for you 🙂

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  8. HAHAHA that description of a cow licking a sugar cube is spot on. Right, who eats chocolate like that? Eat chocolate in baggy clothes so you can eat it all, I say. Also a big lol to that "movie" you watched. Guess that explained the bad acting!! 😉

    That cardigan is indeed a snazzy thrift store find! Mmm, it's like a big cozy carpet, but stylish. Lookin good, Keit :D!!

  9. hahahahah so true and also not just chocolates and ice cream but pretty much any advertisement in Europe and South America especially is super ultra sexist. Its kinda funny and some time disturbing depending how the msg comes across. I love your mock commercial. 😉

  10. LOL-I come here for my regular dose of belly laughs, Keit. You are so funny. I want to hang out with you and spend hours criticising everything we can think of and eating chocolate. I didn't know dirty sneakers were in but I remember when dirty jeans were. I would think why the hell would you pay money for dirty jeans? I love you look. It is so cool you make me want to get into a time machine and be young again so I can copy your style.

  11. It's because eating chocolate is like having sex, bro! You have to put on your best lingerie to fully enjoy it! :DDD (I eat my chocolate while wearing a Snuggie on the couch and cuddling with my cat, but…I mean…whatever….hehe)

    Also, purple and black seem so simple, but they're so perfect together. I have a deep purple vintage cardigan that I have been dying to wear, but I just can't seem to figure out a good color pairing. Maybe I need to just start with black and move from there!

    – Anna

  12. Oh let's now … very rough guess … could it be that they are trying to sell the chocolate to men? Or even girls that "like" other girls? A shot in the dark. 😉

  13. I'm really happy. Because I put your blog in my fav list; because I saw quickly that your posts got nice pictures of originals outfits, and read some of your words, knowing I'll love to learn more about you/your blog.
    But I didn't imagine I'd be so happy to read your last posts (en is not my main language but I'm doing well o/ ); you evoke over-sexualisation, gaming (and not as a gamer AND a girl); social-media world… This is great! Powerful subjects and your interests besides fashion; I'll make sure to watch each of your posts from now. This is really interesting! =)
    Have a good day!

  14. По принцип рядко гледам телевизия, но тъкмо снощи хванах поредната реклама на сладоледи Бос и точно това се зачудих. Може да таргетират мъжката публика и ние просто да не разбираме чара на рекламата ахах

  15. You made me laugh with that…I would eat chocolade even if it was in the floor…I would too but don't tell anyone please:)

    yes, those oversexualized commercials are kind of idiotic…and speaking of oversexualized…the same thing happened to me. Once I was watching a movie or at least I thought I did and suddenly I realized it was porn.

    Great outfit…those pants look fantastic on you!

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